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 Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]

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PostSubject: Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]   Sat Nov 26, 2016 4:12 pm

It had been two weeks. The longest weeks of Hathor's life. When she was abducted, Hathor had promised to herself that she wouldn't break. Whoever was behind this would not get away that easily, and Hathor Valois was certainly not going to make this pleasurable in any way for them. But she was wrong. So terribly wrong.

These people broke every will she had in her. Well, almost every will. When she was first brought to their place, she was thrown in a cell like a common trash. She received some food, since they didn't want her to starve to death, but that didn't mean they cared much more about her. She was usually jinxed just for their entertainment, getting beaten every other day or so.
She had scars, many of them all over her body. Some of them would stay forever on her body she was sure. But Hathor was not giving up.

Marcus. She kept thinking about Marcus while she was in that cell. He was going to find her, even if he didn't love her. He was going to find her and make sure all of them would receive twice what she had. They were going to feel her pain and suffering. And they would never have the chance to apologise or be forgiven for their crimes.
Marcus was her husband, and she were his wife. Whatever the case, they would always look out for each other. At least Hathor would.

These people, these monsters could see that she was not going to give them any information. They knew that she was not going to be one of the witches they could easily break. She was not going to stand by them. And that was when they played their last card. The only thing Hathor couldn't believe they would ever dare to do. And that was lay their filthy hands on her.

Her arms were tied behind her back. She couldn't move as she watched them undressing her. Every time she begged for them to stop, she received a slap and an echo of laughs. She was pathetic, she really was. But how could she allow them to touch her in such manner? If she ever got out of here alive, how could she face Marcus?

And they would have done it, they would have raped her, if only the infamous Jake Newbury hadn't burst out of nowhere, saving her just before they could complete their disgusting plan. After that, the Aurors took her away from there. She didn't know what happened to these men, but she was free. Or so she thought.

But instead of taking her to her home, The Ministry insisted she should remain for questioning. Her wounds were treated by the Healers, the bruises still there though. Her split lip and the scars that were permanently etched to her skin. One long line diagonally across her stomach. A deep scratch down her right hip and of course, the worst of them, the scar on her chest from where one of the men had dug his knife.

Hathor was told that her family was informed of her rescue, but she wouldn't speak a word. Every day, they kept questioning her, again and again, but she wouldn't even flinch. She was not going to talk, simply because she didn't know anything. She was in no condition to make conversation, but the Ministry cared only about political matters. Not about humans.

Hathor was in the middle of yet another interrogation, when a wizard interrupted them, announcing that a man was here for her. Her husband.
"Seems like they have come to take you."

It was the only word Hathor had said since the day she was rescued. And it was the last, since she fell silent once again, looking around in hopes to see her husband. Marcus Westbrook.
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PostSubject: Re: Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]   Sat Nov 26, 2016 5:15 pm

"What do you mean you can't find her?" Marcus demanded of the private investigator he'd hired since the announcement of the school attack had taken place. Of all the days it could have happened, it would have had to have been the day he'd sent his wife to the bloody castle on an errand for the family. To get her out from under his feet, to find herself a position in the family, to become a recognised Westbrook, and to make Hathor feel like she could belong here in England.

Marcus had - with the advice of his father and Quintin - thought he was helping.

But all he'd done was end up getting his wife abducted by some very twisted people. The whereabouts of his wife was unknown, and he was anxious. He could not pretend he loved Hathor, no, but since their marriage, she had at least started to make a home in his heart. They'd shared numerous nights together since their wedding night, and though they did not get on very well during the day, their night time antics showed a connection many in their position would envy. To have that growing... friendship be torn away was something that hurt, and Marcus was doing his damned hardest to find Hathor.

Though he'd never admit it to her.

"There simply isn't any sign of her anywhere, Mr Westbrook, sir. The ministry are working tirelessly, and their information is not easy to get hold of. The people who have abducted your wife are not leaving easy clues-"

"Get. Out." Marcus growled through gritted teeth, his hand closing around the glass of finished bourbon on the desk, lifting it's from it's place and launching it in the direction of the useless man. The pop of apparition sounded only moments before the glass shattered against the wall just behind where the man had been.


