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 Pets and Problems (Open)

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PostSubject: Re: Pets and Problems (Open)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:02 pm

Casey was shocked when the verbal barbs were quickly followed by a wand drawn and ready to fire. Her brother had made Hogwarts like a fun and cheerful place, not telling her about this more dangerous side of things. She'd read most of Hogwarts: A History, so knew about the rivalry and animosity towards Slytherin, but reading about and seeing it firsthand were very different things. Cassiopeia soon left, and she gave the girl a wave and tentative grin before Humphrey grabbed her hand, not protesting at all. It seemed this Austin person was an expert in preventing fights, since no spells had been used.

The joke about her being too adorable to be his girlfriend made her gasp, looking like somebody had announced a death sentence. Casey was definitely not going to be anybody's girlfriend, boys equaled icky in her brain, even Humphy had his moments. "Boys have cooties, so I'm not anybody's girlfriend. Much too risky." she said with total confidence that her opinion was the right one. "Humphrey's already been infected, so I know how to avoid messing up." she said, her brother using his free hand to put his hand to his face and sigh, rubbing his temples a little.
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PostSubject: Re: Pets and Problems (Open)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:03 pm

Dakotas eyes fell on humphrey and she clenched her jaw. "Youre right. We didnt need to be. But your little girlfriend parting remark just sealed her fate." She said, a look on her face that showed she had no intentions of changing her mind on the matter, so dont even bother trying.

Danny went over and stood by casey "casey was it? Hi. Im danny. Danny sinclair. Sorry for all this drama. Dakota can get a bit... crazy at times. But she really is a nice person. Ateast my brother thinks so"

Danny then gestured to his brother who had his arm around dakotas waist and she had her head on his shoulder. The picture perfect couple. "They do that alot. It gets gross sometimes. Also, im sorry for my brothers comment about you being my girlfriend. He is stupid" he said smiling softly at her before turning to the older kids
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PostSubject: Re: Pets and Problems (Open)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:13 pm

Humphrey's eyes filled with a look of sadness when Dakota made it crystal clear this wasn't ending today. Whenever he makes a friend something bad happens, maybe he needed to stop trying to make more friends. It was a thought he didn't want to give space to grow because he didn't want that, but it was getting harder to block out. "She's not my girlfriend, Dakota." he said, wondering why that was the first place people always went. He looked into the cold eyes before eventually turning back to his sister.

Another boy had just started talking to her, so he reluctantly let go and stood a few feet to the side. While Casey talked, Humphrey got the supplies she needed to take care of her owl and made a neat bundle ready to carry to the counter. Usually he would have gone and paid for things while she made a friend, but there was zero chance of that happening after the altercation between Dakota and Cassiopeia. "So, are you at Hogwarts as well or just the younger two?" he asked the older boy.
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PostSubject: Re: Pets and Problems (Open)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:19 pm

Austin kept a close eye on danny just as humphrey did with casey. It was part of the older brothers code "yeah im still there. Gonna be a 6th year this year." He said with a prou. His name is ares. Isnt he cute?" smile on his face.

He chuckled as danny tried to flirt with casey and epically failed. "Were we always that pathetic at talking to girls?" It was then that dakota spoke up "yes love. You were. Remember when you first tried to talk to me. I thought you were gonna throw up you were so nervous" she said with a soft and genuine smile. Something about austin always brought out the best in her.

Austin then looked in dakotas arms and saw the wolf pup "how did I not see this before? You planning on buying him?" He asked raising an eyebrow to which dakota nodded. "yes i am"
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PostSubject: Re: Pets and Problems (Open)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:29 pm

Casey thought about what he was saying and shrugged, not really knowing the people he was talking about. "It's the age, I'm convinced that after they hit puberty it goes straight to senile." she told him, smiling a tiny bit. That was at least one subject she felt comfortable agreeing with him on.

The close hug between the older two made her focus on Danny since he was there. "Don't worry about that, I have an older brother too." she said, understanding how difficult they could be. "Any idea what house you'll be in?" she asked, curious if he even had a preference.

Her eyes lit up at the mention of the pup again, and she looked at him with curiosity. Hopefully, for the pup's sake, Danny was right about Dakota not being so bad. Casey knew animals, and she'd never seen a pup quite like that one. "You be good Ares." she told him.

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PostSubject: Re: Pets and Problems (Open)   

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Pets and Problems (Open)
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