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 There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)

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PostSubject: There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)   Mon Oct 03, 2016 7:19 pm

Upsetting Verena for a second time was not something Roman had planned. But, even as he was being pulled away from the witch, he knew it was the right thing - for both of them - that he was. Good for Verena because he was losing the grip on his gentlemanly ways, and if he had had another moment with her, he knew he would have gone too far. Asked things of her that no Pureblood woman could possibly give.

No, Verena Richardson did not understand what she had been getting herself in to, and it was Roman who was bearing the weight of that burden.

It was not that he didn't want to now, Merlin knew he'd thought about the witch much too often. Wanted to write to her and arrange a meeting with her. But, he'd stopped himself. What chance did he ever have of snagging a Richardson, really? No, he would not be the monster who ruined her future because of lust.

But, with each passing day, Roman thought of her more and more. Wanted to see her and found himself wondering if she was doing the same. But no word came from Verena, so he didn't write to her. Perhaps she'd seen the error in her ways, too?

With a December Ball coming up at his cousins - the Murray household - Roman had no choice but to kick himself up the backside and attend the damned thing. Perhaps he could find someone here - a hopeless woman trying to find a marriage to anyone in the room, except Joshua Murray? Surely he could find someone. Dressing in something a little bit too casual for his cousins party, Roman slipped in to the party just behind his parents before slipping off to the side, away from most of the prying eyes, up a flight of stairs that overlooked the ballroom and took up a spot on the balcony that was... well, it gave a good view of the room, but from the room, it was easy to go undetected. The pillar gave enough cover to shadow Roman's frame, and very few people came up here - for fear of being unsociable.

It was a place where he'd found when he was much younger- a good place to hide from his nannies, and Joshua.

His eyes scanned the room with ease, but, really, they were only looking for a single person.

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PostSubject: Re: There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)   Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:35 pm

"I will send you an owl. I promise."

Verena Richardson had learned that no one kept their promises. Especially men. And most specific, Roman Hughes did not keep his promises. For some weird reason, the witch had believed that she had him there. That she had intrigued him, captured his mind enough to get him to think of her and only her. And when he had promised to owl her, even if he was pulled away from her like that, she had believed him. She had hoped that it was going to be strong.

But it was all a lie.

Roman Hughes did not owl her. Not a single letter. And he had promised to write to her, that git. Verena had thought about writing to him instead, but she would never fall that low. But she couldn't bring herself to stop thinking about him, and how he had lied to her. She couldn't stop wanting him so badly. Wanting to taste him, touch him. But Verena Richardson would never allow herself to chase after a man. She couldn't.

And so her hope of seeing him again had faded, and so was her hope of managing to persuade her brother, and then her father, of marrying her to him. He was a coward, it seemed, a man that did not deserve her. But even as she was trying to say that to herself, she couldn't believe it. She wanted him, and just the thought of him being with someone else, drove her mad. Just the thought of another woman being in his arms, kissing him, touching him the way she had.. it was driving her insane!

So when the invitation from the Murray's came, Verena had to put on her usual fake smile and dress herself accordingly for the party. Since she was not able to have Roman, she had promised herself to try and stay single and unmarried for as long as possible. She wanted no other, especially a Murray. And so the advice her mother gave her on seducing Joshua Murray simply went out of the window. Verena was not going to be the center of attention during this party. She was going to remain hidden until they had to leave, and hopefully, no one would ask her hand in marriage.

Arriving at the party, she gave a smile to her family, promising to get down to business immediately, and after she separated herself from her parents, and also Christopher, who had given her a warning look, one that Verena simply ignored, she found herself ascending some stairs to reach a quiet place she had never seen before. She had been to this home for... she couldn't even remember how many times, yet she had never seen this beautiful balcony. She had never tried to isolate herself before anyway.

Sighing, the witch moved outside, taking her heels off in the process and throwing them in a corner, allowing her feet to touch the cold ground. It was a rather beautiful night, and Verena allowed herself to close her eyes and throw her head back, enjoying the soft breeze, too caught up in the moment to even see the figure of another man lurking nearby.

"There you go, Verena. Now you will spend the rest of the night here, and you didn't even bring a drink with you."
Sighing, the witch leaned over the railings, staring at the Gardens below. Beautiful gardens they were, but nothing close to the ones she had at home. Especially at their summer house.
But even at that point, Verena couldn't stop thinking about Roman and his hauntingly beautiful eyes. The way he tasted. She wanted him badly. And she needed to have him.

