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 Total Opposites ( Alexander )

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PostSubject: Total Opposites ( Alexander )   Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:16 pm

Simon had been enjoying being home, and also sad that the end of summer was drawing nearer and nearer as days passed on. Since he knew that as he had already been studying for his second year, sometimes even studying third year. Simon would just steal his sister's textbooks since Sophie rarely used them, since she always had her OWL textbooks and then over the summer buying herself a whole bunch of NEWTS books, Simon had even admired his sister for it. Since in his mind she was a total genius who was an overachiever and he thrived to be like his older sister. Even though Charlotte had been more intelligent, Sophie still filled in the spot. Leaving Simon to be in his room looking through his textbook, and copied things on a piece of paper.

Since he knew that studying was important, and sometimes wished his other siblings would value that attribute which he often valued growing up and had shared his mother's traits. Even though his sister was smart, she was brave. And not afraid of anything, and then there was Simon who even if he tried being brave was impossible for him. Even though he had a fire in him which was to work harder to do better and be an achiever who valued knowledge. Then soon he wondered if his brother would ever be like that, since Cole was smart, but often was a bit too cocky, but he still displayed something.

Leaving Simon to get the idea of perhaps finding his twin and talking to him, since maybe he could get his brother to study or maybe even hang out with him. The Ravenclaw thought for a minute then got off his bed and soon wondered down the hallway of his house wondering where his twin could possibly be. Soon Simon got the idea to check his brother's room and he soon did as he continued walking and soon came to his brother's door.

Simon then knocked, " Alex could you please let me in? " asked Simon in a polite tone.
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PostSubject: Re: Total Opposites ( Alexander )   Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:44 pm

Alexander had closed his door since he didn't want anyone to disturb him. No the boy didn't study there for sure, he barely never studied for sure. He didn't like to do it at all. He always asked someone else to make his homework for him. So today wasn't any exception for sure.

Rather than studying boy was planning out there new pranks for the next school year there. He just loved to do it quite much. So boy was in his room alone and was thinking. Of he hated the thinking part actually. So he soon just gave up on it, so he decided to come up with pranks when he will needed them. He is sure he needs to visit the Joke Shop soon again to get some new things for there.

When he heard the knock on her door and even heard who it was there then boy sighed. It was his twin brother Simon. He didn't like him much since he always talked how he should study more and how he should make his grades be better. He hated it so much. Boy took deep breath.

Alex walked over the door, unlocked it and opened it. "What do you need?" he asked there now. He knew he didn't sound very nice for sure. He didn't really care.
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PostSubject: Re: Total Opposites ( Alexander )   Sun Aug 14, 2016 10:57 pm

Simon had hoped his brother would be rather nice to him, since it seemed like once in a blue moon he was nice. Then again when someone was around Simon for even more than a minute they got bored with him. Since all Simon did care about was school, and that was all he talked about which often led to people being rather cold to him. Truth was who really wanted to hear about school, and those who actually listened were his own house mates. Of course Sophie who he often bonded with and the only one who understood his studying antics, and had been an overachiever which Simon wished he could be.

Then soon he watched as the door opened, and to his dismay was not exactly the response he thought he would get. Leaving Simon to put a small sigh on his face. Since his brother could have been a little bit nicer, leaving Simon to look, " I don't need anything, I just want to hang out with my brother. Since your the only brother that I have left in school, and were stuck with each other for the next six years. And Sophie is off studying, so maybe we can hang out. " said Simon with his arms crossed. Simon hoped the response he would get back, and he did not dare bother Madison since he wasn't willing to be shooed out of the room.

" I will try not to bore you with school talk either, since I know you hate when I say you should study more. And how am I supposed to hang out with Cole when he is eighteen and has his own life? " asked Simon. He knew he would have to put school to the back-burner when it came to his brother and he had to be like a normal kid which he wasn't exactly a normal kid, but still he needed to try not to be boring. Which often would happen and soon leaving Simon to smile.

