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 All Good Things Come to an End (Gabriel & Neve)

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PostSubject: All Good Things Come to an End (Gabriel & Neve)   Sun Oct 09, 2016 10:34 am

It had been the best part of a year since Neve had found her Gabriel, she added 'her' before his name because before that time, Gabriel had been a stranger to her. He hadn't remembered her, or perhaps he had pushed the memories so far away, it was impossible to recognise her. But, it had been a year, that they had spent building their relationship in secret. They had no choice but to act in such a way, because the university would come down on the two of them heavily if they found out about this relationship.

There had been many coffee dates, under the excuse of studying. Genevieve had enjoyed these, even if they couldn't touch. Whilst they pretended to be talking about literature, Genevieve had explained what she'd been doing with her life since the last time they'd seen each other - minus the magic part, because she was still not sure if Gabriel knew, or could even understand. Though, of course, these meetings were never close to the university, Gabriel had been very clear about keeping apart around the university.

Then, there had been the times where Neve had gone to Gabriel's home, they'd have dinner together. They would talk openly about anything, and everything that came to mind. Intimate moments had become more and more heated through their meetings behind closed doors, until finally, three months in to their relationship, Neve had consented to more than just kissing. Losing her virginity had come a month later, when Gabriel's need for her had become too strong, and she'd been too scared to say no any longer. Her own need had been there, of course it had, but Neve had been terrified of the idea of losing her virginity.

It was, of course, unfounded. Gabriel had looked after her throughout the whole thing, as he always did in their relationship. It had been the most intoxicating of activities Neve had ever experienced. She'd led, curled in to Gabriel as she relived the moments, her skin flushing frequently as she thought about what had happened.

That day had ended up being the same day Neve had stayed with Gabriel for the night. Too content to leave him, Neve had stayed curled up against Gabriel's powerful body, wondering where their relationship would end up taking them.

The months that had followed were covered in a happy bliss - for Neve - she had grown comfortable with their relationship. Even if Gabriel hadn't answered all the questions that she might have about their past, their future was bright for Neve, and no one could possibly change that for them.


A soft splattering of snow covered the university's walkways, Neve had made her way to the cafe, and picked up two cups of steaming soup. She knew, of course, that Gabriel would not eat with her on campus, but there wouldn't be any harm in a student getting their professor some lunch, to save them the cold journey, would there? No, Neve was quite sure this was going to be okay. She'd found the soup today was Gabriel's favourite, which only made her smile warmer as she slipped back in to the faculty building, wiping her boots to make sure she didn't traipse snow through the building.

Gabriel's office wasn't too far along the corridor, either. Knocking lightly on the door, Neve paused for a moment, before stepping inside. "Hi professor," Neve greeted him, moving to the desk and setting down the cup filled with soup, and then reaching in to her bag for the bread roll that came with it. "I thought you might like some soup, everyone's grabbing some to keep warm before your class this afternoon!" Neve explained, keeping the conversation to that of a student and their teacher.

"Oh, spoon!" Neve added, pulling one out of the bag and placing it on the table too. "How are you today, sir?" She added, trying to gauge as to whether they could talk now, or whether Gabriel was too busy.
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PostSubject: Re: All Good Things Come to an End (Gabriel & Neve)   Sat Nov 26, 2016 6:00 pm

Gabriel had been working his ass off. Teaching was had as it was, but the essays he had to check were endless. But that was good. It meant that all the more people were taking up his class, either because they too shared a love for Dante, or because they simply wanted him as their Professor. Gabriel was not a kind man. At least he was not a kind man to anyone but his family, and of course, Neve. So there was no other reason for them to take up this class, unless it was for his reputation. He was known to be one of the best. And truthfully, that, he was.

The past year had changed Gabriel.
Finding out that among his students were his first love, Genevieve, gave him hope. He didn't feel 'love' the way other people felt it though. Gabriel had stayed away from feeling for way too long. Long enough to almost forget them altogether. Yes, he had women in his life. More than he could count, actually. There would always be one to fulfill his carnal, sexual needs. But they would never get anything more than that. Gabriel Emerson didn't do relationship, and he certainly didn't make love.

Until that night, when Genevieve opened up herself to him. He couldn't break her. He couldn't just fuck her the way he did with his women. His ex-women. Because there were no more women. There was only Genevieve.
That night had been etched into his mind. The way she tasted, how she writhed underneath him and the moans that escaped her lips with his every touch. That woman was driving him insane. He wanted her, he needed her. And he had promised himself he was not going to lose her. Genevieve was the brightest girl, and soon, she would earn a scholarship. Gabriel knew that, but he didn't want to reveal it to her. He knew that in order to stay with him, she would of turned that scholarship down. But he was not going to do this to her.

And to aid to that, Gabriel had received a warning. A bloody warning from the Office. He didn't know how, when they had been so very careful, but someone had seen him with Neve. Meaning, they were both in danger. She could be expelled and Gabriel could lose his job. He wouldn't allow either of them, and that was why, even if he didn't want it, he would distance himself from her. Fast.

He was lost. The papers on his desk didn't help either, so when the knock on the door came, Gabriel almost jumped out of his skin. Spacing out was exactly what he had been doing for the past week, and it was driving him nuts. How could he lose her again? After he had promised not to hurt her, after he had promised to love her!

Genevieve walked inside, beautiful as always, and it made Gabriel's heart stop. How could he break that fragile thing like this?
What kind of monster did he have to become?
You have always been one, Gabriel, the voice inside his head said, not helping him the slightest bit.

