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 What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)

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PostSubject: What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 7:11 pm

Life was treating Sebastian well, there was no other way to put it. The move in to the house he and Aiden had bought together had gone so, so smoothly. His mama had come over for the whole day and helped them set everything up (even though Sebastian had told her they were fine) and stayed to make them their first dinner. His mama had taken their relationship well, given that Sebastian was the only child, and his mama wouldn't be getting grandchildren of her own blood. She loved Aiden, but kept insisting that both of them needed fattening up every time she saw them.

Sebastian being a Quidditch coach - and therefore always working out - didn't seem to be something his mama could get her head around, but he loved her deeply anyway.

Since then, Sebastian and Aiden had shared the cooking, cleaning and daily routines quite well. Living with his boyfriend had taken time to adjust, but, on the whole, Sebastian could not complain about coming home to Aiden every night. It definitely made the stressful days seem much easier to deal with.

However, as with every good relationship, Sebastian had taken time away from Aiden - you didn't have to be with your partner twenty-four-seven after all. The boys from Wigtown Wanderers were having an end of season bash, and thus Sebastian had to attend. The meal they all had was a mediocre Italian restaurant (well, Sebastian was biased, of course) that the majority of the team enjoyed, before they headed out to the clubs of the nearby city. It was going well, after a couple of drinks, Sebastian was joining in with the dancing and stupid antics of the rest of the team, enjoying himself and not worrying about a thing.

Or, he had been, at least.

It was about two o'clock in the morning when things went sour, another group of young males were out for the evening, and perhaps it was simply the way Sebastian looked, or perhaps he'd just made eye contact with the wrong person, but they hadn't liked it. Homophobic slurs had been thrown at the young Quidditch coach, which had angered him more than he cared to admit to. Punches had been thrown by the other group as the situation grew more heated, knocking Sebastian to the floor before any of his team mates could react to stave the additional blows Sebastian received from his attackers.


Three hours later, Sebastian had woken up in St Mungo's, his memory more than a little blurred due to the alcohol he'd consumed and the knocks to his head. His body ached more than a little, and his left eye felt rather puffy as he tried to open it. Wincing a little, the Quidditch coach looked across his bed to find a couple of the players he worked with.

"Seb, are you alright, man? We're sorry we didn't get over to you sooner!" Adam insisted, sincerity ringing in his tones. "They were just idiots, of course, the Muggle police got involved, we've given them our statements. Why didn't you tell us, man?"

"Hey, leave him, he's only just woken up!" Justin interjected.

"S'okay." Sebastian replied weakly, a customary smile touching his lips before a grimace came. A split lip had made itself known. "Figured you wouldn't like it if you knew..." Sebastian admitted, a moment later a tut rang from Adam's mouth.

"We found a number for Aiden in your phone - from the messages... well, we figured you two were... close. He's on his way in." Adam explained, handing Sebastian's phone back to him. "We'll let Mr Fraser know you're awake, he says you'll need a bit of time off."

"Thanks..." Sebastian replied, relieved that his team mates had... at least accepted him in a manner. Aiden was on his way though... what on Earth was he going to tell Aiden? This was not how he planned on coming out to his friends, nor did he want Aiden being worried. It was just... stupid!
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PostSubject: Re: What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)   Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:15 pm

Living together with Sebastian really was different to just seeing him once in a while when they were living separately. Sometimes it got suffocating being in the same house but most of the time Aiden was happy to be around his boyfriend.

When they had gotten the house Aiden had been sure that their lives would, more or less, stay the same however being together all the time did make it different in the way that they tended to stay together all the time and at times it meant they were in each other's way when they wanted to be alone.

Being in a loving relationship also meant that he had to step back and given Sebastian time alone when he knew he needed it thus he hadn't argued when Sebastian went out with the guys from his team however he had a bad feeling about it and had been anxious all day long.

His bad feeling, it seemed, was right when he had received a call from one of the guys on the team who told him that Sebastian was in the hospital after having been involved in a fight.

His heart was literally slamming against ribcage as he was quick to make his way into St Mungos, demanding to see Sebastian and snapping at the medi-witch when she seemed hesitant to let him go in. It took him glaring at her and hissing out that he was Sebastian's boyfriend before the woman relented and told him the room number where Sebastian was.

Literally running through the halls Aiden slammed the door to Sebastian's room open and burst out.


He took in the man laying on the bed and staggered towards him, collapsing on the chair next to he bed.