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PostSubject: Re: There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)   Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:53 pm

The usual women that surrounded these kinds of events had gathered for the Murray heir - who could blame them, this house was not even the first home of the Murray's and it was beyond exquisite. Joshua Murray was the most powerful man in the Pureblood world - in England, at least - and a force to be reckoned with. If you could please him, you would want for nothing.

Except love, Roman thought to himself, spotting the blonde hair of his cousin, and stepping back in to the shadows slightly. Roman was not a coward, oh no, but only a fool would not be scared of his cousin. Roman had seen it when he was younger, and decided to stay well clear as best he could. The girls that fawned over him were to be pitied, Roman's eyes averted from them, already they were claimed by Joshua, he had no doubt.

But, Roman's chest tightened as he saw the latest arrivals that evening. The Richardsons.

He knew he had promised he would write to Verena, but with every attempt he made, he could not find the right words. Oh, he had tried, countless times, sending small, fire balls of paper towards the bin in his room when he grew frustrated and tapped them with his wand to ignite them. The house elves had not been impressed with the mess, but Roman's mood was not high enough to care for them on that occasion.

The sight of Verena had made Roman shrink in the shadows a little more, slinking behind the pillar so that she could not see him. Perhaps... now he was a tiny bit of a coward, but Roman knew that this was not the first time he'd upset her. Merlin knew he could not bring himself to see the disappointment in her eyes. The idea of her understanding had not come to mind, for even a second.

But even as he was trying to think of his next move, Verena was gliding up the stairs, towards him. Roman simply stood still, concealed by the pillar as she walked past without seeing him. To the balcony just behind him that looked out on to the beautiful gardens - or that would be beautiful without a soft layer of snow. Verena slipped herself from her shoes, leaving Roman in a position to only watch... and he was once again entranced.

How... he did not know.

He just about caught the words that came from Verena's lips, and as if on cue, two glasses appeared in thin air before him. The Murray's house elves were beyond amazing, but even as Roman stood there, taking in the figure of Verena, he couldn't help but wonder if this was the right thing to do.

"You'll never know if you don't find out..." Roman murmured to himself, egging himself on as he moved out to the balcony, to Verena.

She was looking out across the grounds, so he simply leaned around her to present her with the glass. "I'm told you weren't quite prepared." Roman explained softly, waiting for Verena to accept, perhaps turn around. Merlin only knew what he was going to do if she did, but here he was. Stood before the witch who he simply could not forget about.

"I'm sorry. Once again." Roman added, still talking softly, because... in a manner, he was scared. Scared of losing Verena, because he was not clever enough to know how to keep hold of her.
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PostSubject: Re: There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)   Mon Oct 03, 2016 9:35 pm

Verena didn't know if she had a headache or it was the stress finally coming down to her. She was stressed for sure, with all this thinking about Roman, but it couldn't have affected her that bad, could it? She didn't know what to do at that point, really. Being used to having things your way, Verena couldn't actually believe she had lost this fight before she even had the chance to play, and now, she was in denial. In denial because she had gotten herself way to deep with a man she shouldn't have ever come near. And now she had developed a gigantic crush on him.

Marrying someone else would never be a solution to her, when she knew she could have Roman Hughes. To any other Pureblood girl, this would be a death game, and they would have backed out the moment they understood what was going on, if they had even allowed themselves to get caught up in a situation like this. But for Verena, this was not a choice. She needed Roman to take her in his arms again. She wanted him to touch her as inappropriately as before.

Since that day, Verena Richardson had discovered so many things about her body she had never believed existed. Every time her mind started thinking about how Roman's lips tasted, and his fingers were either lost in her hair or touching her body, she couldn't stop it. She could feel herself becoming so aroused just by the though of his lips kissing down her neck and even lower, and lower, until they were lost between her thighs.

Verena Richardson had been going insane, and all for a man she should have never allowed herself to fall for. But she wasn't falling for him, was she?

So staying out here alone was the best thing she could have done. All the girls would be falling at that Murray's feet, but she knew that if she had ever allowed herself to try to seduce that blonde, she would be the first choice for marriage. And that was why she would never present herself to him unless absolutely necessary. Thankfully, he was way too busy with all these women to notice Verena missing.

"I'm told you weren't quite prepared."

To say that she was startled would be an understatement. Verena's eyes went wide at the sound of the all so familiar voice, and she quickly glanced around to see none other than Roman Hughes, holding a glass out for her. How in Merlin's name he had found her, she didn't know, but at that moment, she didn't care either. Her urges were taking over her before she could even register what was happening.