"I thought you might like some soup, everyone's grabbing some to keep warm before your class this afternoon!"

It was obvious that something was going on, but Gabriel couldn't just bring it up. He didn't know how to say it without breaking her heart. He couldn't do this to his princess. To his woman.

"How are you today, sir?"

His eyes went from the soup on his desk back to the vision before her, then back to the soup. She was so happy, caring and loving. She had made her way here just to bring him food and chat for a little bit. She was what every man could ever dream of. And he had her... until now.

"Neve.. Miss Florente, you need to leave. And you must not come to my office again, unless I've asked you to."
But even as he was saying these words, he was dying on the inside.
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PostSubject: Re: All Good Things Come to an End (Gabriel & Neve)   Sat Nov 26, 2016 6:44 pm

The sound of her name from Gabriel's lips brought a soft smile to the young witch's features. There was no amount of times that Gabriel could say her name and it not sound beautiful. Genevieve was a romantic, though, so it was the small things that made her happiest. And it was perhaps the happiness that Gabriel had provided her with thus far that elated her too much to notice that her boyfriend (Neve was still young and talked in such terms) was not as perky as he normally was with her.

However, Neve did notice that Gabriel wasn't quite as laid back as usual when he looked from the soup to her and back again. Now, Gabriel wasn't the softest of men, but with her he was different. At school they had to go careful, but she hadn't done anything untoward here. Just bringing him soup...

"Neve.. Miss Florente, you need to leave. And you must not come to my office again, unless I've asked you to."

Genevieve was quite obviously taken aback in that moment. She knew that Gabriel wanted to be careful, but the edge in his voice... No, that stung, and she couldn't quite comprehend him. "Sorry, professor?" Neve asked, her voice uncertain in that moment. "I just... wanted to make sure you weren't hungry... I didn't..."

Neve's voice fell away, though, as her eyes searched Gabriel's for some information. What had gotten in to her love? Surely he couldn't believe this was bad? It was only soup...
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PostSubject: Re: All Good Things Come to an End (Gabriel & Neve)   Sun Dec 04, 2016 6:48 pm

"Sorry, professor?"

Gabriel felt the sting in his heart. It hurt him to look at her like this. His fragile, little angel was taken aback by his actions. After everything they had been through, they had managed to come closer, slowly allowing her to know more about his life, about his past, about him. And all of it was going away before she even had the chance to get to know him. Before he even had the chance to love her properly.

"I just... wanted to make sure you weren't hungry... I didn't..."

Gabriel sighed, pushing back his chair and immediately moving towards her, cupping her little face in his hands and leaning down to kiss her lips. She was the most beautiful woman in this entire University. In this entire world. And he was losing her because he allowed himself to hope. Hope they could be together in secret. That no one would find out and as soon as she had Graduated they would be able to make this relationship official. But no. His walls crumbled before they could even reach up high.

Pulling back from the loving kiss, Gabriel sighed once again, softly caressing her cheekbone with his right thumb. She was so unique, so pure.
"We can't be together, Genevieve. Someone found out. About us. I don't know who, they won't tell me. But someone filed a complaint. You need to stay away from me, Neve."

Leaning down to kiss her lips once again, Gabriel pulled back and moved back to his chair, sitting down and avoiding her eyes. He wasn't loving. He couldn't say goodbye. This was the only way he could show his farewell without breaking down crying. Because Gabriel did cry. Rarely though.

"I've already eaten. Please, leave my office, and take the food with you."
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PostSubject: Re: All Good Things Come to an End (Gabriel & Neve)   Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:06 pm

Genevieve watched as Gabriel stood up, daring to give him a small, hopeful smile. But she was uncertain. Gabriel was not a predictable man, and usually she loved that quality in him a lot more than she could ever explain. But today, in this moment, she wished he was predictable, so that she might understand what Gabriel was trying to say.

Especially as when the professor stood before her, he cupped her cheeks, lovingly soft, and brought his lips down to hers. Neve's hands moved to his shirt, holding on to him as she savoured the kiss, Gabriel, everything.

The words, however, that came from Gabriel's lips a moment later shattered the young witch in to a million pieces. It felt like she'd been winded. The smile slid from her lips, and the hurt was ever so clear only a moment later. What? She wanted to scream at him, but all she could do was hold on to her man, keep herself steady, and hope beyond anything that she had misheard him.

His lips were on hers again, confusing more and more because Gabriel's actions were simply not following his words. But as he moved away, the distance made her body ache. Neve's eyes were stinging but she couldn't comprehend.

"I've already eaten. Please, leave my office, and take the food with you."

"N-no..." Genevieve managed, her voice was shaky, clearly emotional, but also somewhat firm. The young witch's legs moved without her really thinking about what she was doing, moving around Gabriel's desk and sinking to her knees beside him. Her small hands reached out to Gabriel's and her eyes were on him. Though, Gabriel would not look at her. It hurt, a lot more than she could ever have envisioned a man could hurt her.

"I don't care if people know. I'll go to the head of faculty and tell him there's been a mistake. I'll... I'll work a cover story that pulls you from the limelight. Merlin, I'll pretend that I love another, Gabriel. But...." A small choked sob left Genevieve's lips in that moment, and a single tear slid down her cheeks. But she made no move to remove it, her attention was solely on the man she loved. "Please don't tell me that it's over..." She whispered, her voice quite broken. "Please..."
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PostSubject: Re: All Good Things Come to an End (Gabriel & Neve)   

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All Good Things Come to an End (Gabriel & Neve)
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