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 A change in the times (Finley)

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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:39 pm

Isaline paused for a moment when Finley mentioned not knowing the designers of each shoe. She noticed the bit of uncertainty that had come with the confession. Obviously, she had not meant for Finley to know each and every designer that existed. It certainly was not his kind of thing. She also had not meant to make him feel any less knowledgeable because of this, though.

"I don't expect you to know," she informed him, picking up a pair of black heels. She showed them to Finley front first, then proceeding to turn them upside down.
"See the red underside?" she asked him. "The black and red combination is the trademark of Christian Louboutin. And of course, Louboutin should be placed after Lopez."

She grabbed another pair of black heels, almost identical in style to the previous pair and she placed them before the Louboutin pair on the shelf.
"A majourity of the shoes have at least the designers' initials sewn into either the inside or bottom of the shoe, so that may be helpful."

The witch exited the closet for a moment to gather together a plethora of different handbags, long and short and varying in styles.
"Handbags are easy," she informed the Allen boy. "I usually sort them by colour and length, so there is no need for an extended knowledge of designer names or brands. If you'd like, I can handle the shoes while you cover handbag duty?"

She said this with complete sincerity, hoping that Finley would not take the position change personally.

"What do you think about a black and gold colour scheme for the bedroom?" she hoped to slightly change the topic of conversation from shoes. "Most of the flat is silver and purple, but I thought that a darker scheme would be more suiting for the bedroom. Plus gold is just such a sexy colour, wouldn't you agree?"
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Sat Feb 25, 2017 8:33 pm

The information on the shoes made Finley listen intently, trying to take the information in and trying his best. He put them in the place he believed to be the right one, but he wasn't one hundred percent that he was going to work his our well enough to appease Isaline.

The idea of doing the handbags made Finley move on to those instead, he was sure that would be much easier. "I'll sort the handbags for you." Finley replied to his girlfriend, sorting them with much more ease by both colour and size as she'd suggested. "D-Do you really need all of these, though, Isaline? I mean... t-there's a lot..." The young man explained, raising his eyebrow at her. He'd never seen so many bags, why on earth she would ever need so many he could never say.

The question on the colour of the room made Finley think about that much. "Do... do you m-mean the walls black?" Finley asked her, because he really didn't thing that was going to work. "Or... that the f-furniture and things would b-be those colours?" He continued, trying to make himself understand before he gave an opinion. Finley kept putting things away as he spoke, making sure to put everything in neatly for Isaline as she continued with the extensive range of shoes she had to go with the handbags.

The idea of gold being sexy confused Finley though, it was just a colour... how could it be sexy? He frowned slightly to himself, but decided not to ask, in case it was a stupid question.
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:42 am

"Do I really need all of these?" Isaline repeated the question, her eyebrow raising in a look that combined shock and concern. "What kind of question is that, Finley? Of course, I need all of these. Each and every one of these bags serves a purpose!" She reached for a dark blue handbag with a small amount of shimmer sewn throughout the fabric.

"This bag," she began. "Is exactly what one would want to accompany them to an event or night out. But this bag would be extremely inappropriate for something casual such as an afternoon outing or a shopping trip. An event such as that would require something larger, but not as large as a bag that you would bring to the beach. Got it?" She knew that the boy most likely did not understand the need for such an assortment of bags because he was just that, a boy.

"Surely you have something equivalent to that," she told him. "There are some objects that are not universal enough to only own one."

Once the topic of room decor continued, Isaline realized that her boyfriend had a-lot to learn in terms of how to properly style a space.

"The walls would more than likely be white," she explained whilst setting down a pair of Jimmy Choos on the shelf. "And there would be black and gold accents throughout the room to tie everything together. The reason for the white wall would be because white is a very impressionable colour. Almost anything goes with white due to its simplicity."

"Anyway," she decided that the poor boy had probably had enough style talk for the time being. She was sure that Finley's mind was now crowded with new vocabulary. This was not a bad thing, though, since the boy did love learning so much.

"How is your living space?" She asked him. "Did you move everything in alright?"
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Thu Mar 02, 2017 8:19 pm

The question, Finley realised, was one that he should never have asked. It sent Isaline off on a tangent about what the different bags were for, and how you could not get dual uses out of any of them in fear of that being wrong. Finley was never going to understand women, not really, but he'd learned the difference between a few bags, and had now learnt never to ask a woman if all her bags were necessary.

"W-well, I only have my rucksack... I u-use that for everything." Finley explained - unless he just needed his wallet and his keys, then they went in the pockets of his trousers. But, he doubted this would be acceptable to Isaline.

