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 Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)

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PostSubject: Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)   Tue Nov 08, 2016 6:45 pm

James' life was moving on quicker than he might have imagined, truth be told. His feelings were unsettled when he was away from Circe, something he was not one hundred percent sure of. The school wasn't a respite either, with the many different faces of his students only acting as a constant reminder of the fact a child was going to be coming in to his life sooner or later. And this one was not going to be one he could walk away from at the end of the day.

The board showed only one word TEST.

James sat in his chair, working on a potion of his own, bent over his desk, and never looking up. On each desk was a piece of paper which knew, upon someone taking a seat, as to which test to set. The rest of the time was his own.

First to Fourth Years:

Fifth to Seventh Years:

OOC: Please note that whilst James' notes say he will award points based on success, I am not looking for perfection in everyone. I will be awarding an ADDITIONAL ten points to each person I feel has been creative and as close to character with all they do. So, please, do not worry if your character is not the best potioneer.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)   Sat Nov 12, 2016 11:01 am

Arthur's favourite subject was, without a doubt, Potions. The use of a set of instructions was quite easy for him. And, so long as you followed them impeccably, nothing could really go wrong. So, with much more enthusiasm than most when it came to Professor Balan's lessons, Arthur hurried down the corridor of the dungeons and in to the Potion's classroom.

He was not surprised to find Professor Balan looking completely uninterested in the class. Arthur had gotten used to that in the years he'd been at the school.

Instead, Arthur moved to the second row, taking in the instructions on the board and reading them once more. It never hurt to be thorough.

After reading the instructions the second time, the Slytherin moved to the ingredients cupboard, picking out the ingredients he needed - taking care not to pick up ingredients that didn't look how he believed they should. With his arms full, Arthur moved back to his desk, setting out all of the ingredients before him and then taking a deep breath.

Now, all he had to do was impress Professor Balan...
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)   Sat Nov 19, 2016 12:46 pm

Elyah didn't really feel like going to Potions today, but she knew that she had to. It was a way for her to forget all of her problems and the after effects of the attack. But even the teachers were not really helping. All of them had to bring it up, reminding not just her but the rest of the children of the danger that was all around them. Of the losses. And it was tragic, so so tragic. How could they not see that what they were doing was not helping, but instead, hurting them?

Walking inside the Potions Classroom, Elyah kept her head low and took a seat, knowing that Max was not present in the class. She was in no mood for anything until she had made sure Max was safe and sound. Until he was sitting next to her again, messing up her potions. She wanted to hug him, she did. But that had to wait.

A test was what waited for her there. Truth be told, she was glad. She didn't care whether it was going to turn out good, but it would keep her mind busy. Busy enough to think of nothing else for a while. It was a way for her to go back to what she used to be. Even if it lasted for a little while.

Looking at her paper, she nodded more to herself that anyone else, and quickly gathered all of her ingredients. Minced daisy roots, peeled Shrivelfig, sliced caterpillars, one rat spleen, a dash of leech juice, a splash of cowbane and of course, Wormwood.

Glancing at the ingredients, a small smile touched her features as she immediately recognised the Potions. Its name was 'Shrinking Solution' and Elyah felt quite proud of herself. She was not a pro at potions, but she was quite good. The subject intrigued her enough to make her read books, and gain more information. Once she had stumbled upon a variation of this specific potion, and since she didn't much care about the result she was going to give it a try.

Flipping the test paper on the other side, Elyah picked up her Quill and started writing down the instructions she had found in the Library.

1. Add five sliced caterpillars.
2. Heat till the potion turns red.
3. Shake the peeled Shrivelfig until it is ready
4. Add peeled Shrivelfig until the potion turns yellow.
5. Allow the potion to simmer till it turns purple.
6. Add four rat spleens to the cauldron.
7. Add the minced daisy roots till it turns green.
8. Add five drops of leech juice.
9. Add more of the Shrivelfig, this time till it turns pink.
10. Add one sliced caterpillar.
11. Allow the potion to simmer till it turns green.

Grabbing a Cauldron, and following the instructions, Elyah added 5 sliced caterpillars, and grabbing her wand, she started a fire, allowing the potion to heat up until it finally turned red. Sometimes, she really wandered who would actually sit down and change a whole potion. Remembering that she had a potion to make, Elyah went back to the instructions, shaking the peeled Shrivelfig until it was ready, since the instructions had mention but results if they were added too early.

Once she had made sure it was ready, she added them to the solution, waiting patiently and hoping that she had done it correctly. The potion took some time, but it eventually turned yellow, making Elyah thank Merlin for that. She didn't care of it was perfect, but detention from James Balan was not in her plans.

Then, as the instructions followed, she flicked her wand, allowing the potion to simmer on its own sitting back and waiting -hoping- for it to turn purple. Once the potions started to change color, Elyah sat up, watching carefully since the potion was a tad bit more lilac that actual purple. The young witch did not know whether this meant danger or not, but she continued with the instructions nonetheless.

