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 A change in the times (Finley)

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PostSubject: A change in the times (Finley)   Tue Jan 10, 2017 2:55 pm

Isaline had never questioned the concept of time before her graduation from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She’d always looked at the future as if it were ages away, barely close enough to grasp. But now she stood on the grounds of a wizarding university and she wondered what had happened to the past. The pureblood girl’s golden hair shone in the sunlight as she made her way through the campus, accompanied by a gaggle of desperate “bellhops” who she had enlisted to carry her things.

“You should really exercise greater caution with that,” She said to a lanky brunette who had been dragging a bag behind it. This was obviously due to the fact that the bag most likely weighed twice as much as he did, but Isaline payed no mind to such things. The boy didn’t bother bring this up, as he figured it would do no good. He simply nodded and tried to will himself to obtain greater strength.

The girl had not originally planned on furthering her education after Hogwarts. Her family’s plan for her had always been meeting a nice pureblood man and starting a family. Isaline had nothing against starting a family. In fact, she wanted to have that one day. She wanted to be married, possibly to Finley Allen, but she did not want to base her future on other people. From day one, Isaline had known that she was far too smart, sexy, and all around amazing for her talents to be wasted on being a housewife. Isaline Charlot was no housewife.

She’d decided to try her hand at law. Her debating skills had always been top notch and she had a real knack for convincing people that they wanted to do exactly what she just so happened to also want. Plus, she felt as though she hadn’t really spent a large amount of her life doing anything that could be seen as beneficial to anyone. This seemed like the perfect outlet for her to show off what she knew while actually helping someone along the way.

She had not noticed that she’d been walking significantly faster than her slaves special helpers.
“If I can walk this fast in heels, you should be able to keep at least this pace!” She yelled calmly, yet effectively. “Those bags are not that heavy.”
“Then why aren’t you carrying them?” One of the boys, a shorter blonde who had stayed towards the back of the pack, questioned. Isaline turned on her heel slightly, then walking over to the boy. She continued forward until there was little space between them. The blonde took a deep breath, his eyes nervously flittering.
“Did you have a comment?” She asked him.  The boy shook his head rapidly. Isaline nodded matter-of-factly and continued forward.

Moments later, she noticed a familiar head of brown hair and adorable eyes. She decided that there was no way that this was anyone other than Finley Allen, her current boyfriend.
“Finley!” She called to him. “It’s been a while! How have things been?”
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Tue Jan 10, 2017 3:20 pm

There had been no doubt in Finley's mind that he would be going to University after Hogwarts. He'd known from a very young age that he would take his education as far as possible, and here he was. Though, of course, when he was younger he had not imagined for a second that he would be heading in to a degree focused on dragons and how to care for them.

To say Finley was excited would have been a huge understatement. Not only was he going to University, he was finally moving out. Getting his own place, and standing on his own two feet. On top of his student loans, Finley had gotten himself a job at Flourish & Blotts to pay for his studies and living. It really was the start of something new.

His parents hadn't stayed long - merely seeing Finley's apartment and then leaving him to it. Finley didn't mind, and as he lugged his last bag towards his room (it had taken him a while too long to remember he was a wizard and could use his wand to levitate the bag) Finley was taking in everyone else milling around. The copious amounts of extra-curricular activities had Finley wanting to go and check out the stands for something that would interest him, but he kept himself focused.

He hadn't really noticed anyone - much to his own fault - from Hogwarts being at the university. Though he had heard someone sounding somewhat bossy in the background, but he chose not to focus too closely on it.

“Finley! It’s been a while! How have things been?”

Turning around to the sound of his name, Finley's lips broke out in to something of a grin upon seeing Isaline. He'd not been the best boyfriend over the holidays - he'd been working at the shop. Which in turn meant he'd lost himself in the books he'd bought for his course. He'd written, of course, and they'd met up once or twice. But Finley knew he should have been doing better.