" So what do you say? " asked Simon.
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PostSubject: Re: Total Opposites ( Alexander )   Sun Aug 14, 2016 11:05 pm

Too be honest Alexander barely did spend any time with his siblings when he did then he just made pranks on them or just pissed them off there. He just managed always to do it. So now when they all were busy with studying on their lives he didn't really care much about doing pranks for them.

When he had opened the door for his twin boy was rather surprised hear the words from his mouth there now. He didn't believe he wanted to hang out with him here now. This would end up being fun for sure. Since they don't get along for sure good. They are way too opposites from each others.

"Wait you want to hang out with me?" he wanted to be sure about. "You won't talk about school. Something new for you since you never seem to shut up about it for sure. I hate studying and you know it. So you better won't say anything about I should study more," he said there and sighed. This wasn't really something he expected there for sure.

"If you so badly want we can hang out," he said there with a smirk actually. "So what my twin wants to do?" he asked there now.
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PostSubject: Re: Total Opposites ( Alexander )   Mon Aug 15, 2016 3:56 am

Simon really wanted someone to hang out with, since he had no younger siblings. And he knew his parents were not going to have anymore siblings, so his brother was the only one. Since his brother used to hang out with him, but Sophie had spent the most time with him. Then there was his brother who pulled pranks on them. Simon often on the other end of them, they were two different people for sure. Even though Simon had the brains of the two and I guess his brother was strength he did not know. All he knew his brain was his saving grace, and he liked that soon leaving Simon too look.

" I said I won't so I won't, and I won't, but can't gurantee during the school year I won't try. " said Simon with a smirk. Even though know he would not dare, his brother seemed willingly. That was a start, and Simon had never had luck with social conventions, the only conventions he could do were science conventions or maybe Comic-Con. Leaving Simon too looked, and soon say. " I am trying to be social, since we know being social is not exactly my forte. " said Simon.

Which was true, his siblings were gifted with it, he wasn't exactly which he knew, but did not care. Nor did he desire to show some care for anything, and soon leaving him. " You will thank you so much!!" said Simon, he was happy for a change he wasn't being shooed out of the room which if he even tried with his sister it would be get out of the room and quit being annoying. Although how annoying could Simon really be, when he spent most of his life reading books. Then again I guess annoying your siblings, was trying to be social, when they rejected you.

" We can go and annoy Sophie!! Since I don't exactly want to deal with Madison, and Sophie seems more funnier, and might actually take a joke, and our parents have things to do. So we can go and pester Sophie, all she is doing is studying for her NEWTS. " said Simon with a smile. Maybe even see how Sophie would get annoyed if the two of them bothered her, although when she got mad it was something anyone would want to avoid.

Then soon looking, and saying " Then maybe we can go find something to do with Cole's hairspray for his hair. " as he let out a grin since he knew Cole loved his hairspray.
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PostSubject: Re: Total Opposites ( Alexander )   Mon Aug 15, 2016 9:19 am

Too be hones Alexander wasn't really excited about hanging out with his twin for sure but he knew Simon wouldn't stop disturbing him until he does something with him together. So that's why Alex had decided to do it at least for awhile. He hoped they wouldn't have to spend time together for long time for sure.

"Oh god. Don't even dare. You know I hate it. Like I said I will do it when I'm older. Right now I just wanna have fun," he said there and sighed when his twin will remind him that he needs to study when they are back at the school. He really hated studying. Even if he will tell him he needs to study then he will ask someone else to do it for him, he barely does really any of his homework.

"No need to thank me yet," he mumbled there now. He also didn't like very much people when people said thank you to him. "Well see how grateful you are that you hanged out with me end of the day," he said there now and you know never what he might end up doing there.

He was surprised about his twin suggestions. "Sure we can go annoy Sophie. It sounds fun for me. We could sneak in her room and steal few books away or to do something what is fun. Not just go and talk with her since she would soon just push us out her room," he said there and tried to come up with good idea but at times thinking wasn't his best skill for sure.

"Oh Cole's hairspray we could put in there something else, but same time he would know it was me who did it but this time I could say it was yours idea," he said there with a smirk now. Well doing something his hairspray was Simon's idea so why not say it.
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PostSubject: Re: Total Opposites ( Alexander )   

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Total Opposites ( Alexander )
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