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 See the Stars (open)

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Mackenzie Faucette
Hogwarts Staff
Hogwarts Staff

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PostSubject: See the Stars (open)   Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:07 pm

Mackenzie'd always liked the world better at night. Everything was just better when it was wrapped tightly in a thick blanket of darkness. She loved the way that the stars reflected off of anything and everything in sight, turning the world into a glittery wonderland for just a few hours each day. It was almost as if the stars were nature's way of telling the wizarding world that the sky had magic too.

Tonight Mackenzie wandered just outside of London, strappy black heels clicking their way along the road. She was not quite sure of her exact location, but she knew that she was no longer in the city. No, the city was too bright for what she needed tonight. She needed darkness aided by the absence of city lighting. Tonight, the sky would be her lamp.

In all of her years at the Daily Prophet, she'd never written for the Astro section before. She usually handled rumours and fashion trends, sometimes throwing in an occasional obituary. As much as she loved stars and astrology, writing about it had never been something that interested her much. Tonight was different, though. It was a beautiful August night and she would be covering the Perseids meteor shower.

She'd grabbed a cup of tea moments before the shower was supposed to start and she was now sitting at a bench, pen in hand, waiting for the magic to happen.


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PostSubject: Re: See the Stars (open)   Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:43 pm

Annabeth was wandering on the outskirts of London. She enjoyed being alone, taking her time, inhaling the gentle night breeze. But sometimes, during the summer, she felt a little lonely. For a little adventure, ever Thursday night, she forced herself to explore new places in England. Therefore, tonight was like every other Thursday night.

The street was very poorly lit. The only way she could see the sidewalk in front of her, was because of the stars. What an admirable night.. She thought to herself. But, Annabeth found it a little strange because she didn't feel agitated in this place whatsoever, like she usually does everywhere else. She felt so calm that her steps were slow-passed and very gentle.

Suddenly, she looked up to the sky and saw shooting stars? meteors? She wasn't exactly sure but nonetheless, she decided to watch it on the nearest bench she could find. Before sitting downs, she noticed that a young woman was also there but she figured that it wouldn't hurt to socialize. Her icy blue eyes shifted back to the sky as she sat down. Annabeth tried to find her kindest voice and said, "Make a wish"
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See the Stars (open)
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