"Marcus, news from the Ministry." Quintin burst through Marcus' bedroom door, holding the Daily Prophet. "Raids were successful last night in obtaining several of the hostages taken from Hogwarts-"

"Hathor?" Marcus asked, already getting out from his bed and stumbling across the room to pull out a pair of boxers, a shirt, trousers. "Does it mention Hathor, Quintin?"

"No... but that doesn't me-"

"I'll be going to the Ministry. I need you to go to her parent's house and tell them we have news and that I've gone to the Ministry. I need you to also make sure that the staff are aware Hathor will be coming home and that all of her things should be just so. I will need a bath ready for her. Everything to be perfect, Quintin. Nothing can be wrong here. Do you understand?" Marcus asked, doing up his last button and running a finger through his messed hair to tame it somewhat.

"You need someone to go with you, bro-"

"No, Quintin, I need you here." Marcus replied, before apparating to the Ministry without another word.


Three days.


Denied access.

Marcus had tried niceties with the staff at the Ministry, but all of them were too hung up on 'following protocol' to be realistic. Human. Marcus' anger was growing with each day, and only when Quintin had forcefully dragged him from the Ministry had Marcus left. It was not done, Marcus knew, this behaviour was not acceptable of a man of his status. But they were keeping Hathor prisoner, only in a 'safe' place.

Only one man had been of help - the man who'd seemingly saved his wife from the building. Jake Newbury had given him the time to explain the what, where, when and how of Hathor's finding. They'd sat man to man as the younger of the two had explained that when he'd found Hathor she'd been in a position that was... forcibly intimate. The idea had made Marcus sick to the stomach, but his face had remained emotionless as the younger Auror explained. But, even the heroic Jake Newbury could not give him the access he required to his wife.

And thus the cycle of anger had continued, until he'd found the Head Auror of the facility, and threatened more than a handful of exposures on the man. Deciding media input on the case was not something they'd wanted, Marcus had followed the man to the interrogation room, not allowing himself to be shut out as the door was opened.

As his name left her lips, Marcus stepped in to the room, taking in Hathor and keeping himself from looking anything less than happy to see her. Her weight had decreased in the two and a half weeks that he'd not seen her, and the softness of her voice was not his Hathor. Her body language was all wrong. Broken.

"Leave us." Marcus instructed the Ministry officials, leaving no room for argument as they collected their papers and scurried from the room, closing the door carefully behind them. But even with an almost empty room, it felt crowded to Marcus. "I've come to take you home, Hathor." Marcus told his wife, moving to her side and offering her his hand.

Merlin knew how, but they were going to get through this.
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PostSubject: Re: Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]   Sat Nov 26, 2016 6:28 pm

The moment Hathor head that Marcus was here, was the moment she was starting to have hope once again. People that knew her well enough would have probably guessed that Marcus was the last person she wanted to see at that point. But on the contrary, Hathor wanted Marcus. And only him. She needed to see and touch him and feel him close to her. Even if it wasn't love. It was need.

So as he came into the room, her eyes met his. Even if he was trying to look happy she was here, she could see past that. He was angry, and he knew that the person he was looking at was a broken reflection of the woman he had married. Bruised, scared and all puffy. Hathor had been crying. It felt like crying was her new way of talking these past days that she had remained at the Ministry.

"Leave us."

There he was. Her demanding husband. The witch didn't believe that the officers would leave, but we were talking about Marcus Westbrook. He would bend anyone to his needs, if he wanted to. And that was what she loved about him. There were so many things Hathor loved about Marcus that she had never, and would never probably admit. He was a good husband, even if love was absent.

The nights they've shared proved as much. He was careful with her, making sure she was pleased before he got his own release. He never neglected her, and he always had room in his bed for her. At first she didn't even want to spend more than ten minutes in that bedroom, but as time passed, that bed, his bed, had become hers as well. And even though she hated his guts most of the day, their nights were magical. And she had missed him.

"I've come to take you home, Hathor."

Home. That was the word she had been waiting to hear. She wanted to go home with him, but she couldn't move. As he offered her his hand, Hathor looked up at him, a sob escaping her lips, as tears were already falling down her cheeks.
"Wait.." she whispered, softly taking his hand and pulling him to her level. Her hands hesitantly reached up to cup his face as she stared deeply into his blue eyes. She was ugly, she felt dirty and broken. How could she show him the scars that would permanently cover her body? But most important, how could she tell him she had missed him?

