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 Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]

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PostSubject: Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]   Sun Jun 05, 2016 11:37 am

The moment James had finished the last of his lessons, he and Circe had left the school for the holidays. Winter had taken over Scotland with deep snows, and the two of them could not wait any longer to get away for a couple of weeks. Finishing up the packing upon their arrival home, James had flooed down to Diagon Alley quickly to collect their portkey from the travel company.

The want for a private island had been mutual in James and Circe's decision to go abroad. James didn't want to be around children, and the only guarantee to not end up around them was a private island. It was expensive, but both James and Circe were accustomed to the life style, and thus had booked without looking at the final figure of the holiday.

James had been working harder in the gym since their decision, making sure his body was perfect for the holiday. Pictures were going to be in abundance, he was sure, and James did not wish to look like he was getting too comfortable around Circe in them. Whether Circe had noted this, James didn't care, after all, it was his body, and he was free to do what he wanted with it. But, his abs had definitely become firmer over the last couple of months because of it.

"Five minutes, Circe." James called out as he packed his hair gel, and grabbed is Aviator sunglasses from the side and tucked them in the neck of his shirt. Picking up his bag, and the one Circe had already insisted she'd finished with, James picked up the Portkey and moved in to the lounge, waiting for his girlfriend to join him.

"I put the tanning oil in my wash bag." James added, checking he'd put the charger to his phone in his bag, and that the camera was also ready.

The were heading out to Mauritius for two weeks, somewhere James hadn't been, but it looked amazing. "One minute, Circe, come on." James called, zipping up his bag and putting it up on his shoulder, looking expectantly towards Circe as she emerged. "Ready?" James asked, motioning for her to come take hold of the airplane ticket that was acting as a cover up for their magical transportation.

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PostSubject: Re: Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]   Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:02 pm

Circe couldn't be more glad that she was finally going to go on Holidays, even more with James. It was a very welcome surprise when James brought up the subject, and Circe couldn't agree more to it. They both needed some time off, and they needed it now. Away from work, children and stupid drama. Just these two, alone, spending some quality time together. Or well... whatever they can do together.

So once she was off work, after the little Sex-Ed lesson, Circe went home to pack her things and prepare herself for the next couple weeks of freedom and fun. Her head was still buzzing form all the questions the kids had, and that made the witch wonder. When did their parents expect to talk to them about things like these? Most of the children that were in their sixth or seventh year might have already had sexual relationships, and their parents were still afraid to tell them how babies were made.

Forgetting all that, Circe arrived home and started packing immediately. Most of the clothes she was going to take with her were already chosen and folded carefully on the bed, so Circe simply placed them in her bag, zipping it up once it was full. Some would say Circe was taking too many things with her. But for Circe, they were simply exactly what she would need.

Taking another bag, Circe started packing her lingerie. Of course, the witch had made sure to go lingerie shopping before the big trip. Knowing that she would be blood-free during their holidays, Circe had simply prepared herself for anything that could pop up. And since she knew both James and herself very well, this specific thing would definitely pop up, without a doubt. Plus, buying lingerie is the most enjoyable thing in the whole world.

"Five minutes, Circe."

"Don't rush me!"
Circe yelled back from her place in the bedroom, finish up another bag and placing it on the floor next to her feet.
"Clothes, check. Lingerie, check. Bikinis, check. Makeup and shoes and jewelry, all check!"
Smiling happily as she was almost done, Circe picked up her bags and placed them all together, the moment James spoke up again.

"I put the tanning oil in my wash bag."

Circe growled and rolled her eyes.
"I've been looking for that for the past 15 minutes! Couldn't you have said it earlier?"
Since James told her about the tanning oil, Circe stopped trying to find the damn thing, and instead turned back to her things, once again checking to see if everything was packed.

"One minute, Circe, come on."


James made her so angry sometimes. He was always in a rush and it pushed Circe over the edge. She was trying to make sure that everything was ready and he was simply getting on her nerves by trying to make her be faster.
Getting dressed quite casually in a pair of shorts and a top, she grabbed her glasses and threw on a pair of Havaianas, before grabbing all of her bags and moving downstairs.


Nodding, Circe moved towards James and with little struggle, as she was quiet strong, since she had been hitting the gym for many years, she grabbed onto the ticket and gave James a small smile.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]   Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:17 pm

James couldn't help but smile at the yelled response to his timely reminders. If she wanted to miss the portkey going off, that was fine by him, but he was going on the holiday, with or without her. Though, James thought to himself, he would likely not hear the end of it if that did happen, so it would be easier to make sure Circe got to him in time.

As the witch emerged from their bedroom (a thought that was still foreign to James, but becoming more natural each time he used the phrase in his head), James smiled, she was definitely ready for the holiday, and he appreciated the view as Circe made her way to him.


"Just in time." James responded, leaning down to press a kiss on her lips, nipping lightly because he was in a playful mood already. James had just about straightened up when the portkey went off, and only a few moments later, they landed on the sandy beech of their home for the next two weeks.

