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 The Cold Will Numb Your Pain [Open]

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PostSubject: The Cold Will Numb Your Pain [Open]   Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:28 pm

It was a beautiful day, even if it was Winter. For Elyah, Winter was far more beautiful than Summer. The snow, the cold wind that brushed against her skin and cause her hair to get all knotty. It was amazing how the view could change in minutes. It wasn't long ago that the leafs of the trees were slowly falling, but the sun was still up there warming them up. But now, the tress were naked, bare as the furious wind flew right through the arid branches.

That was exactly why Elyah was dressed accordingly, so that she wouldn't have to spend a week or more, laying in bed feeling terribly sick. First of all, she didn't wan to miss her classes, since this year was going to be pretty exciting, or that was what the rumors said. The gossip around the castle traveled fast. And even though Elyah hated to gossip about people, she always ended up discussing these things along with everyone else. Because that was the only way people would actually talk to her.

It seemed like this year, Professor Balan was not going to be that mean and moody. At least that was what people said. The rumor about him and Nurse Mayer though was incredibly juicy. No one could actually believe that Professor James Balan could have feelings for someone else than himself, so when there was a chance of seeing him being.. well, not such a jerk, everyone was crazy about that.

And there were even more new things but Elyah didn't sit around to listen to all of them. Instead, as she wrapped her woolen expensive coat that her father had made sure to send her before the snow started falling, she made her way away from the Great Hall and up the Grand Staircase, towards the Seventh Floor and the Astronomy Tower. Not many people went there during winter, due to the cold weather, and that was on what Elyah was betting on. That she would be alone.

Upon arriving, a smile touched her lips as she saw that the place was deserted, and she was the only one around. Not wasting any more time, she quickly moved towards the railing, leaning over just a bit to watch the view from up high. She always loved this. Looking straight ahead, with no purpose. Nothing to think about. She was simply free.

Hiding her face inside her coat, Elyah smiled more to herself than anything as she stared at the beautiful view ahead. She was going to miss this once the Winter was over. So she better enjoy it now, before it was too late.
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PostSubject: Re: The Cold Will Numb Your Pain [Open]   Thu Aug 11, 2016 8:49 pm

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The Cold Will Numb Your Pain [Open]
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