"I'm sorry. Once again."

"Fuck you. Very much."
That was the only thing she managed to say before she had thrown herself against him, lips crushing into his as her arms wrapped around his neck. She hated him. She wanted to break his bones one by one. She knew she had to stay away, Chris had warned her and she was in no position to push him, but her body was not going to cooperate. She was on fire, and Roman Hughes was what she needed.

This could be their only chance.
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PostSubject: Re: There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)   Mon Oct 03, 2016 10:00 pm

Making Verena jump was probably not the wisest choice Roman had ever made, but he'd thankfully come out of the bad idea unscathed. There was no hatred in her eyes as she turned, which gave the Quidditch player hope that he'd gotten away with his mistake lightly. Though, of course, he was not about to count his chickens before they hatched, no, he was not stupid enough to do that.

The retort (so very unladylike in the current setting) had brought an amused smile to Roman's lips only mere seconds before Verena's had reached up to claim his. It was the recognition he needed to know she was mad at him for what he'd done, but he knew right now, he had time to savour before she took out those feelings on him.

Instead, Roman's body moved as if on auto-pilot, one hand moving up to cup her face, the other moving around her back, drawing her closer to him. His lips pressed firmly back against hers, hungry for her after his first taste. The first time had been much too brief, he knew that, but he doubted he could get much more. Even if he wanted more, Roman knew that it wouldn't be able to happen.

But in moments like this, you could only work with what you had.

"I didn't know what to write." Roman explained, pausing from the kiss only briefly before he pressed his lips back to hers, his fingers sliding in to her hair, drawing her closer as his tongue slid subtly over her lips. "We..." Temptation gave in before Roman could continue along that line of thought, his tongue slipping between those perfect lips he'd dreamed about in search of Verena's tongue. But, the moment he found contact, it was as if Roman had been pulled in to reality as he pulled away slightly.

"We really shouldn't..." Roman insisted, his breathing a little breathy because of the kiss. Because of Verena. The adventure this was turning in to. "I shouldn't..." But, even if they both knew, even as Roman said it, his lips were back on the one witch's lips who could ruin him. Pressing hard against hers as he held her close to him.

Why, in all of their world, had he been presented with Verena Richardson?
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PostSubject: Re: There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)   Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:39 pm

She wanted to break his bones. Hex him into oblivion. Do anything she could to hurt his sorry ass for not writing a single letter to her and then suddenly appearing here as if nothing had happened. Roman Hughes was the worst man in all the world... but he was her man. Since that Quidditch Match, even if it was unofficial, Verena Richardson had claimed him as hers, and she had no intention of changing that. Even if he was stupid. And a coward. A hot coward.

But her lips met his and everything else stopped. His hand soon found her hair, while his other one wrapped itself around her waist, pulling her closer and deepening the kiss, making her more in want. This was wrong. So terribly wrong. And if Christopher, or anyone for that matter caught them doing these things, she would be destroyed for life. But Verena Richardson, even for once in her life, didn't care. She wanted Roman, and she wanted him now.

Knowing that this could be your only chance, you can't possibly waste it.

"I didn't know what to write."

"You're a jerk." Was the answer Verena managed to give as she returned to kissing those lips she had been dreaming about since that day. Roman was going to be the death of her, she was sure, and the worst of all was that she wanted that. She wanted him to touch her and kiss her and make her feel all those things she should never feel. But then Roman pulled away, leaving her breathing heavily, her lips a little red from all the passionate kissing.

"We really shouldn't..."

Was he backing out on her again? But just as those words left his lips, he was back to kissing her hungrily, her body moving against his as her arms wrapped themselves around him once again, not willing to let go. Not so easy and not so soon. But a part of her was still incredibly mad at him. And Roman Hughes was not going to get away with what he did. Verena Richardson was going to teach him to never play with her.

"You will regret not writing to me, Roman.."
A dark smirk touched the witch's lips as she slowly pushed him back against the wall nearby, before she turned around and completely pushed her backside into him with a small giggle. This time, he was not going to get away from her, and she would make sure to remember not to mess with her ever again.

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PostSubject: Re: There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)   Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:58 pm

The comment of being a jerk brought a smile to Roman's lips. He already knew that much of himself, for being here, with Verena in his arms, kissing her with so much hunger... he was a jerk, and so many worse words than that. But he could not bring himself to stop being those things, because as bad as he knew his actions were, they felt so very, very right in that moment, and he refused to see that they had to stop this. Before it was too late.