The heat hit instantly, in that moment, but James simply took the moment to look around. It was three hours ahead from the UK, so it was early evening on the island, the sun was beginning to dip in the sky. But, beyond anything else... it was beautiful. Slipping his sunglasses out of his shift, James put them on, a look of appreciation touching his features as he looked out to the sea.

"Good pick!" James said, looking across to Circe, before motioning towards the apartment they had for the couple of weeks. "I'm going to see on that welcome champagne!" James added, taking Circe's bag from her shoulder for her and heading up to the apartment. If she wanted to follow, she could, of course, but James had decided on what he was going to do, and he didn't need her to come with him if she would rather stay out on the beech.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]   Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:38 pm

"Just in time."

The small kiss that followed caught Circe off guard, but a small smile touched her lips once James pulled back. Thankfully, the portkey went off and her feet soon hit the warm sand. The temperature difference was immense as the cold did not exist here. There was only sun and a lot of heat and.. them. They were alone in a gigantic private island and Circe had to keep in the giggle that wanted to escape. She was happy. Very happy.

"Good pick!"

"I can't agree more." Circe replied, as she kicked off her flip flops, digging her petite feet into the warm, golden sand. This was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, and it was all hers for the next two long weeks. She was going to enjoy this far too much.

"I'm going to see on that welcome champagne!"

And then her bag was taken from her hands by James, who immediately started walking away from her and towards their house. Not wasting any time, Circe picked up her flip flops and moved right after James, wanting to take a good look of the house as well. From the outside, it certainly looked magnificent.

Once she stepped foot inside, Circe's eyes went wide. The place was huge and everything was simply... perfect. Running towards James, Circe grabbed the bags from his hands and gave him a quick peck.
"Get naked, grab the champagne and meet me by the sea."
Then she ran off towards the bedroom to unpack. She was going to enjoy this so much.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]   Sun Jun 05, 2016 7:24 pm

As James entered the apartment, he couldn't help but smile to himself in that moment. It was... out of this world, and he couldn't help but marvel at what they'd booked. The pictures had not done the place any justice, and he simply knew this was going to be amazing. The Potions Professor was just about to put the bags down when Circe followed after him, and took her bag back.

The instructions made James smirk, but he moved towards the small kitchen area, taking the champagne out of the fridge and locating the glasses after a couple of moments of searching.

The insistence of naked, though, made James pause for a moment. Confidence was not something he lacked, but public, complete nudity... He took a moment to remind himself they were alone, and then did as he was asked, stripping down to his boxers and dog tag chain. Heading back out to the beech, James set down the glasses, and then contemplated the sea for a moment before slipping his boxers off.

Glancing back to the apartment, James popped open the champagne and poured out two glasses. Picking up his own glass, James moved out in to the sea, that was warm on the skin, but cool enough to feel welcoming against the heat. Going in until his waist was submerged, James turned back to look to the apartment, waiting for Circe to join him.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]   Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:22 pm

It didn't take long for Circe to unpack and sort things out. Having a wand was always useful, and soon, everything was in order, and Circe was free to enjoy the rest of her evening with James by the sea. Truth was, she couldn't wait to run down and kiss him, then feel the sea and spend time with the person she had named her boyfriend. It was still weird for her to think that James was a boyfriend and sometimes, she found herself wondering whether he could be something more.

But then, they had already lost a child. Could they really be that committed to each other, in order to have a baby?

Shaking those thoughts aside, Circe got rid of her clothes, and wrapped herself in a silky black robe, before slowly moving out of the bedroom and towards the beach. For people, swimming naked might have been way too daring and out of their comfort zone. And it would be for Circe too, had they not been alone here. But since they were, the witch decided to take advantage of that, and enjoy what was now hers for the next couple of weeks.

Once her feet touched the warm sand once again, Circe smiled as she watched James getting rid of his boxers, a small smirk touching her lips at the view. James had always been exceptionally hot, but lately, he seemed to have been hitting the gym a lot more than he usually did. And the result were obvious on his body.

Holding the robe in place, Circe moved closer, grabbing her own glass of champagne that was already waiting for her, thanks to James, Circe reached the edge were the sea started and bit her lip as she looked at James. He was handsome. The most handsome man she had ever had the chance of having. And he was all hers.

"Warm enough?" She asked, wondering whether the water was too cold for her. She wouldn't like it too much then.
"Or should I warm you up?"
Allowing her hand to drop by her side, so did the silky robe that covered her nakedness.

With a small smile, Circe took a sip of her champagne before slowly making her way inside the sea. The cool water touching her skin made a shiver run down her spine, but she was sure next to her lover, so nothing else mattered. Reaching up, Circe kissed his lips softly, then moved down his neck, biting softly there.
"Thank you for this. I appreciate it."
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PostSubject: Re: Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]   Sun Jun 05, 2016 8:40 pm

As Circe emerged from the apartment, James couldn't help but smirk, it looked like she had changed, and the silk didn't hide much. But James was simply admiring, in a different manner to usual that evening.

"Definitely warm enough!" James replied as she stood on the edge of the sea. His eyes were trying to see what the silk was holding, but he didn't have to wait. "Don't need warming, but... you definitely need to come in." James replied as she took a few steps in to the water.