"Hi!" Finley greeted brightly, opening his arms for a hug from Isaline. Though, his eyes caught the people behind her, carrying bags whilst Isaline carried nothing. "I... yeah, sorry. W-work was mad!" Finley explained, looking more than guilty for his actions in that moment. "Are these y-your bags?" He added, motioning behind Isaline to the people with her. "I c-could have helped you!"

The words were sincere. As her boyfriend, Finley would have helped with all the bags. He was a little upset that he hadn't thought to ask, but it was a little too late now. "Where are you st-staying?" Finley asked instead, wondering if they'd end up in the same building. Though, he thought a moment later, Isaline would likely be in the really expensive accommodation, unlike himself.
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Tue Jan 10, 2017 8:19 pm

The concept of getting a job out of necessity was not one that Isaline thought about all that often. For most of her life, she would ask for something and it would appear. She did not even learn what money was until she was around the age of seven, and even then all she really knew about it was that it was abundant and easy to spend. As she grew older, she did learn that some families weren't as fortunate as hers when it came to obtaining money, but it still was not something that was constantly in her mind.

She respected Finley for getting a job in order to support himself, but she still did not quite understand why he'd done it. Even if his family was not that well off, did they really not have enough money to support the boy's education without him working long hours in a bookshop? Of course, Isaline knew that there could be a million jobs worse for Finley Allen than that. She was sure that he even enjoyed it at least a little bit.

Over the summer months, Isaline had visited the bookshop a few times, but she understood that he was very busy most of the time. She wished she could have seen him more, though. She'd spent a-lot of her time by herself. Her family had gone to Moscow this year, but she hadnt gone along with them. Family trips were no longer mandatory once you were considered of adult age. She instead studied some wizarding law, especially after noticing that she knew nothing about wizarding law.

Her summer had not been completely monotonous, though. On one of her trips to explore the university she happened upon a small bar that was almost out of the sight of the general public. She found that the people there were entertaining enough, and they were always looking for a good time. Of course, Isaline did not engage in any activities that would be considered as being unfaithful, but she still decided that it would be best to leave her adventures in vague detail.

When Finley mentioned that he could have helped her with her bags, Isaline smiled. "Well if you were carrying my bags, you wouldn't have use of your arms, now would you?" She asked, entangling her hand into his. One of her favourite things about Finley Allen was his gentlemanly demeanor, but sometimes it benefitted to not do the polite thing (OOC:Imagine a wink here. I was winking when I wrote this line).

"I'm staying in the best dorms offered, obviously," She laughed, making it apparent that the question was kind of pointless due to an obvious answer. "What about you?"

"What are you studying?" She asked him. She did not doubt that he'd already told her this, but it seemed like a good topic for conversation. Plus, she wanted to hear everything about Finley Allen as many times as possible. He was like a book she couldn't put down.

From behind her, one of the minion boys coughed not-so-discretely.
"You can go," she told them. "You know where the bags go."
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Wed Jan 11, 2017 2:35 pm

Finley let out a soft laugh at Isaline's insistence that if he'd been carrying her bags his hands wouldn't have been free. It was very true, of course, but he found it amusing (and somewhat surreal) that his touch was wanted so much. Being in a relationship with Isaline was going to take a lot more time to get used to for Finley. How such a confident, beautiful woman could be interested in him, he would never be able to comprehend. "I guess y-you're right on that one." Finley replied softly, giving her hand a gentle squeeze to show he also appreciated those words.

The answer to his question made Finley wince at his own stupidity in that moment. Of course Isaline would be staying in the most expensive accommodation in the campus. Isaline had more money than she could probably comprehend to put towards her accommodation, and pretty much everything else. Whilst he... "Well..." Finley started, hesitating a little. "My b-bursary covered the cheap f-flats. But, I d-didn't want to share a bathroom... S-so I am putting my work money towards the slightly m-more expensive flats." Finley explained, somewhat sheepishly because Merlin knew they were not nearly as nice as those Isaline would be staying in.

But they were affordable...


