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 While in France (Jacques + Ellie)

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PostSubject: While in France (Jacques + Ellie)    Fri Dec 23, 2016 2:52 am

Ellie bit her lower lip nervously. She was somewhat accustomed to these meetings, but it never made her less nervous to have to talk to the business officials that her mother dined with. Since Katherina was born, after she was done nursing, on their winter and summer breaks Ellie noticed her mother took to working out excessively again like she had after Taela was born. It meant in the winter and summer times, they often did family hikes, family biking trips, and other group activities for them all to get and stay in shape. Their father tried to get their mother to start, but she loved different health trends and being in shape. It meant that their style choices enhanced to better fit their body types. Currently she was dressed in a red-hue to match her the same colors as her mothers and relaxing at one of the high tables without chairs outside the lobby of the hotel. She was staying at the Hotel Barriere Le Fouquet’s Paris, just a block away from the convention and a few more blocks away from the magical center for the Ministry of Magic of France. She sipped the espresso she bought, tapping the heel of her high heels against the floor.

Everything alright, El?” Caelan asked, he was dressed smartly, in a red shirt to match Ellie’s red dress, and a navy blazer and bowtie.

Yeah,” Ellie answered softly, smiling and tucking her hair behind her ear. “I’m going to go for a walk before the meeting starts, alright?

You think it’s really all that safe to do that?” Caelan asked, his eyes scanned around the lobby of the hotel, brows furrowed in nervousness. Ellie smiled at how naive her eldest brother could be from time to be.

If you haven’t noticed, Cay, there’s an Auror in the corner over there,” she pointed to the man trying to look casual in the corner biting into a bagel, but with eyes that scanned over the room, “and two more circling around the perimeter.

You’re fairly observant,” Caelan noted with a raised brow.

It makes sense, there’s a convention and business meeting for ambassadors of potioneering, of course Aurors would be circling around to keep the peace,” Ellie murmured, trying to keep her voice low, so as not to draw attention from any muggles about what an Auror was.

You sure you don’t want me to go with you?” Caelan asked, “I’m sure it’ll make mom feel better.

I’m not a child, Cay,” Ellie rolled her eyes, “besides, Aurors will be all around the center of magical business, I’ll pop by for a bit, just scope the area, and return in time for the lunch.

All right,” Caelan replied, “just don’t leave me alone with all those other fancy shmancy kids,” he pressed a kiss to Ellie’s cheek, which was readily returned before biding her farewell. Ellie kept her eyes peeled all throughout her walk towards the center of magic. She made sure no one was following her and stagnantly avoided any of the leers she received from men. She knew her level of attraction, but also knew that she didn’t care for men who couldn’t do anything more than stare. Thanks to her light knowledge of French she was able to read out a sign that was a bookstore. She figured it wouldn’t hurt to pick up a dragon encyclopedia for Phil, a French Potioneering recipe book for Cay, a coloring book for Taela, and one of the stuffed foxes for Kate. As she walked through the bookstore, she smiled as she dropped item after item into her basket. She stopped several times to admire an exotic book or two, and let her mind wander as she searched around for a place to sit.

Ellie was so caught in a happiness for the books around her, her attention to the details around the bookstore and the people in it was lost.
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Jacques Clement
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PostSubject: Re: While in France (Jacques + Ellie)    Sat Dec 24, 2016 2:32 pm

A healing convention. What joy. Jacques was not impressed with the idea, and he'd made that very obvious. His mother was something (he didn't really care) to do with the Healing field in France, and thus had insisted that she attend. Many people were coming from all over the world to be there, and Jacques found that incredibly cumbersome. They had enough visitors over the summer for Elenore's impending coming of age, without having to deal with yet more people.

Jacques' mood was, therefore, quite dark that day, as his mother moved through the streets, chatting away in fluent France about school, healing, the important upcoming events of the Clement household, and his role. Why Elenore had been allowed to duck out of this one was beyond him, but it had happened.

Their security was following from a short distance behind, and Jacques simply knew there was not going to be any sneaking off today. There was too much of a high risk associated with the world in that moment, and the heir of the Clement fortune simply could not be allowed to leave the house without protection.

As they were growing closer to the venue, Jacques' eyes caught sight of something both very familiar, and both very out of place. Catching up to the movement, Jacques couldn't believe who was here, in France. Well, not because Ellie Brennham couldn't be, the Brennhams had the resources, but... well, he hadn't known. Jacques watched as she stepped in to the bookshop and turned off in that direction.

"Je te retrouverai dans quelques instants, maman." Jacques told his mother, moving off after the witch without waiting for permission. Nobody stopped him from doing what he wanted, but he knew one of the men following them would branch off to follow him.

The shop was not one Jacques was acquainted with, truth be told, but that didn't matter. He took a few moments to peruse the aisles, keeping out of Ellie's sight. Watching her pick up a few items and drop them in to her basket, Jacques wondered if she was alone... surely the Brennhams couldn't be that stupid..?

Moving up the aisle as Ellie lost herself in something, Jacques snuck up behind the witch, peering over her shoulder to see what she was looking at. "Not sure about that choice, Brennham..." Jacques told her in a soft voice. He was sure he was close enough to make her jump, and that... well, that was the hopes of the young Clement.

Je te retrouverai dans quelques instants, maman - I'll meet you in a few moments, mum.


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While in France (Jacques + Ellie)
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