"Marcus I..."
Another sob escaped her throat. And instead of speaking, she got out of her seat, falling on her knees so that she could be in front of him, and ever so carefully, she leaned in to press her lips to his. Pressing them softly against his, Hathor cupped his face once again, leaning closer to him, savoring his taste. She had missed him, damn it! And that was when Hathor finally admitted to herself that she wanted him. She certainly didn't love Marcus, but she wanted him. Badly.
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PostSubject: Re: Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]   Sat Nov 26, 2016 6:55 pm

As new tears made their way down Hathor's cheeks, even Marcus' tough exterior faded. Shoulders sagging, he allowed himself to be pulled down to his wife's level. "There's no rush, when you're ready." He told her as her hands came up to his face. A single hand of his moved to brush the tears from her eyes, almost tender in his touch as he tried to work out what she wanted from him. Why she'd asked him to wait.

Another incomplete sentence, and Hathor moved from her seat to kneel before him. She was broken, he didn't need to know much about psychology to see that. But she was his wife, and he would stand by her. As he'd promised her over a year ago, now. Hathor's lips found his in that moment, rough from the cut she'd obtained whilst she'd been held only Merlin knew where. But, there was a glimmer of the Hathor he knew there, he couldn't deny that. But it wasn't the same, not for him.

But Marcus allowed her the moment, his arms carefully moving around her slender frame and drawing her close to him. He could give her the comfort she needed, if it was him she needed, but he couldn't help but feel guilty. This was, directly or not, his fault.

"You don't need to say anything, Hathor. I know." Marcus told her as he held her close to him. She did not need to tell him the details, he wasn't sure he wanted to know more than Auror Newbury had told him. But, with time, they would have to deal with that. Not now. "You're safe now, I won't let anyone take you ever again." Marcus promised, though, because he was going to damn well make sure of that much, at least.

Nobody messed with a Westbrook and got away with it.
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PostSubject: Re: Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]   Sat Nov 26, 2016 7:16 pm

Marcus held her close. She could feel he was not overly happy with the kiss, not because he didn't want it, but because he wanted his wife back. He wanted Hathor to be kissing him like that, and not a broken reflection of her. Because this was not the Hathor he knew. The stubborn, passionate woman he had married. But she would be exactly that, in time. All she needed now was his comfort. Small steps with him by her side. She just wanted to feel some sort of love. Hathor just wanted to see whether he had missed her as much as she had missed him.

"You don't need to say anything, Hathor. I know."

Hathor nodded, more tears running down her face as her chest heaved. She had hid her face in his neck as he had his arms wrapped around her. She felt safe with him. She felt like home. Marcus had been her home for the past year. They had grown closer, not to the point were someone could actually call them a couple, but it was something. Sharing intimate moments, expressing feelings they couldn't voice or admit to themselves during their passionate adventures every night. It was how they worked.

"You're safe now, I won't let anyone take you ever again."

And she believed him. When Marcus said that no one was going to take her away from him ever again, Hathor believed him. He had made the mistake once, without meaning to of course. All he had wanted for her was to feel like family, instead of sitting around at home doing nothing. He wanted to make her feel useful, make her feel like Marcus Westbrook's wife. And because of that she ended up being abducted.

She should hate him. Hate him for sending her to that school. But how could he have known? It was not his intention for her to get hurt. He had never meant to lose her. To let her go through all of these. But it had happened and now it was up to her to push herself up on her feet again. Because she was a Valois. But she was also a Westbrook. And neither of them bowed down to difficulties.
Hathor was going to rise again, next to her husband.

"I need you, Marcus. Take us home."
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PostSubject: Re: Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]   Sat Nov 26, 2016 8:57 pm

The insistence that Marcus take her home brought a small nod from the man. Lifting her up with ease in the bridal manner, Marcus moved towards the door of the interrogation room that opened as he drew near. Outside, the Head Auror was waiting, looking slightly anxious about Marcus' presence.