"Thank god you're okay." He breathed, his eyes focusing on the bruises and bandages wrapped around his lover.
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PostSubject: Re: What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)   Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:51 pm

Unfortunately (though, more likely fortunately) for Sebastian, he did not have time to worry about what he was going to say to Aiden, for only a moment later the door to the ward opened, and from behind it appeared his boyfriend. The boys that had been with him made their excuses, gave Aiden a smile on their way past, and moved off to do whatever it is they'd excused themselves for.

Sebastian's eyes were solely on his boyfriend though, and as he came closer, Sebastian could see the worry etching in to the features. "Hey," Sebastian replied, trying to give his boyfriend a smile that was likely much weaker than the usual ones that graced his lips.

"Me? I'm fine!" Sebastian joked softly, reaching out for his boyfriend's hand to try to comfort him. "You should see the other guys!" He added, trying to settle Aiden down because he didn't want to see him upset. Even though Sebastian had not landed any punches, and Aiden likely knew that it wasn't in his nature to be violent, Sebastian wanted to make light of it. There was, after all, no point crying over spilt milk, as the English said.

"I'm sorry for worrying you, Ai. I don't know what happened, everything was fine one moment and then some ass decided he didn't like me!" Sebastian shook his head and grimaced, his body ached, but it wasn't life or death. "But, it's all going to be okay, I'm sure of that much! Is the split bad?" Sebastian asked, motioning to his lip - he could feel the cut, but he wasn't sure how deep it was.
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PostSubject: Re: What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)   Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:00 pm


Aiden was sorely tempted to hit his boyfriend but seeing as the other was injured either way he just frowned at him and glared slightly, the worry making his chest tighten at the thought of what could've happened to Sebastian had his team-mates hadn't been there to help him from the other guys. He made a note to thank the guys personally before he focused on Sebastian again.

"I'd rather not. Or I will end up doing something that will land me behind bars." He grimaced, quite sure that it wouldn't even be muggle prison he would end up in but Azkaban. He had been solely tempted to curse the bastards black and blue for what they did to Sebastian but his worry got the better of him and this is where he was.

"...It's okay Seb." Aiden murmured softly as he pressed a kiss to the blond's cheek, a soft smile on his own lips. "It doesn't look that bad." He reassured the other though he wasn't about to kiss him to check just how bad it was. He'd rather not hurt Sebastian while he was still injured.
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PostSubject: Re: What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:07 pm

Sebastian had the good nature to look slightly embarrassed by what had happened when his boyfriend called him an idiot. He knew the situation wasn't funny, but it was easier to laugh it off that admit that it could have ended up much, much worse than it had.

"There's no need for that." Sebastian assured Aiden, giving him a small smile. "They're just... small minded idiots." He added, knowing that, unfortunately, this was the case with many straight men. They felt threatened just because another man liked men. It was ridiculous, and one of the main reasons Sebastian had tried to keep it hidden for as long as possible. "We don't need to lower ourselves to their level."

"That means I can't get out of the washing up, then, huh?" Sebastian teased when Aiden said the cut didn't look too bad. "I'll need to tell Mama, I suppose. But, I need to speak to the Healers. I'm sure it's nothing too serious, though. Just feel bruised..." Though, of course, that didn't mean Sebastian knew for sure. "I'm sorry, for worrying you. For getting in this mess... It's stupid, and you don't need this." Sebastian added, a little quieter than before. Now he'd seen Aiden's reaction, he'd sobered up, and realised that it must be the worst thing in the world, seeing your boyfriend led up in a hospital bed, because some idiots didn't like your sexuality.
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PostSubject: Re: What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)   Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:20 pm

Aiden frowned at Sebastian's sheepish and embarrassed look; somehow, someway, he was quite aware of what Sebastian was thinking off and he couldn't help but sit on the bed to grab a hold of Sebastian's cheeks and look intently at him. "You are a huge idiot Sebastian Aquila." The former Slytherin huffed and pressed a quick kiss to his boyfriends forehead. "But I love you all the same."

"Oh believe me Seb, no-one would even know it would be me." Truthfully with his siblings help and his former classmates he was quite sure he could make them disappear and nothing would even point to him; of course he wasn't going to do it but he couldn't deny that he had thought of doing something when he had heard about Sebastian ending in the hospital.