Picking up her rat spleens, she added four in the cauldron and then the minced daisy roots, waiting once again for the potion to change color.
The liquid turned a light green, which made Elyah scowl a bit, since it was once again not a true color, but since there were no fireworks or explosions she kept on. Finishing the potion was the goal.

Five drops of leech juice were added, as well as more of the Shrivelfig, and this time -thankfully- the potions turned pink, making Elyah let out a sigh of relief at that. She was doing good, right?
One more sliced caterpillar was added, and then Elyah sat back down, allowing the potion to simmer.

Some time passed and Elyah jumped up at the potion started changing again. A green color took over it, and Elyah quickly allowed the fire to die, before she filled a vial with the potion, and wrote her name on it, along with the name of the potion.

'Shrinking Solution' - Elyah Whitehorn

Gathering her stuff, she placed the vial on top of the Professor's desk, gave him a firm smile and then exited the classroom. At least she had been creative!
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)   Mon Nov 21, 2016 9:28 pm

Potions weren't really Cassiopeia's the best classes out there but she managed to do things here away when needed. She most of the times even knew the potions but she even sometimes struggled to get the name right here or what it was for.

When she arrived at the classroom she realised today was a test day. They day when their skills were tested. She hated it, she has never really liked these tests. She took the file what was for her and sighed. She took a seat somewhere where was still empty table.

She looked up at the file now and read what she needed to do. She wasn't really sure what potion it will be so she needed to think about it for now. At least she did go and bring herself needed ingredients for to make potions. Maybe awhile she does the potion she gets an idea what it will be.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)   Sat Nov 26, 2016 7:53 pm

Nirek was not overly fond of potions for the simple reason that the teacher was a complete ass. Honestly, it was as if the world was not enough for their professor - if you hated children so much, why on earth would you teach? Nirek simply did not understand his professor, but decided not to think too much on it.

Hurrying down to the classroom to make sure he was not late, Nirek slipped in to the classroom and made his way to the back of the room. Setting down his belongings, Nirek took in the board and let out a small sigh. A test was not really something he wanted to do, but he knew better than to question Professor Balan.

Checking the list of ingredients, Nirek moved to the store and picked them out. He paid little attention to the quality, because frankly, he didn't care. With all of them sourced, Nirek moved back to his desk and took a moment to put them out on the desk in some kind of order. Then, checking the instructions, Nirek moved to add the base potion in to the cauldron as usual, putting the head on low.

The Infusion of Wormwood came first, with Nirek carefully adding it to the base potion as per the instructions. Next, he shook the powdered root of asphodel in to the mixture, trying to make sure an even-ish covering was made. Of course, Nirek didn't pay too close attention to this step, just hoping he had got it right as he worked. Taking up the mixing stick, Nirek stirred the liquid twice clockwise, before checking back with the instructions.

The sloth brain and Sopophorous bean juice was added (in that order) to his potion next, and with seven anti-clockwise stirs, Nirek had completed the potion as per Professor Balan's instructions. The next part of the test, however, made Nirek have to stop and think. He hadn't really thought about what the Potion was stumped...

Sopophorous Bean... it only has one potion... Nirek thought, racking his brains hard in that moment before the answer came to him. The Draught of Living Death. Hurrying to scribble that down, Nirek put his name and answer on the vial before taking a sample for the professor. He doubted Professor Balan would be impressed with the potion, but he'd finished the assignment.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)   Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:07 am

Potions. Following instructions wasn't overly difficult in Christopher's mind. Which is why Potions was an easy grade for him. Well, as easy as it ever could be with Professor Balan around. Their professor always marked them much harder than any other professor in the school, and perhaps that was to incentivise them - Merlin knew it pushed Christopher to try harder. To impress. Because Christopher liked to be the best, he loved the limelight, and he would never let himself fall short of that.

Moving in to the classroom, Christopher noted the instructions on the board and smiled to himself.

A test, perfect.

Dumping his bag in an empty spot, Christopher moved quickly to the supply cupboard with the instructions in hand, taking care to look through the ingredients available to them and pick the best ones. After all, the quality of the ingredients you put in to the potion had a big effect on the outcome. By the time Christopher moved back to his desk, arms laden with ingredients, he was sure of what the potion was. The Draught of Living Death. A complex potion, to be sure, but easily recognisable from the ingredients it required.

Setting up his cauldron with care, Christopher turned the heat on lightly before adding his base potion. He wondered how many people would forget the base, seeing as it wasn't openly stated on the instructions, but he paid no mind to the others in the classroom. Instead, the Ravenclaw carefully measured out the required amount of Infusion of Wormwood, and slowly poured it in to the base potion. The surface gave a little glimmer of a change of colour, but Christopher was concentrating now on the powdered root of asphodel. He knew that you had to get a good, even blend which meant you had to get it over the surface of the potion as much as possible.

Shaking it carefully over the top until it was covered, Christopher picked up his stirring stick, and stirred the mixture clockwise. Once. Twice, before leaning the stick against the edge of his cauldron. The room was starting to heat up now from the vast quantity of cauldrons on the go. The only time the dungeons ever got warm, he was sure.

