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 Moving Forward (Amethyst & TJ)

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PostSubject: Moving Forward (Amethyst & TJ)   Sat Aug 20, 2016 1:01 pm

The time shortly after Amethyst's distrust of TJ's actions had been... rocky. TJ had done everything in his power to push the doubts that Amy had as far from her mind as he possibly could. This meant making extra effort to go out with her on (inexpensive) dates to various places locally. It meant making an effort with dinner when he was home to show her that he wanted her to be happy. But, mostly, it was the verbal reassurances of his love for her that grew everyday.

TJ had hated himself for allowing Amy to believe he would ever cheat on him, and he hoped he'd made amends for that time - which had been confirmed when things began to settle back down.

Amethyst had finished her first year of university, and so TJ had decided to take her away for the weekend. He'd borrowed a Wizard's tent from his colleague (complete with functioning bathroom, because he wasn't sure how Amethyst would take to completely camping out in the wilderness without such necessities) and booked a weekend off. TJ had kept it a surprise from Amy, because he wanted to again show her that he really did put thought in to their relationship.

All Amy knew was that they were to keep the weekend free.

He'd packed Amethyst's things for her (picking out way too much, he was sure, because TJ wasn't one hundred percent sure what went together) and everything was already set up for the weekend. Apparating back to the house (an excuse of a quick errand had been given to Amy), TJ moved through to their bedroom, where he picked up his rucksack with the final bits he needed.

"Ready, Amy?" TJ called, moving from the room to find his girlfriend, excitement filling him completely.
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PostSubject: Re: Moving Forward (Amethyst & TJ)   Sat Sep 10, 2016 9:52 am

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Moving Forward (Amethyst & TJ)
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