"Dragons!" Finley replied to the question of what he was studying. The single word had come out so enthusiastically, and the ex-Ravenclaw's lips pulled up in to such an excited smile. There was no doubt that Finley was excited for the year ahead of him. "W-well, how to care for them, first." He amended, shaking his head a little. "We d-don't get to see the dragons until... t-third year." He explained. Or, that's what he thought, he wasn't one hundred percent sure on that. But it wasn't going to be this year.

"What did you ch-choose?" He asked, because he knew Isaline had been having trouble on deciding.

As the boys who had been helping hurried off towards what must have been Isaline's rooms, Finley watched them for a moment before turning his attention back to his girlfriend. "Are you s-sure I can't help? I can help you u-unpack?" Finley offered, because he didn't much like the idea of other boys helping his girlfriend. Not that he could do much to scare them away, but he could make sure his presence, his relationship with Isaline, was clear.
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Tue Jan 17, 2017 2:11 pm

As Finley spoke about the thought that he put into choosing his housing situation, Isaline moved her lips down to his ear and made sure that her voice was quiet without being too hushed.

"My shower is open always," she informed him. Of course, she did not know if Finley would react to a statement such as this in the same way that most boys would. In fact, she knew that he would probably tense up slightly. She had noticed that some of the things she said seemed to make the boy somewhat uncomfortable, but she did not care. This was part of what made Finley Allen Finley Allen. She knew that he cared for her, even if the idea of the two of them emerged in water and steam did not gain the reaction that she'd wanted it to.

"Dragons," she repeated. She looked to the boy excitedly as he explained the details of his future profession. She was mesmerized by how much he cared for the field in which he was studying. His eyes seemed to glow as he spoke, something that she did not see in him often.

"University suits you," she told Finley, he lips curling upward into a genuine smile.

When asked what she had chosen to do with her life, Isaline let out a small spurt of laughter. "Wizarding law," she told him. "I figured that since I have always enjoyed knowing everything, the least I could do is make others happy by knowing everything. Plus, I have never lost a single argument. Even when Severine and I used to argue as kids about where to go on holiday, I always won."

At the last mention of Finley aiding Isaline in her effort to get acquainted, she decided to do what he would want instead of what she'd planned on.

"That would be lovely," She told him.

"And Finley?" her eyebrow raised slightly. "My bed is always open as well"
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Tue Jan 17, 2017 5:28 pm

As Isaline rose up to whisper in his ear, Finley was not sure what he was about to be told, but what Isaline said made his eyes go wide. Now, Finley was not a total dweeb, he had, of course, thought about more intimate things with his girlfriend, even if they had not (yet) come to fruition. However, it was one thing thinking about such things on your own, in your own comfort zone, without having to worry about... well, anything, and another to be in close proximity of the person that such thoughts had played out.

Naturally, Finley's body tensed, his cheeks flushed, and his mind (unmercifully) put the picture Isaline had intended to be painted to the forefront of his imagination. Finley had to really push himself not to get too weighed down in such thoughts, giving his head a small shake to throw the images away. "I... thank you." Finley managed, his cheeks feeling like they were burning as he tried to compose himself once more.

"Of course, st-studying is the only thing I'm g-good at!" Finley replied to her comment about University suiting him. It had been meant, and came out like a joke, Finley's lips had pulled up in to a smile that showed he found the words amusing himself. However, it was an age old trick of self-depreciation that Finley hit himself with every once in while, to stop himself from getting to ahead of himself. It may not be noticeable, but he did it no less.

The information on what Isaline would be studying made Finley nod appreciatively. There was no doubt he was going to end up reading Isaline's study material too, out of interest for the subject his girlfriend was studying. So that they could talk about it, and... maybe so that he could help if she became flustered with her studying. "It s-sounds good! And, you'll have gr-great prospects!" Finley answered her response - though the Muggleborn wizard didn't think about the fact even without a degree, Isaline's prospects were already impressive in their world.

After all, money talks.

The acceptance of his offer to help her unpack made Finley feel mightily relieved. At least he could make sure the other boys left, and didn't try anything. Or something. His inner male dominant side was trying to rear its head in that moment. "Let's go f-find your flat, then." Finley insisted - they might as well get on now, otherwise they were going to be unpacking deep in to the night.