The idea of regret was also not something Verena need to tell him of, either.

"You know..." Roman started as she pushed him back in to the wall. His mind was taken off of the conversation for a moment as Verena used her body against him - in the literal sense - pressing herself back in to him in that moment. His hand moved to her hips, drawing her back in to him even if she didn't need his help with that. The giggle that left her lips was almost weird in that moment - but as the melodic sound rung out, Roman couldn't deny that it made her more alluring to him in that moment.

His body was already working with a mind of its own, but he ignored those urges. Roman knew where he was, and he was not so stupid as to get caught up in those games. Not here.

"I didn't know what to write." Roman explained, moving Verena's hair out of the way so that his lips could press soft kisses to the base of her neck. Soft in their nature, because Roman was not about to get lost. "Not when I knew that anything I wrote could so easily have been intercepted... or ignored... or used against me..." Roman continued, his lips finding their way to nip lightly on Verena's earlobe.

"You've been driving me crazy, day and night... You've no idea how difficult this, being here, is for me." Roman whispered, pressing a kiss to her jaw. "I think I've learnt my lesson, though." He finished, spinning from behind the witch to be back before her, pinning her to the wall as his lips found hers once more. "Tell me, princess, who are you here today for?" Roman asked, because Merlin knew if she was here for his cousin, he would have to leave right now, and never, ever seek her out again.
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PostSubject: Re: There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)   Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:15 pm

The way his hands slid down across her hips and pulled her back into him, cause Verena to close her eyes and try very, very hard not to moan. She loved the way he was slowly exploring her every inch of her body, but he still had a long way to go until he was even close to claiming her. Verena Richardson was more than a handful, but that was why Roman had two hands in the first place.

"I didn't know what to write."

The kisses that slowly spread their way at her neck, caused Verena's legs to go weak and shaky, and she had to push herself more against him, as if trying to remain steady. The shivers that were running up and down her spine were countless and the young witch was biting her lower lip so hard, she bet it would soon start bleeding.

"Not when I knew that anything I wrote could so easily have been intercepted... or ignored... or used against me..."

At that, Verena allowed herself to late out a small chuckle, nodding more to herself as she took in the information. It did not necessarily mean that she had forgiven him for not sending an owl, but she could understand why he was so scared of writing a letter to her in the first place. There were so many possibilities that letter could have landed in the wrong hands, and Merlin knows what would have happened then. One thing was sure though, it wouldn't be nowhere near good.

"You are not forgiven, but your punishment is going to be less strict." A smirk touched her lips as multiple thoughts popped up in her head. There were many ways to torment a man, and Verena had just the perfect one for Roman. She only needed time and a space where they couldn't be seen, and they could be alone. Totally alone.

"You've been driving me crazy, day and night... You've no idea how difficult this, being here, is for me."

All these days she had been waiting to hear these words come out of his mouth, and finally, her dream came true. Roman Hughes had admitted that she had been the only thing he could think of, constantly driving him crazy and currently making it so hard for him just to be here, next to her. Her plan was so working, and she was going to take advantage of that.

"I think I've learnt my lesson, though."

And before Verena Richardson had the chance to speak a word, Roman was back before her, pinning her to the wall and capturing her lips once again, making her melt in a matter of seconds. As much as she was trying to have the upper hand here, she was obviously struggling. Not to say, failing.
But she didn't even think about it twice as she responded to his kiss with equal passion. He was a drug, she could swear.

"Tell me, princess, who are you here today for?"

It sounds so hot when he says it.., Verena thought and a smile touched her lips. She had, of course, been called a princess a million times in her life, but the way he pronounced it, suddenly made the word sound so sexual. As if it was hiding so many secrets behind it. Roman was good with words, that she could be sure of, but was that all he could do?

"You. I was dragged to this party, hoping to get away from you. To stop thinking about the way you taste, and your beautiful eyes, and those strong abs and your...,"
Verena allowed her eyes to fall between them then back up to his eyes with a small devilish smirk. "Your... win at the Quidditch Match."
The sexual tension was rising, and Verena Richardson was set and ready to go.
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PostSubject: Re: There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)   Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:40 pm

The shakiness of the witch before him did not go unnoticed by Roman. And the cause had a number of reasons, too, perhaps she was nervous, after all, she was likely still a virgin, and uncertain with where to stop. There was the possibility it was anticipation for his, or even her, next move that was causing her body to react. Want... well, Roman was sure they both were filled with that. But the idea of it being fear stirred for a moment - dissipating as he was sure Verena was not the type to allow herself to be in a position that scared her...

