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 Primrose Seele

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PostSubject: Primrose Seele   Sat Jan 07, 2017 7:01 pm

Full Name: Primrose 'Prim' Mayleen Seele
Age: 14
Date of birth: 21st August 2006
Birthplace: Ireland
Current home: May's Orphanage, Liverpool
Blood Status: Half Blood
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: 10 inch, Ash, Unicorn Tail Hair

Hair colour and style: Straight blondish brown, fairly long hair that falls to the middle of her back.
Eye colour: Blue/Gray
Height: 5ft2
Body type: Fairly slim but also fairly athletic
Dress sense: Primrose isn't fussed on what she wears so she will be seen wearing anything.
Birthmarks: N/A
Tattoos: A magical prowling panther on her lower stomach.
Scars: N/A
Piercings: Ears and bellybutton.

[In this section, please don’t just write one or two words. Explain their likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, positive & negative traits in detail wherever possible; this is for people to get a decent idea of who your character is and what they are like, so please don’t just randomly list things. Also, three is the minimum, please don't be afraid to list more, there will never be limitations to detail on this site!]

- Photography; Primrose is an amateurish photographer who had been introducing to the world of photography by one of the older kids at her orphanage when it had been noticed that she had no hobbies of her own. She is fairly good at photography and, in the future, she wants to do something with that.
- Children; Primrose is a big mother hen. She just loves little kids, those younger than her, and she can be seen playing with them, spoiling them and just generally being the big sister that they need. She has no actual siblings of her own so the young children at the orphanage are like siblings to her.
- Violin; Primrose had taken on the violin after she and the rest of her peers at the orphanage had been taken to see a classical concert by the matriarch of the orphanage. She had instantly fallen in love with the instrument and had received lessons ever since then. She is natural at it and her tutors all say that she was a prodigy.
- Dancing; Dancing had been something Primrose had remembered doing ever since she could walk. It was something that let her get away from the bullies that were at the Orphanage.
- DADA; When she started at Hogwarts she instantly fell in love with the DADA subject. Her strengths, it seems, lay in that subject as she was instantly towards the top in her year.
- More to add as I develop her

- Bullies; Prim has had a bad past with bullies ever since she had been dropped off at the orphanage when she had been four years old. They always abused her mentally and picked on her. Since then she had made it her life mission to not let anyone be bullied.
- Stereotypes; The moment she stepped foot into the Wizarding World Primrose had been forced to deal with stereotypes from a lot of people and this led to her being sour with quite a few of them.
- Being told she can't do something
- More to add as I develop her

- Athletic; Prim counts her athleticism and slim body as her strength due to the fact that it's something that she feels good about and no-one can deny her that right.
- Positive; Her positivity is something that many people point out as being her bad point but she thinks it's a strength that will lead to quite a few things in life.
- Keeps her calm in tough situations
- More to add as I develop her

- Sensitive; she's fairly sensitive when it comes to topics like parents, siblings and close friends. Since she pretty much has none of those she tends to fly off the deep end and ends up, in a way, thrashing the person that said stuff about either one.
- Permanently crippled left knee; Prim has, ever since she had been eight years old, been walking with a permanent limp in her left leg. This is due to the fact that her left knee had been crippled beyond repair. She had been involved in an accident with a few other children that led to the bones in her knee being crushed and while the had managed to save her knee she had been informed that the bones were brittle and even the smallest of pressures would break it again.
- Speaks her mind without thinking; She's very quick to speak her mind without even thinking of the consequences though she does try to curb it.
- More to add as I develop her

Positive traits:
- Keeps tight control of her emotions; Despite the fact that she speaks her mind without thinking, Prim has a very tight control of her emotions and rarely lets them force her hand in any situation. She's not blank-faced per se but it is hard to actually figure out what she is actually thinking.
- Friendly; Prim is very friendly towards people no matter their age, status or house. As long as you don't bully her then she will be your friend for life. Though make no mistake her, you betray her she won't forgive you easily.
- Protective
- I'll add more as I develop her

Negative traits:
- Careless; Prim is a bit of a careless person with no regard for her own well-being as she tends to just jump into situations' headfirst.
- A bit of a liar; Prim is a little bit of a liar. She doesn't tell big lies but little white/black lies to either make or break people.
- Possessive; Being an orphan naturally makes Prim possessive of her things; be it things or people. She takes no regard for what it is. Mess with it and you mess with her.
- More to add as I develop her

Primrose had been four when an orphanage matriarch had found her on the doorstep in the middle of a summers night, wrapped in nothing more than just a blanket and wearing thin clothes with a pair of white booties. She couldn't remember anything on how she got there or who took her there but all Prim could remember was the feeling of abandonment as she had been deposited on that doorstep by a mysterious person.