But as Isaline spoke up once more, Finley's eyebrow arched in mirror image to his girlfriends as he waited to hear the second part.

"My bed is always open as well"

Finley's eyes blinked once, his lip curling over his bottom teeth as the top ones dug in to the skin. The boy's eyes averted from Isaline's for a moment, as he tried very hard not to start blushing all over again. She was pressing his buttons, pushing him in to... well, Finley wasn't sure what she wanted him to say. He didn't know what he should say to the witch. The ex-Ravenclaw let out a small, very nervous laugh as his free hand moved to rub the back of his neck. It was obvious Finley was trying to think of a response. To try decide what it was he should reply with, but he was struggling.

Not because he wanted to say no.

But because he didn't know how to say yes.

"Can I m-make you dinner tonight?" Finley asked, because his head just threw that out. Incapable of formulating something worthwhile. The boy outwardly cringed as he finished, giving Isaline a small, apologetic smile. He really was trying, but sometimes, he just couldn't be like most other males his age.
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Wed Jan 18, 2017 1:41 pm

"I... thank you."

Thank you. Isaline could feel Finley tense up beneath her words. She assumed this to be a sign of Finley's body fighting his mind in situations such as these, but she still pressed on. Her hand unclasped from his and made its way up Finley Allen's arm, finally wrapping itself over his shoulder and connecting with her other hand which had found its way to the opposite shoulder in the same fashion.

"De rien," she whispered, flashing her pearl-stained teeth against the sun. "You're welcome."

She felt bad for Finley, really. Poor boy obviously hadn't really been treated this way before, but she figured that baby steps was the worst way to approach the situation. Of course, she would not do anything too extreme;Isaline was still very much a lady. But she decided that the best way to make Finley more comfortable around her was to not hold back.

As soon as the topic changed to school, it was obvious that Finley was far more comfortable. When speaking of studying for the new school year, the ex Ravenclaw beamed. Isaline had never felt the way that Finley did about school. While she enjoyed learning new things, the girl moreso enjoyed knowing more about most subjects than her fellow students.

Being a Ravenclaw had been a token of pride for her. It had let everyone around her know that she was not to be questioned, because she had all of the answers. She liked being able to back up any argument with a million random facts, even if it was something as simple as why cats are better than dogs. Her knowledge had always been her weapon, while with Finley knowledge seemed to be his refuge.

"Ah yes," she responded to the mention of her flat. She lifted one arm over to the left, curling up every finger except for the one best suited for pointing. "I believe that it is over there a ways," she told him.

As she lead the way, she heard Finley raise a question that she had not been expecting from him.

"Can I m-make you dinner tonight?"

She'd been given offers such as this before, of course, but never by someone such as Finley Allen. Usually, dinner led to some more sophisticated activities, but the Charlot girl did not assume that that was the case here. She knew that Finley's intentions were pure, because Finley Allen was not one of the usual boys she had seen.

"That would be lovely, Finley," She smiled. On that note, Isaline noticed that they had reached the door to the flat in which she would be staying.

"Would you like to come in, Finley?" She asked him.

She obviously knew the answer, but it still felt nice to ask.

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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Sat Jan 28, 2017 2:13 pm

The way Isaline had positioned herself, with her arms around his neck made Finley smile a little. Public displays of affection, however, were not something he was comfortable with. Where most men might have leaned down to place a kiss on their girlfriend's lips, Finley simply took the moment to hold her in a small hug. He was making process, a few months ago he'd probably have moved in a ploy to look at something else. But not today.

Finley was saved, though, with the fact he'd asked about Isaline's flat.

Following Isaline's lead over towards her flat, Finley couldn't help the apprehensiveness that was building inside of him. Whilst he was an adult, and this was all okay, he did feel a little nervous about going in to a girl's house. Just the two of them. What if Isaline wanted... Finley shook his head. It wasn't that big a deal, right? And... well, surely if she took steps towards that then it wouldn't be wrong of him to go along with her...

