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 Arielle Mistwater

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PostSubject: Arielle Mistwater   Mon Aug 15, 2016 12:58 pm

Full Name: Arielle Ethel Mistwater
Age: 25
Date of birth: (16, May, 1994)
Birthplace: London, England
Current home: London, England
Blood Status: Halfblood
Sexual Alignment: Hetero
Wand type: 11 inches, Unicorn tail, willow

Hair colour and style: Blonde,  Long, straight mostly but sometimes curly too, depends in what she wants. At work she mostly puts her hair in ponytail, so they won't  distracted her.
Eye colour: Grey
Height: 5'8"
Body type: Skinny
Dress sense: She wears mostly jeans, shirts, jackets and flats. When needed she can wear dresses and skirts too.

Likes: (3 minimum)
  - Help others out when they are in trouble or need help.
  - Her Healer Job
  - Drawing
  - Reading
  - Cooking
  - Children/Kids
  - Kittens/Cats

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
  - Bullies
  - Dark Places (Bec of her step-mother, she was a lot times alone in darkness for punishment when she didn't to do what was asked for or for trouble what her step-sisters blamed on her)
  - Dogs (She just is scared of them.. she just is. They have always scared her)
  - Selfish people
  - Her step-mothers.
  - Her step-siblings.

Strengths: (3 minimum)
  - Cooking
  - Helping Others
  - Potions
  - DADA
  - Charms
  - Herbology
  - Cooking

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
  - Dark Places (Afraid of them)
  - Talking about family (she always tries to avoid it.. she just doesn't like her family much)
  - Kittens (she can adore them too much)
  - Arithmancy

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
  - Sweet
  - Caring
  - Helpful
  - Loyal
  - Kind
  - Smart

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
  - Hider her emotions
  - Stubborn
  - Naive
  - Secretive (when it comes to her family)

Arielle mother then died few mins later she was born, no one knows really why. Like a year later her father married again and that woman had two older kids, 5 and 7 years old girls. They didn't like neither of Daniel's daughters and made their life hell when father wasn't home. That marriage didn't last very long, just for three years. Few months later her father married again and so on. Now it's her father like tenth marriage. She wasn't never really happy back then. She always had fun when she was outside with her friends but then she really didn't show always real smile.

When she went to Hogwarts she was more happier than she was before. She made herself new friends and she could be who she really was. She didn't have to worry about her step and half siblings being there with her. She was sorted into Ravenclaw house back then and she was happy being there. She was bright student and had always good grades. She did pass all her exams with O's and E's. Her school years passed by fast.

When she became adult she moved to her own apartment since her sister had already her own family(husband and twin girls) and she didn't wanna live with her father and current step-mother, she didn't like her. She went to that University of Excelled Witchcraft & Wizardry after she had graduated. She did major there in Healer department. She studied there for awhile and then became Healer after that. So far she have done good job on her job and she hopes to keep it that way too. She really loves her job. She knows she should settle in one day like her sister have done already.

   Name: Alina Miswater (nee Smith)
   Age: 48 (should be)
   Living or Deceased: Deceased
   Blood type or Species: Halfblood
   Occupation: Unknown

   Name: Aaron Mistwater
   Age: 49
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Businessman

   Name: Michelle Hemmings (nee Mistwater)
   Age: 29
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Half-Blood
   Occupation: Auror

Other Key Members: There is few step-mothers. There is few step-siblings over the years. But they all aren't important to Arielle. There is also her sister husband and twin kids but Ari haven't really met them.

Mistwater family was Muggle family until Aaron married to Alina, who was halfblood and that made their kids become halfbloods. So this generation will have some witches/wizards their own now too. There isn't much know about the family until recently. There is just know that they owe few hotels and shops but not much. So now they one day will be known in magical world too.
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PostSubject: Re: Arielle Mistwater   Mon Aug 15, 2016 5:55 pm

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Arielle Mistwater
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