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 The New Side of Me (Eros & Victoria)

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Victoria Newbury

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PostSubject: The New Side of Me (Eros & Victoria)   Tue Jun 21, 2016 8:54 pm

The illness that Victoria had contracted had put a new light on many things in her life. The most important was the lack of experiences that she'd had with pretty much everything, except for books. But, another thing that she had learned was that she really did not wish to burden anyone. That had been why over four months ago, when Victoria had come back round from what had been thought to be a deadly illness, she had told Zander that she could no longer ask him to wait for her.

It had been difficult, of course, to ask someone you loved and cared for deeply, to abandon you when you needed all the support in the world, but Victoria had always been a witch of great strength. So, despite the tears that had slipped down her cheeks for a few weeks to come, Victoria knew it was the best decision for both of them.

However, it was not a moping life that Victoria had led. No, she had rehabilitated herself with help from her family, gotten back on her feet, and slowly, but surely regained her strength both magically and otherwise. She'd worked closely with the doctors and nurses at St Mungos to make sure the cure had every opportunity to be spread around those who needed it. And, as always, Victoria studied hard for her law degree with an unfaltering determination to be the best she could be.

Victoria, though, had something of a new agenda. Now that she was clear of a relapse, and strong enough to be on her own, Victoria had taken to a bar in Scotland. Well, a night club, actually, not a bar. Bars were, in truth, quite boring. There was no social life in a bar unless you knew others. So, with a few of her female friends, Victoria had descended on the bar at the opening time, and had been drinking without regret the whole time.

Her attire for the evening was only just a reminder that Victoria was still her, but she had allowed her friends to aid in the final decision, meaning Victoria did not look quite as innocent as usual. Mixed with the fact Victoria was unsuitably drunk even in her own mind, the young witch was having fun dancing with anyone, and everyone to the very loud music in the club.

Tonight would be good, because it was new, and Victoria had decided that no was not an answer she would use... unless absolutely necessary.


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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: The New Side of Me (Eros & Victoria)   Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:50 pm

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The New Side of Me (Eros & Victoria)
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