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 Welcome to the Business (Elyah & Nero)

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PostSubject: Welcome to the Business (Elyah & Nero)   Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:44 am

Knowing what to do with a thirteen year old girl was not something Nero could ever admit to being good at. The prospect of having Elyah home from Hogwarts was one that Nero was both looking forward to, and dreading. However, Nero did a good job at only showing the former.

The week before Elyah's return home, Nero had sent in the cleaners on the home that Elyah would be coming back to. Everything was tidied to an impeccable standard. Any remnants of one night stands had been removed from the house, and it was, once again, child friendly. Not that Nero thought of Elyah as a child, but there were definitely some things his daughter did not need to know about.

When Elyah had arrived home, there had been a nice little hamper from Honeydukes - all kids loved sweets and chocolates - enough money for all of her new school supplies, and then some for anything she might want personally over the summer, and, of course, Nero. He spoiled Elyah more than he really needed to, but Nero was still trying to make up for lost time. Therefore, his little girl would have everything she ever wanted.

Of course, just because Elyah was home, it didn't mean he could neglect his work. So, most days he'd had to nip off to work, giving Elyah permission to do... well, whatever she wanted, and a time he would be back. Nero thought this would be okay, until Elyah had asked if she could come to work with him.

Nero had, after a moment's thought, agreed to Elyah's wishes, and said that he would bring her to work the next day, and, true to his word, Nero had. They had arrived relatively early to Nero's office the next morning, and he'd motioned for Elyah to make herself home. On the walls, there were plenty of ideas, scribbled notes, and plans for new inventions that Nero was working on. Beyond the door, the industrial unit where the testing went on with the handful of employees Nero trusted to create the product of Whitehorn Industries and the Nimbus Trading Company.

"It's really not that interesting to you, I'm sure, but, this is where I work." Nero motioned, picking up the post from his tray and scanning through the letters before him. Suggestions on new products by current customers, for the most part, by the looks of it.
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PostSubject: Re: Welcome to the Business (Elyah & Nero)   Sat Sep 10, 2016 2:51 pm

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Welcome to the Business (Elyah & Nero)
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