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 Sweet Tooth (Joshua + Aiko)

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PostSubject: Sweet Tooth (Joshua + Aiko)   Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:26 pm

Aiko ran a hand through her slightly growing hair, with a soft sigh. She leaned back in her chair at the desk in her dormitory. She lifted up her quill, chewed on the end of it softly, her oral fixation taking over her as she considered what she was supposed to write. These days at school were slow. She'd finally started improving in flying, being able to comfortably hover above the ground without frightfully plummeting to the ground. Did that mean she went flying in her free time? Hell no. She almost laughed as she thought of how much she hated doing it. Still, she was always the kind to tackle her demons face on. She started to finish up her list of things to do once she graduated from Hogwarts: most of the list had to do with her becoming the Minister of Magic some day, but it would be a slow, groveling, gradual process that would probably try to shatter her spirits.

Again, she loved a good challenge.

Aiko smiled softly as she re-read the letters from her siblings. They were each doing fine. Hunter finally got that promotion to Head Editor, and he'd taken his bonus to take his girlfriend, Junipera, to Madrid, where she was born, and propose in front of her entire family. It made her entire being happy to know that Hunter was finally taking that step. And Sam! Sam was pregnant again with a baby girl, Aiko grinned at the picture of the sonogram. Family meant so much to her these days. When she was away on shoots, she took the time to send trinkets or toys for Sam's kids or for Lilliana to show her class. For Justin and Hunter, she always tried to send snacks (Justin preferred spicy and hot chips and Hunter, like her, liked the sweet stuff).

Speaking of sweet stuff, Aiko felt her tummy rumble. She wasn't in the mood to eat a full meal so she instead opened up her sweet's chest. She let out a small frown as she realized she was all out. With a heavy sigh, she gave a bright smile towards her room-mate who waved and then face-planted into her own bed. Aiko pulled out a warm, but spring-enthused outfit. The spring dress was a soft periwinkle with pastel flowers, and her thigh-high socks were white and warm, but not fuzzy or thick so she could slip her feet into light pink flats with bows. To cover her shoulders, she put on a white sweater top with pink bows on the pockets. She tucked her wand into the light pink small handbag she carried around, and gave one last wave to her roommate.

Since it was the weekend, she'd head to Hogsmeade and pick up some sweets from Honeyduke's. She could kill for some chocolate cherry poppers, a couple of sweet pull-apart taffies, and maybe some sweet jawbreakers. She stopped a couple times to have a conversation with a few fellow students. As she stepped into the hectic rush of the afternoon at Honeyduke's she paused in frustration as she realized she couldn't find anythings he wanted.

Approaching a slightly taller male, from the back she assumed he was a worker so she tapped his shoulder.

"Excuse me," she started smiling sheepishly, "could you possibly help me find the chocolate aisle?"
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Tooth (Joshua + Aiko)   Tue Nov 22, 2016 3:15 pm

It had been one of those days where Joshua's mind had lost the ability to remain focused. It was a Saturday so he did not have lessons and he did not know of any parties going on, so he was free of any obligations. He'd wanted to take advantage of this free time by heading out to the Quidditch pitch for a run, but the weather was not in his favour.

As he looked to the silver sky, clouds set free gallons of water onto the Earth. It was not as if the boy had never run in the rain before;of course he had. He just did not particular enjoy the way that his feet squished against the grass as a mixture of water and dirt flung itself onto his calves, coating him with liquids of the earth. Rain made him feel as if mother nature was spitting at him;an image that Joshua did not thoroughly enjoy. With that in mind, the Hufflepuff decided that today was not the day for a run.

After a few moments of mourning the loss of his exercise for the day, a small earthquake began to take place within Joshua's stomach. Looking back on it, breakfast seemed so long ago. He felt as though a little sugar would really go a long way. Perhaps he would go to Honeydukes. Honeydukes, yes. That sounded like a plan.