Taking the sloth brain (and resisting the urge to gag), Christopher gently lowered the mass in to his mixture, holding his breath slightly at the smell of melting meat. That was not a kind smell for the senses this early in the morning, Christopher thought to himself, but pressed on to the Sopophorous bean juice. Pouring it as evenly as he could once more through the mixture, Christopher moved the stirring stick in an anti-clockwise direction, counting out the moves under his breath each time until he got to seven.

The liquid had turned the abysmal black that Christopher had read about, and he was confident this would be a good grade for the year. Pouring some of the contents in to a vial, Christopher wrote his name and answer The Draught of Living Death on a sticker, and carefully placed it on the glass. Cleaning out his cauldron, and then his desk, Christopher took the vial to his front as he slung his bag over his shoulder. Not acknowledging the professor, Christopher placed it on Professor Balan's desk before leaving.

An easy end to the year.
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Jacques Clement
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)   Sun Nov 27, 2016 1:47 pm

Arriving at Potions, Jacques took in the fact there was a test with a small feeling of relief. A test meant that once they were done, they could leave. Jacques was more than happy with that as he took up his sheet of instructions and read through them carefully line by line. After a few moments, Jacques moved off to the store of ingredients and sifted through them as quickly as possible to get what he needed and then return to his desk.

It didn't take very long at all, and with everything set, Jacques hurried through the instructions. He knew there were techniques to make the potion perfect, but today, Jacques simply couldn't be bothered. Putting the heat on for the cauldron and pouring in the base potion, Jacques quickly poured the infusion of Wormwood in to the mixture, shortly followed by the powdered asphodel. A couple of quick stirs and the first half of the potion was complete.

Letting the brain fall from the tub - there was no way Jacques was touching it - from a small height, Jacques continued on with the juice, taking note of the changes in the colour as he worked. Finally the bean juice was added, and the potion turned black as he stirred seven times anti-clockwise. With the potion done, Jacques contemplated the contents of his cauldron and thought for a moment about the possibilities of what it was... Having two ideas, Jacques went for the Fire Protection Potion, writing his name on it and taking it to the front of the class.

Who knew if that was right? Jacques didn't!


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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)   Tue Nov 29, 2016 1:29 am

Sophie walked down to Potions with a minor feeling of discontent, since her views on the Professor were not exactly the best. Since in her mind she found him unfit to teach or something of that particular nature. Since Sophie was no fan of others, as she soon grabbed her potion belongings as she soon walked down the corridors. Leaving her to soon look and she said. " I hope this class goes by decently or something. " she said letting out a sigh. Then before she knew it she entered the classroom.

Looking at the board as she instructions, and in her mind what a surprise. Since it seemed Professor Balan never taught as she began walking over to sit down. And got her books out and began looking in them intently. Proceeding to get her Potions ingredients out and soon decided to look around with a thought. Wondering as she soon began attempting to make them. And she hoped that it would end sort of well for her as she peered around looking in discontent.

Wondering what the others students did. Then soon looking and she wanted to brew it successfully. And saw that for the years there different ones as she soon proceeding to brew her potions. Hoping she could have some of success.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)   Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:06 am

Tristan made his way to the Potions classroom which was only a short walk from his common room it seemed. Causing the boy to take some of his time as he got all of his equipment together. Leading him to soon be on his way to class, and it felt somewhat good that he was older although he knew the class would end up being all years which seemed to occasionally happen. The dungeons in his mind seemed pretty interesting since they were always dark and gloomy. Then before he knew he had arrived. Tristan entered the classroom and attempted to find an empty seat looking around at the other students.

Setting his belongings down Tristan looked at the board, and as usual it seemed there was no lesson. Just brewing a potion which was not that bad since he was not a fan of the professor. And making a potion seemed a bit better. Before he knew he got the following ingredients out as he attempted to set them all together and soon looking around the class he sighed once more.

Proceeding to brew the potion he hoped would not be as bad as he then began working on it. Wondering what things could possibly happen as he continued.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)   Tue Nov 29, 2016 2:23 am

Making his way down to Potions was something Simon was beginning to dread as he knew he had to do well, and he wanted to make sure that he at least would make it to his third year. There was no fun in being held back and he was well aware of that, as Simon rushed to Potions with all of his belongings. Leading Simon to wonder what in the world he was going to be learning anyway for the class. Then again it seemed they did not learning it was all pure Potion brewing. Which made some sense in the boy's mind.

Simon then made it a point to enter the classroom, looking at the board to the younger years Potion, as he soon took a seat setting his belongings down. The Ravenclaw looked in Potions book to see if anything else had to be down with the making of the Potion. Since he wanted to make sure he managed to do it well. Leading him to soon make an attempt to begin brewing.

Leading Simon to look at his book for further details, since he wanted to make the most out of this lesson.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)   

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Potions: Lesson Three - The Test (All Years)
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