With the witch in front of him, James wrapped an arm around her, savouring the kisses that touched his lips, reciprocating them a moment later and holding them. As Circe's lips moved away, and she thanked him for the trip, James shook his head a little.

"It's for both of us." James replied, raising his glass. "To... us, I guess?" James prompted uncertainly as he clinked them together and took a sip of the alcohol. "And... the next two weeks." James added, trying to make amends for his uncertainty with the first toast. Honestly, now they were here, it was dawning on James that they would be together, solidly, for two weeks, and... he didn't really know what to suggest they could do...

Past the obvious, anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]   Sun Jun 05, 2016 9:22 pm

As his arms wrapped around her, Circe felt safe once again. It was weird how much security his arms could provide her, and she simply loved it. Only James had made her feel that way. No man had every given her feelings like these. No man had ever made her want to think of something more. Something more than just a relationship. Circe was thinking about marriage. And even children. But not with any man. Only with her current, and hopefully only lover.

"To... us, I guess?"

The hesitant tone in his voice as James made a toast, cause Circe to raise an eyebrow at him. Was he scared to to believe and wish for something long-term with her?

"And... the next two weeks."

"I never knew mister James -The Great- Balan was so scared of making a toast about him and his girlfriend. Such a little pussy you are." A small smirk played on Circe's lips as she took a sip from her own glass, before distancing herself with an evil glint in her eyes. Then, without a warning, she used her free hand to splash James, before giggling, the alcohol already hitting her. She was tired, and she was drinking without paying attention to how much. This was obviously going to end up bad.

"But you'll need to catch me first."

Giggling once again, she emptied her glass of champagne and started to move away from James and towards the beach once again, making him chase her. But, she also wanted her glass to be filled. The night had just begun.
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PostSubject: Re: Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]   Mon Jun 06, 2016 12:17 pm

The teasing of Circe, calling him a pussy made James let out a soft laugh. He was still working out what was and what wasn't okay to be saying around Circe. Mixed with what he was comfortable, and not comfortable saying out loud to begin with.

However, the retort he had come up with was silence by a mouthful of salt water from the splash Circe sent his way. Spluttering a little, James wiped his face and hurried out of the water after his girlfriend, discarding the glass he had by the champagne bottle on the shore.

It didn't take much to catch Circe, either, and rather easily, he picked the witch up mid step and spun her around so they were facing the sea once more.

"I'm not a pussy." James told her, his tone a little grumpy, but not enough to ruin the moment as he pressed a kiss to her shoulder. "I'm just... still getting used to us." He admitted, pressing another kiss to her neck. Letting go of her, James moved to collect the champagne, pouring himself another glass as he made his way back to Circe. He refilled her glass too, knowing that they both needed the relaxing properties of the alcohol.

"Anyway, you said you didn't want a big softy, so, I'm gonna stay non-committal for a as long as possible." James joked taking a seat on the sand and relaxing. He was only playing with her, they both knew they were past the stage of non-committal to their relationship. Sipping from his glass, James rested back on his elbows, taking in the scenery, and the peaceful nature of the island.

It really was quite something...
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PostSubject: Re: Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]   Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:28 pm

Watching James hurry off behind her made Circe laugh as she too kept running in order to get away from him. When she was with James, and they weren't intimate or fighting, she truly felt like a little girl who was fooling around with her friend and was having fun. That was what James made her feel. Innocent, in a way. Carefree. Happy.

Though, thankfully, it wasn't hard for James to catch up with her, and a moment later, his arms were wrapped around her, pulling her close to him once again and turning them so they could face the endless sea. This was the most beautiful day of her life, so far. And it just made her anticipate the days that were to come. With James, of course.

"I'm not a pussy."

Circe shook he head no, agreeing that he was not a pussy. If anything, he was a very strong and dominant man. But there were times where he did act like a coward. Or it was simply too difficult for him to face certain circumstances. And it was okay, sometimes.

"I'm just... still getting used to us."

"It's okay. I am glad you are trying, anyway.

But James soon moved away from her once again, and the loss of warmth hit Circe hard. She loved being in his arms, but James couldn't understand that. Since he couldn't feel the same way about her. Not yet, at least.

"Anyway, you said you didn't want a big softy, so, I'm gonna stay non-committal for a as long as possible."

A small laugh escaped the woman's lips as she turned to look at James. He was laying on the damp sand, his glass of champagne in his hands as he stared at the amazing view in front of them. Following his lead, she grabbed her own glass that was again filled, thanks to James, and sat down next to him, her head on his chest. They weren't really cuddling, but this was definitely more intimate than usual.

"Do that, but believe me when I say, a little child would so much like you."
Such a thing would not be voiced by Circe, if she was not drunk. But the alcohol had that effect on people. It allowed them to speak things they were afraid of or unsure about. And they could pretend nothing happened the next day. Or could they?
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PostSubject: Re: Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]   

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Time to Ourselves (Circe & James) [TW: Nudity]
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