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 Studying in Advance ( Open )

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PostSubject: Studying in Advance ( Open )   Sat Aug 13, 2016 5:13 am

Sophie had truly enjoyed her summer since it meant she was going back to Hogwarts, and she did not have to worry about keeping an eye on her brother. Since he had graduated, leaving Sophie to have her her three younger siblings to do deal with. Sophie knew that she would have to keep an eye out on her younger siblings especially, even though her brother Simon was never a problem. Her summer had been rather boring, well aside from getting her OWLS scores back, which she had gotten all Outstandings on expect Potions, where she received Exceed Expectations. She had been quite pleased with her self leaving her to decide that perhaps maybe she would start studying for her NEWTS since she knew they would be next.

Leaving Sophie to decide that she would go and shop for some NEWTS books, that she could study during her sixth year. Since she had wanted to do well on her NEWTS. Sophie had plans and she was not going to let someone or anything get in the way of that as she had gotten permission from her mum to go to Diagon Alley. Well her brother Alex had wanted to go even though after she entered had went off to mind his own business leaving her to shop alone. As she she walked with her arms in a pair of light blue shorts, a vans t shirt, and a pair of black vans.. Sophie had looked in shop windows hoping she could find Flourish and Blotts, and she if maybe she could get a good grade on her Potions, which was not even until her seventh year.

Sophie soon made it to Flourish and Blotts, where she soon decided she would enter as she had wondered if she could run into anyone who was as studious as her. Leaving her to step into the shop, immediately trying to find the NEWTS section, and then about a couple moments later spotting it as she walked over to it and saw the variety of books which was offered. She wondered how many times she would end up studying before her NEWTs, since unlike her brother she never procrastinated. Since it took Sophie to convince her brother to study and she had been curious to see how well he did on his exams.

Soon she spotted a book she liked, and went over and took a look in it.
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PostSubject: Re: Studying in Advance ( Open )   Mon Aug 15, 2016 10:04 pm

Annabeth was quite disappointed, she really wanted to explore the world this summer. Maybe go to Africa or Australia but because of a recent banking problem, she needed to resolve that instead. Therefore, Annabeth took time this summer to prepare her class for next year. She found herself in Diagon Alley purchasing books and supplies that she'll need. Annabeth recognized many Hogwarts students and hoped that she wasn't going to get any trouble makers this year. She walked past all the shops, with her hands behind her back, in her usual manner. Annabeth stopped in front of Flourish & Blotts, remembering that she saw a book regarding muggles. She pushed the door of the store with her dainty hand and looked around. When she finally saw the book that she needed, Easy Spells to Fool Muggles, she realized that there was young girl blocking her. Annabeth recognized her from Hogwarts and therefore decided to speak up, "Excuse me."
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PostSubject: Re: Studying in Advance ( Open )   Sat Aug 20, 2016 7:23 pm

Sophie had been enjoying herself as she been keeping her head in books, and let out a smile. Since she found it to be quite amazing and how she knew that if she started studying now, she could get Outstandings on her OWLS. Soon looking as she kept grabbing books, and she wondering how many she should exactly buy. Knowing her mother would be proud of her for buying plenty of books, and soon listening as she heard someone voice come from behind her. Causing Sophie to turn and see the person was familiar, as she soon wondered who. Then realizing she was from Hogwarts and she said.

" Professor? I didn't think you would be here. " said Sophie. Although as Sophie thought a professor would of course be there it was coming close to school and many were shopping. Even though Sophie saw more students than professors, but then again some students have been foolish enough to wait to do there shopping. Then soon she looked, and she decided it what was best to move and she looked. Even though she wondered if the professor knew her name.

" My name is Sophie by the way. " said Sophie with a light smile. Sophie knew she was a nice person, and when it came to professors she was indeed nice. Then soon looking, and saying. " I am only doing early NEWTS shopping. " said Sophie with a small grin. Which was the truth, since she wanted to be fully prepared to study. And she knew she would have to study in order to be successful.
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PostSubject: Re: Studying in Advance ( Open )   Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:03 am

Annabeth's eyes shifted from the book to the student as the girl swirled around. As her blonde hair swayed in front of her eyes, she pushed it aside in order to see the red head more carefully. She slightly nodded her head and thought to herself, Sophie from Gryffindor.Weirdly, right after she thought this, the student introduced herself with a kind smile. Annabeth looked to the students lips and contemplated wether to smile or not. In the end, she decided to show a phony half-smile... in the spirit of summer.

While she was unhappily reaching for the book, the student proceeded to say, "I am only doing early NEWTS shopping." Since she was a little hidden behind her hair, Annabeth rolled her eyes obviously unimpressed, Such a kiss-ass. She then turned around facing the student, nodded her head and tried to say in the most sincere voice possible, "That's smart of you!" and then looked at her book, continuing, "I'm just getting some supplies for the upcoming year... I hope I'll see you in my class." Annabeth sported a radiant smile, showing her teeth.
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PostSubject: Re: Studying in Advance ( Open )   

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Studying in Advance ( Open )
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