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 Shops of Writing ( Open )

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PostSubject: Shops of Writing ( Open )   Sat Aug 13, 2016 9:24 pm

Simon had often been considered to be a nerd by many people, and his sister Madison would never let him forget about it. Even though his sister Sophie tried to stick up for him. Which often left Simon finding time for himself, and make his own friends. Leaving the twelve year old to make his way through Diagon Alley in a pair of shorts, a Batman t shirt, and a pair of vans. He loved his superhero belongings and had not exactly liked dressing like a wizard since what was the point of dressing like a wizard. When he could easily find better clothing that were muggle and his grandparents on his mother's side had always took them muggle shopping anyway. Since there parents wanted them to live a pretty muggle life.

Leaving Simon to decide that maybe he could look at some quills or some sort of utensils for his year at Hogwarts. Since the second year wanted to be fully prepared and attend all his classes. Simon soon came across Amanuensis Quills, and he thought perhaps he should enter it and as he saw it was somewhat packed, but not as bad as many of the other shops. Simon had truly not been a fan of crowds, and the only socializing he did was the kind that meant sticking up for others. And also the friends he had on his games. Simon had played video games and found there to be much joy in playing them.

Simon soon peered through the shelves of the quills and found many interesting one, soon finding ink which he had hoped he would not get on himself since he did not want to wash a stain out of his clothing. Nor did he want to hear from his parents that he was in trouble for messing up his clothes. Simon soon looked and he soon ran into someone and he looked and said.

" I am so sorry! Please don't yell at me. " said Simon.

Since often people would yell at him for running into them and tell him that he should probably watch where he was going or it might not be so pretty next time and he looked and thought to himself hoping no one would do that to him.
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PostSubject: Re: Shops of Writing ( Open )   Sat Aug 13, 2016 11:55 pm

Delilah was doing her shopping for her school supplies for next year. She knew she shouldn't be here without her parents but she didn't really any other choice. Her father was like always busy with work, so she had to come here alone. Last year some person from school had showed her around since she was mere muggleborn.

She had gotten everything she needed until she realized she needs some quills for herself. She had used all her last ones for sure. So she walked into the quill shop and began to look there for good one to use but too be honest she had no idea which one of them was good. She sighed.

Suddenly someone pumped into her. She looked at the person for a seconds then down at herself. She looked if she had any injuries from it. Seems like no.

"It's okay. Happens," she said with a small smile. "I won't yell," she added. She wasn't really in the mood to yell at someone for sure. Also yelling won't make the situation any better only worse.

She thought maybe she could ask from this boy help for finding good quill what she could ask but she wasn't sure how to do it there now. So she just hoped it would pop up in some way when they talk with each others. "Oh and I'm okay. You didn't hurt me," she decided to say that there too now, just in case.
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Shops of Writing ( Open )
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