Isaline agreed to dinner, and not long after, they'd arrived. The question of coming in to Isaline's flat was... in Finley's mind unnecessary, but calming. Nodding his assent, Finley stepped in after the witch, and instantly moved to take his shoes off. That much was polite, he didn't wish to ruin her new flat, that was more than likely going to be beyond tidy.

Putting them neatly by the door, Finley pushed the door closed, and looked around to Isaline. "S-so... what should I unp-pack first for you?" He asked, meaning to be helpful, not like some kind of servant.
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Mon Feb 13, 2017 6:08 pm

Isaline Charlot's flat was styled very much like how one would imagine her flat to look. The walls were white and the floors were brown hardwood, accompanied by mostly white furniture and accented by varying shades of purple.
"It came pre-furnished," she informed the boy. "But I decided to take the decorating into my own hands. Obviously, this was the better idea."

She noticed as Finley took his shoes off straight away upon entering the flat. She did not bother to do the same, as she happened to particularly like the heels she was currently wearing. The black material was accompanied by a lace of sorts, spidering its way from the heel to the toe. They had not been cheap, but they got more than enough use to justify the price. The pureblood had a multitude of shoes, but she claimed to wear them all at least once a year and that was more than enough.

“How gentlemanly of you,” she commented. She appreciated Finley’s cordiality, but she also hoped that it was not a sign of his being uncomfortable around her. It sometimes felt as though she was his superior and not in the way that the girl usually enjoyed being superior. At some points it was almost as though their relationship was more of a student-teacher degree.

Ignoring this idea, Isaline raised an eyebrow at the mess of bags that was sprawled across her new living area.
“Those pigs,” she rolled her eyes. The males that she had told to bring the possessions had obviously never handled such delicate items before. She reached down to the hardwood floor and unzipped a deep purple sort of duffle bag.

“Shoes,” she informed him. The girl lifted a hand in the direction of her sleeping quarters.
“They live in the closet, organized by colour and then alphabetically by designer of course. Same goes for shirts, belts, dresses, etc. Jewelry is a completely different system and we shall get to that later.” She grabbed the bag and made her way into the room.

“Oh and Finley?” She turned around slightly, realizing that she may be going to quickly. “Thank you.”
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Tue Feb 14, 2017 8:32 pm

"I l-like it." Finley assured the witch, looking around in awe at the flat she had done herself. Well, apart from the furniture, but that was neither here nor there. It was stunning, and there was no two ways to talk about that.

Looking down at his shoes when Isaline commented that it was gentlemanly, Finley wasn't sure if he'd done something wrong. It was expected in his house. Something that simply must be done. He doubted that would change just because of Isaline, but he made note of it for anther time. Instead, he just smiled in response, deciding that was safer than anything else.

As they moved to the living space, Finley simply stood by as the witch exclaimed that the boys who'd brought her things in hadn't done this properly. He didn't understand the big deal, but as the explanation of the fact it was Isaline's clothes that had been contained within the bag, he got a small inkling of the problem. You could tell just by looking at Isaline that her clothes did not come off a rail. She was beyond rich, and the rich of the world did not shop in the shops he did.

Moving quickly to her side when she said the shoes went in the closet by colour, Finley knew he could do that, but it was the next that made the young man pause. He knew nothing of designers, and a quick glance in to the bag showed that very few of the shoes had the name printed in them. Pausing as Isaline took off towards the bedroom, Finley tried to work out how they were going to work this...

The thank you pulled Finley from his thoughts, though, and the ex-Ravenclaw smiled warmly in his girlfriend's direction. "It's f-fine." Finley insisted, following after her with the bag and placing it carefully on her bed once he'd arrived in her room.

"T-though I don't know the designers..." Finley admitted as he took the first pair of shoes from the bag, and held them up as if waiting for her to say the name for this pair. "You know, n-none of my clothes is d-designer." He told her conversationally, putting them up on the shelf with care and going for the next. "Well, maybe t-the odd shirt." He compromised, because he was sure there must be a few items in there somewhere. Why he was saying this, he didn't know, it was a conversation, though. Even if only a bad one.
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   

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A change in the times (Finley)
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