She had been a very withdrawn person when she had been situated into the orphanage. She talked to no-one, didn't play with anyone and just generally stayed out of everyone's way, not getting involved in any trouble or drama that was happening.

She clearly remembered the day when two very persistent people, a pair of twins around the age of fourteen, had pulled her into a game of tag and introduced her to the rest of the children. She could still remember the anxiousness she had felt then, being around people she didn't know and just generally being forced to interact with people who could harm her at moment's notice.

In spite of those twins trying hard to pull her in, Prim had just pulled away and stopped playing when one of the slightly older children, around eight or nine years, had started calling her names and bullying her.

Max, the male twin, had been quick to come to her rescue while Matilda, the female twin, had been just as quick to berate the guilty parties before she had joined Max in trying to calm Prim down from her sudden bout of sadness.

The twins had quickly made it their life mission to protect and nurture Prim into a likeable but strong girl. And since then all Prim could remember were the happy memories with the twins. Max had been the one to introduce her to photography, which she had instantly taken a liking to, while Madaline had taken it upon herself to introduce Prim to all sorts of sports and martial arts to help the, then, child keep in form.

When Prim had been eight years old she and a couple of other children from the orphanage had been taken away by their matriarch on a trip to a park where they could just let loose, have fun and not think about it. For the first few hours, everything had been going okay until the children had gotten onto one of the kiddy rollercoasters and it got involved in an accident with another coaster which had been stuck on the rails.

It had been a scary and scarring experience for everyone but for Prim it had been the reason as to why she was walking around with a limp. Because there had been slightly younger children than her in her carriage, she had instantly tried to protect them and this led to her knee being crushed under the force of the two carriages colliding. She didn't remember much from that experience all she could remember was the impossible pain in her knee and then waking up in a hospital with her whole leg in a cast and being told that she would forever walk with a limp.

Before Primrose had gotten her Hogwarts letter, random things started happening around her. Like crayons and pencils floating away, the curtains being set fire to spontaneously. At first, she just thought that it had been her mind playing tricks but within the time it had become clear that Prim had been the source of all that and at the age of eleven she had found the cause.

She was a witch. An honest to god, wand waving witch.

She hadn't believed it at first but the professor that had come to introduce her to the Wizarding world had been quick to show her that yes, she was a witch and that yes she could wave a wand to produce amazing things. From then on she had been hooked.

Coming to Hogwarts had certainly been an experience but Prim had been quick to find that it wasn't much different from a muggle school; bullies still roamed the place, people were expected to act one way, you were still expected to attend lessons etc.

Over her first year at Hogwarts Prim hadn't actually actively tried making friends as she had wanted to get acclimated to the wizarding world even more though a few of her housemates had actually been the first ones to seek her out and hold their hands out in friendship which she had been quick to accept.

The next two years were actually Prim establishing herself at Hogwarts and making a bit of a reputation.

Name: Unknown
Living or Deceased:
Blood type or Species:

Name: Unknown
Living or Deceased:
Blood type or Species:

Name: Unknown
Living or Deceased:
Blood type or Species:

Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner/Fiance: N/A
Living or Deceased:
Blood type or Species:

Children: N/A
Living or Deceased:
Blood type or Species:

Name: Melinda
Age: 3
Living or Deceased: Living
Blood type or Species: Snowy Owl

Prim's family, as of this moment, is still unknown. However, she has plans to try and find out just who her family is.
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PostSubject: Re: Primrose Seele   Sun Jan 08, 2017 12:36 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Primrose Seele   Sun Feb 19, 2017 11:33 am

Prim's Tattoos (Current and Upcoming)

Panther Tattoo (Current, on her lower stomach):
Snake Tattoo (Upcoming):
Dragon Tattoo (Upcoming, on her upper chest going over her breasts):
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PostSubject: Re: Primrose Seele   

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Primrose Seele
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