"If you'd just let us kno-"

"My lawyer will be in touch in the morning, Mr Henderson. I'd suggest you find yourself a good representative." Marcus responded unflinchingly, not slowing his pace for a second as he moved off towards the Floo Network. "Any further contact from the Ministry in respect of this matter should go through him." Marcus added before he rounded the corner, leaving it quite clear that he and Hathor should not be contacted at all.

"We'll be home soon." Marcus told Hathor as they entered the lobby of the Ministry. Some eyes followed them, but Marcus didn't give those people the time of day. He strode confidently to the floo network, took a handful of powder with little fuss, and soon they had landed back in the Westbrook manor. Marcus had found his own room - their own room's - fireplace, and he'd stepped out on to the carpet with only a minor wobble of balance.

But even then, Marcus didn't place Hathor down, instead moving to their ensuite bathroom to find a bath ready for Hathor, clean clothing on the side. "Let's get you-" Marcus stopped himself from saying 'cleaned up', but only just. "Let's have a bath, hmm?" He asked, gently letting Hathor's legs down to the floor. "Do you want me to leave you to it?" He added, not wanting to insist on his presence in that moment. There was simply no way he would be able to comprehend the situation in her head.

All he could do was follow her lead.
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PostSubject: Re: Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]   Sat Nov 26, 2016 9:43 pm

It didn't take long for Marcus to grand her wish. She was soon lifted into his arms, where she allowed herself to relax and inhale his scent, hiding her face in his chest. Marcus was her protector, her husband and her lover. He might not be the love of her life -yet-, but he was already a lot of things for Hathor.

The officers were ready to stop them, Hathor knew that and so did Marcus. But they didn't get the chance to do it, as Marcus, being the smarter guy in the situation, spoke up first, not giving them time to speak. Marcus made sure they were not going to get contacted by the Ministry, and then he left them there, staring like idiots. This was the power of Marcus Westbrook. The man she had married and grown to accept.

"We'll be home soon."

A promise that was true. Because soon enough the had apparated home, where Marcus, instead of placing her down, immediately led her towards their bathroom.
Hathor wanted to speak up and tell him it was okay, and that he didn't have to do all of this for her, but she couldn't. Because honestly, she needed all that. And him. Mostly him.

"Let's have a bath, hmm?

A slight nod of the head was all she could manage as a yes, and then Marcus placed her down ever so slowly, careful not to let her fall. He was being so caring, and Hathor allowed herself to think of how he would treat her if he loved her. He was already doing so many things for her... What would he do if he was actually in love with her?

Do you want me to leave you to it?"

Her reply was faster than she expected. She didn't want him to leave, and that was obvious from the way she was holding on to him. She couldn't let go, she didn't want to.
"Have a bath with me... I need you to see..."
Marcus wouldn't understand what she meant, but Hathor knew. She wanted him to know about her scars. She wanted him to see what they had done to her. Only when he would accept her, would Hathor start to recover.
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PostSubject: Re: Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]   Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:02 pm

Marcus hadn't thought, for even a moment, that Hathor would want him to leave, but he'd given her the option regardless. Space she would need at some point, he was quite sure of that, but if she needed him at the moment, Marcus wouldn't deny her that. "Okay, I'll stay." Marcus told her as her hand gripped on to him hard, making sure he wouldn't leave her. This was going to be a difficult battle, he was sure, but as her husband, he owed Hathor this much.

"I'll let you take your clothes off when you're ready." Marcus told her softly, he didn't want to try for himself, in case Hathor recoiled from his touch. It was best for her to do that. Instead, Marcus slipped off his shirt, his socks and his trousers, leaving himself in his boxers. Normally he'd have taken them off, but today was just off. Instead, he left them on, almost as a sign that he didn't want Hathor to think he expected anything from her like he had most evenings since they'd been married.

Moving to the tub, Marcus sat on the edge, waiting for Hathor to come over. He would help her in, and then sink in to the bubbles himself. The bath was made for two, possible three, anyway, so there would be more than enough space for them both.

"I'll get the family Healer to come to you tomorrow, to see if..." Marcus paused, thinking through the words. "To see if there is anything he might suggest for you. To help you get through this." Marcus finished, Hathor would need more than just him, he was sure of that much. "Quintin went to speak to your parents, as well, but we agreed that they would come only when you were ready."