Roman simply kept his hold on her, subtly holding her just in case she succumbed to the shakes in an unusual manner.

The idea of being punished made Roman let out a light laugh, only one syllable in length, and mostly breathy, but a sign that he was amused by her words. Whatever 'punishment' Verena might have for him, he was sure that he would enjoy it, regardless.

Something Roman only knew to be more true as their lips met again, hungry for one another, but not daring to risk more in that moment. They had to conserve those feelings, in order to keep their heads above the water in these social events. Neither one could afford a slip up, which meant kissing... kissing was all they could have.

The smile that came with the word princess was not an expected reaction. Honestly, he'd expected the word to be thrown back at him in sarcasm. He didn't use princess in the way many a man might, belittling someone, or trying to make them sound cute. No, Roman used it in a teasing manner, she was a princess in this world, one who was used to getting her own way. But... in the here and now, she- they had been snookered, and it seemed only fitting that he use the word as a term of endearment. To rise up feelings at the word. But, the smile, the smile was oh so worth it.

Verena Richardson was so much more beautiful when she smiled.

And Merlin, the explanation she gave as to who she was here for. Roman's lips had crashed back to hers the instant she had finished, pressing himself closer to her with the ever growing need for more. Roman's breathing was losing it's steadiness as he continued to kiss her, lust was taking hold as his lips held a longer kiss. He couldn't...

"I need more, Verena..."

The whispered words came between kisses as his hand tightened a little on her waist.


Roman's lips consumed Verena's once more, holding the kiss, and then stealing multiple with hunger.

"Not here." He insisted, his forehead resting on Verena's as he forced himself to simply stop. Everything. And think about this whole situation.

Before he plunged too deeply.

"My place?" He offered, stealing a single, chaste kiss from her lips before a somewhat denied moan left his lips out of frustration. "Tomorrow? Dinner? Just... the two of us." Roman finished, his lips hovering just a little way from hers, his breathing warm against her lips as he waited.

It was not right, Roman knew. But, it was all he wanted in that moment.

Verena Richardson, and nothing else.
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PostSubject: Re: There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)   Sat Oct 08, 2016 10:11 pm

Verena didn't even have the chance of finishing her sentence, as Roman's lips crushed back down to hers, making her moan loudly in his mouth as she pulled him closer, feeling his toned body against hers. Quidditch did wonders, she knew that, but every time her body fell in contact with his, it was as if she had gone to heaven. Roman was the man she wanted. He was hot, charming, a total idiot and a Pureblood. He had what it took to be with her, but things were just a tad bit more complicated.

"I need more, Verena..."

"I do to..."
And it was the truth. Verena wanted more, needed more of Roman. She wanted to be able to call him his. She wanted the world to know. She wanted to be able to kiss him whenever she wanted without being scared of being seen or criticized. She wanted to marry him. And she wanted to be able to touch him. Make love to him. Why couldn't things be simpler?

"Not here."

Verena was breathless, but she managed to nod at those words. Even if she was blinded by all the lust. Even if she couldn't stop wanting him so badly, she wasn't stupid. She was risking too much here, and if Christopher ever found out that she wasn't trying to seduce Joshua, but she was instead snogging the hell out of Roman Hughes, she would be destroyed. And she would throw away her chance with Roman forever.

His forehead was resting against her and Verena had the chance to look into his eyes. Merlin, how could he be so handsome? The way his lips were slightly parted made the lust that was driving her insane even bigger. What was he doing to her?
"Roman.. I want you. I don't want to share you."
Honesty was the one thing that seemed appropriate at that moment. Roman had to know.

But then the invitation to dinner popped up and Verena's eyes went a little wide with shock. He was inviting her to his house, so that it could be just the two of them. How was she going to get away from her family?
"Yes!" The witch said without even thinking what was going to follow. She would have to come up with a plan and make sure no one would look for her. She wanted to be alone with Roman. With her man.

"Damn it, I need more of you..!"
And then her lips were back on his, unable to hold back the passion that was burning in her chest. She was a woman with hormones flying all over the place, and Roman Hughes was not going to stop her from taking what she wanted.
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PostSubject: Re: There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)   

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There's a List of Regrets I'm Already Writing (TW: Swearing & Minor Sexual Situations (Kissing) Verena & Roman)
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