As the boy entered the shop, he had a small battle within his mind as to what exactly he wated to purchase. The shelves were filled to the brim with every kind of sweet he could ever imagine. Maybe he would buy some Every Flavour Beans, perfect for when he needed a laugh. Or maybe he'd purchase a handful of jelly slugs.

As he made his way to the shelf, Joshua felt a small hand on his shoulder.

Excuse me, could you possibly help me find the chocolate aisle?

He pivoted to see a small girl, perhaps a year or so younger than himself. She looked as though she was searching for something, which he figured to be the chocolate aisle. Joshua wondered if she had mistaken him to an employee of the store. He was not sure why she would think this, though. He was far too attractive and well built to be working at a candy store. Hell, if Joshua had been a Honeyduke's employee, the store would have little to no candy left in stock!

"I believe the chocolate aisle is down that way, though I am not completely sure," he told her, pointing in a random direction. He figured that it did not matter which way he pointed because she would find the aisle eventually.

"The chocolate aisle has never been one of my regular stops. Now if you needed the sour candy aisle," he grinned, "that is an aisle I could help you find." He pushed a hand through the mess of brown that was his hair. He knew that nothing he said was helpful in any way, but he liked to think that anything could be true if the speaker was convincing enough.

"Are you looking for anything in particular?" he asked, fixing his posture and trying to sound as if he knew what he was doing. Maybe if this went well enough, Honeydules would pay him just for existing. Who needed a run anyways?
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Tooth (Joshua + Aiko)   Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:18 am

Aiko was usually in a perfect state of mind. This entailed that she left little to no room for error in terms of the world around her. However, these past few days, her brain had been a little foggy. She was back in that time of year, with the school year ending, where she needed to schedule photoshoots. Her father had sent her a tentative schedule of where and what she needed to do. Apparently, she’d be able to spend Justin’s seventeenth birthday with him at the beginning of July, but after that she’d be loaded. She was excited to some extent.

Jalouse, a magazine that only signed professionals, wanted to take a shot on her and put her on a cover. And Italia Vogue signed her for a shoot. There was also various brands that wanted her to represent their products. She’d be in America two days after Justin’s birthday, then in Italy for two weeks, Monaco for one, Kenya for a month. Then her summer would be free, but even then there’d be no rest. She’d be spending the majority of her time networking in the Ministry, trying to apprentice under the Assistant to the Secretary of Ministry. She needed connections and she needed them not only fast, but steady. She needed to create lifelong, certain connections she could use at a moment’s notice.

It felt hectic, the direction her life was heading in, but she wouldn’t change it for the world. She liked her life like this, the constant rush, the rise and fall of action, the staccato of peace that would one day be at her hands. Cities abided her, comforted her, but sometimes she could lose her common sense in the rush of it all.

For example, now.

Oh,” she breathed out in shock as she stared up at the guy whose shoulder she’d reached up to tap on. Her face flushed, not only was this boy terribly attractive, awfully so she had to admit, but also he was a student. He went to Hogwarts with her! She’d seen him at a party or two earlier in the school year, even walking around with some cohorts. She flushed in embarrassment, “I’m so sorry. You don’t work here do you?” She cringed as the question left her mouth. She placed a hand over her mouth, “I’m so so sorry. You go to Hogwarts don’t you?

When her light brown eyes met sharp blue eyes, she flushed even further. “Sour candy?” Her mouth contorted into one of confusion. “Like lemon flavored candy?” All of her embarrassment leaving her as she tilted her head in curiosity. “I- I mean I was looking for chocolate cherries, but the ones that pop in your mouth, y’know or jawbreakers, maybe the pull apart taffies.”

Feeling like a total wreck, she took in a deep breath to compose herself and lifted a hand to introduce herself. She gave a soft little smile, “I recognize you from Hogwarts, my name is Aiko.” She looked around behind him, biting her lower lip nervously, “did you come here with anyone? The least I could do is pay for your candy, after that awful mistake I made in assuming you were an employee.” She tried to smile a bit more reassuringly.
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Tooth (Joshua + Aiko)   

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Sweet Tooth (Joshua + Aiko)
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