"...Don't you dare apologize to me for something that wasn't your fault." Aiden said forcefully as he pushed his boyfriends head up to look into his eyes. "You didn't do anything wrong. As you said those guys were just small minded idiots who wanted to pick on someone. Don't start apologizing just because of something that wasn't in your control." He brushed his hand against the bruise on his cheek and his thumb against the cut on Sebastian's lip. "I'm your boyfriend. I'm pretty sure that being worried about you is in the description you know."
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PostSubject: Re: What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)   Thu Aug 18, 2016 8:15 pm

The confirmation that he was an idiot (Sebastian knew it was meant tenderly) made the Italian wizard smile as his boyfriend's lips touched his forehead. "I'm your idiot." Sebastian replied to those words, his smile growing a little - to the point his lip pained him to go further - when Aiden expressed his love for him. It was those words that made him feel better in that moment, if only marginally.

The insistence on making the perpetrators disappear made Sebastian shake his head with a mildly amused expression. He didn't doubt his boyfriend's words for a second, Aiden was a very talented Potioneer, amongst many other things, he was quite sure that a disappearing act would not be too difficult. However, there would be no way Sebastian would ever allow it.

"I know, I know." Sebastian murmured in response. He knew, of course, none of it was his fault, but he felt bad for worrying both Aiden and his colleagues. He'd just wanted a nice night out... But, instead of saying this, Sebastian pulled Aiden down next to him and did his best (with a few sharp intakes of breath as he moved) to curl in to his boyfriend. "I just... feel a bit... you know..." Sebastian admitted in to his boyfriend's chest. No one ever said being in this relationship would be easy, many people would never understand, but he hadn't expected this. "Pathetic..." Sebastian finished, taking a deep breath and settling his emotions down as he took in the familiar scent of his boyfriend.

"Just need a hug." Sebastian added, his voice going very soft in that moment as he finally let himself relax, knowing he was safe now.
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PostSubject: Re: What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)   Fri Aug 19, 2016 4:20 pm

Aiden's arms wrapped securely around his boyfriend the moment he had been pulled down by the other male, a soft smile on his lips as he nuzzled his nose against Sebastian's hair, his arm tightening around his waist as he listened to the older male's words, a sigh leaving his own lips.

"You don't need to feel like that Seb." He murmured softly as he looked down at his boyfriend, a soft, loving look in his eyes. "Though.. I can understand where you are coming from." At times he felt pathetic himself, especially when people kept talking about his relationship behind his back. It hurt at times but it also made him feel angry so much that it was amazing he hadn't just ripped someone a new one yet.

"You can have as many hugs as you want Seb." Aiden laughed softly as he snuggled his boyfriend closer to himself.
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PostSubject: Re: What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)   Mon Aug 22, 2016 7:07 pm

Sebastian could only give a small nod of his head at his boyfriend's words. He knew Aiden was trying to help, he knew that Aiden was telling the truth, but that didn't change his feelings in that moment. He'd been through too much, and was too exhausted to feel anything other than the feelings he had spoken of, but it would wear off, with time.

Tucked up in Aiden's arms, though, Sebastian did start to relax, his hand taking up residence on his boyfriend's chest as he held on to Aiden's shirt. Not hard, but enough to be comforting. His eyes closed, which eased the dull ache in his head and he slowly, slowly worked to calming himself down.

"I don't know what I'd do without you." Sebastian admitted in no more than a murmur a moment later, his voice as soft as it normally was when he was growing sleepy. A small move of his head to grow comfortable in Aiden's embrace and Sebastian had fallen asleep. Content in the knowledge that, with Aiden around, nothing else would be able to hurt him.
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PostSubject: Re: What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)   Wed Aug 31, 2016 1:49 pm

Aiden didn't really try to reassure Seb that everything would be fine and that those feelings would go away because he knew that they wouldn't just disappear at the snap of a finger; instead he held the brunette close to himself, nuzzling his nose into those soft locks of his.

"I could say the same thing." Aiden wasn't exactly a cheesy-type of person but he could say, at least privately and to himself, that Sebastian was his soul-mate, the one that he was connected through a red-thread with and that nothing would break them apart. If no-one liked it then they could shove their opinions up their asses because he wasn't going to care about it. At least not until those opinions would hurt his beloved and then he would probably do something drastic which could, potential, end up with him on the wrong side of law.

He listened as Sebastian's breath evened out and the other fell asleep; soon he was following his boyfriend.
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PostSubject: Re: What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)   

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What Comes Up, Must Go Down (TW: Violence & Homophobia - Aiden & Sebastian)
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