He didn't know if this information was helping himself or Hathor more, but it kept him from losing the composure he was forcing himself to hold for Hathor. It stopped him from being angry at himself for all of this. Temporarily, at least. It helped him help Hathor, he hoped.
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PostSubject: Re: Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]   Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:28 pm

"Okay, I'll stay."

Hathor already knew he would, but just hearing him speak those words was enough to calm her down. To make her relax, even for a little bit.
But she didn't make a move to undress herself. Marcus was going to let her do that herself, and she was glad about it. She wasn't scared of his touch, but she was scared of his reaction. She didn't want him to see how scarred she was, but at the same time, she needed him to see. She needed him to understand and love how imperfect she now way, even more than before.

Hathor watched him carefully as he undressed himself. Taking off his shirt and his trousers, but as she expected him to completely undress himself, to her surprise, he didn't take off his boxers. Hathor noted that and nodded slightly in understanding. Marcus was not going to push her into any sexual activities until she felt ready once again. Until she asked him for it herself.
And it would take some time, they both knew that scars like these didn't heal overnight, but they would make it through this. Hathor was going to recover.

"I'll get the family Healer to come to you tomorrow, to see if... To see if there is anything he might suggest for you. To help you get through this."

"I don't want him. I don't need him."
Hathor didn't look away as she slowly slipped out of the pair of trousers the ministry had given her, her first scar visible to him already. The deep scratch along her right hip was prominent, one the Healers were not able to heal. They said it was caused by a cursed object, and they couldn't fight it.

"Quintin went to speak to your parents, as well, but we agreed that they would come only when you were ready."

"I don't want them either."
Then her top followed, revealing both of her scars. The diagonal line across her stomach, and the worst of the three, the deep wound on her chest from where the knife had sliced her. A couple of tears threatened to escape her eyes, but Hathor didn't let them. She was not going to cry any longer. She was going to fight it, little by little.

Sighing, she finally slipped out of the last garment of clothing, her underwear and bra, before she slowly moved towards Marcus. Allowing one hand to touch his shoulder in order to be steady, Hathor dipped one leg inside, before she slowly brought herself to sink in the tub.
As the warm water engulfed her body, Hathor closed her eyes, sighing as he head laid back.

"I... Marcus, I need you."
It was only a whisper, but as her eyes softly opened to look at him, Hathor repeated that sentence.
"I need you."
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PostSubject: Re: Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]   Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:48 pm

Marcus knew Hathor would deny the Healer, but he was not going to listen to her on that one. If not for Hathor's need, then for his own, the Healer would come to the house and by the time he left, Marcus would know precisely what he should and should not be doing. Hathor could do as she pleased about everything else, but Marcus was not going to relent on this one. "It wasn't optional, Hathor." Marcus replied to her, not being forceful on the matter, but leaving no room for argument either.

She could hate him for it, if she wanted.

As Hathor's trousers fell to the floor, Marcus' eyes moved straight to the scar, it was difficult not to notice something as prominent when Hathor's skin had been perfect before. Marcus' jaw set, anger seeping in to his system at the men who had done this, but he said nothing. There was nothing he could say that would make any difference in that moment.

Marcus accepted Hathor not wishing to see her parents, he understood, and with time that meeting would have to happen for one reason or another. Marcus wouldn't push it, though, that one was not something that affected him. It could wait.

Hathor's top followed, revealing two more scars. His eyes strayed from her for a moment, not from revulsion, no. Marcus' anger was really flaring now, threatening to boil over, but he took a moment to calm it to a level he could control. Hathor's hand on his shoulder brought him back to the room, though, and he waited for her to sink in to the bath before getting in the other side. Sinking in to the bath as he tried so very hard to think of something, anything, to say.

Words were at a loss, though, Marcus didn't have a clue what would help.

"I need you."

"I'm here." Marcus replied to her plea, giving the witch, his wife, a small smile that he hoped could act as reassurance. "I'm here, and I will get you everything you need." He continued, taking Hathor's hand in his own. "Everything." He insisted, bringing her hand to his lips and pressing a very light kiss to her knuckles.

That was, as bad as it was, all he could offer.
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PostSubject: Re: Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]   

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Silence is a Powerful Scream [Marcus & Hathor][Mature Content - Vulgar/Violent Themes]
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