The comments on the decor simply had Finley nodding slightly. Again, he didn't think he'd completely follow the need for colour schemes, but he understood that it was important to Isaline. Keeping the movement of bags flowing, Finley just hummed in the right places to show he was listening, but didn't offer another comment because he wasn't sure any response he came up with would work.

The question on his apartment made Finley smile. "It's great! I h-have a big bookcase for my books, I've unp-packed all of that so far." He told her excitedly. "I've got a d-desk for studying. The kitchen is s-small... And my bedroom is j-just big enough for a single b-bed. I love it!" Finley explained, his excitement quite clear in that moment. It wasn't lavish like Isaline's, but it was his own space. Away from his parents. And somewhere he already felt so much more relaxed.

"Everything except m-my bag in your h-hall." Finley replied to her question of fitting everything in, his final sets of books and clothes were all he had left, now. "I'll sh-show you another time." He added, because it was only fair that Isaline saw his rooms, now he'd seen hers.
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Wed Mar 15, 2017 5:35 pm

Isaline watched as Finley attempted to explain his possessing only a single bag. She wanted to ask him what he used for fancy events or for minimal amounts of objects, but she then decided that it was probably better to simply leave well enough alone.

“Well,” she shrugged, her eyes trying their best to show approval. “I would guess that not all of us need multiple carriage vessels, though it does make the world a bit more picturesque.”

Her comments on decorating had gone far over Finley’s head. She really could not blame the boy for his lack of knowledge. He had probably not been brought up somewhere in which curtain pigmentation was an important survival decision. But Isaline saw that he nodded along, at least trying to keep in beat with her monologue. The red of her lips curled upwards in appreciation. It usually took much more than admiration for someone to listen to what she was saying.

The topic of Finley’s decoration style showed to be much more comfortable for the boy. His face lit up as he described his bookshelf to the Ravenclaw alumni.

Isaline laughed lightly, “Finley Allen you would need one hundred libraries to properly display every book you own,” she said to him. She meant this to show that she did, in fact, pay attention to her boyfriend’s interests as well as her own. She knew that reading was something of majour importance to the boy and she loved how he spoke of it, as if the knowledge was pouring out of his words and into the room. It was magnificent.

Finley Allen's apartment sounded cozy. Not lavish or big as hers was, but she hadn't expected it to be described in such a way. This was not because she assumed Finley could not have big things, but because he did not seem like the kind of person who would long for something extravagant in opposition to something small and homely. Finley Allen was not the type to put on a show, and yet Isaline still saw him as her main event.

I’ll show you another time

As the boy finished his description, Isaline smiled. “I’d love that”
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:45 pm

The idea of needing lots of bookcases made Finley chuckle to himself. For a Pureblood witch, Isaline had forgotten something blindingly obvious. "I sh-shrank them to fit on o-one bookcase." He told her, looking very happy with himself in that moment because he, a Muggleborn, had thought of something a highly magical witch hadn't. Not that he would gloat about it, it just made him feel good.

The reply that she would love to see his place made Finley smile at his girlfriend. Glad she was being open minded even though his place was more than a little smaller than hers.

But, then, the conversation seemed to lull, and Finley looked around for a topic to bring in to conversation instead. However - conveniently - his mind had gone blank. Racking his brain a little longer, Finley thought of something.

"What would y-you like for dinner, I-Isaline?" He asked, because he didn't want to waste his efforts on something she didn't like. Though, he did hope she wasn't expecting something of a Michelin restaurant type quality. Finley could cook, yes, but he was not a super cook. Easy meals he could do well, but Isaline was never going to be the kind of witch who did anything less than high class.

Except you... His head supplied, but Finley shook away such thoughts, focusing on Isaline as she continued to sort through her things.
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:24 pm

Isaline smiled at Finley's explanation of how he'd managed to fit his books into his new living quarters. If this had been any other situation; If this had been any other person, Isaline would have tried to justify the fact that she had not guessed that magic had been the solution. As someone of her reputation, the Pureblood was supposed to know the answer to every problem, especially problems which could be solved by the waving of a wand.

But there was no jealousy in this room. All that mattered were her and Finley Allen, a boy who was so determined to keep every book he'd ever acquired that his mind jumped straight to shrinking them to fit on a small shelf. Her smile was genuine because this was definitely something that Finley Allen would do.

A silence then seemed to crawl out of hiding and into the space between them, but it wasn't a bad silence. She felt content, standing there and smiling. She felt as though it would be alright if this was all that they did forever.

'Is this what it feels like?' she wondered, trying to look to examples of the emotion she possessed but coming up out of her memory grasping nothing but air. She wondered if her mother ever felt like this, or if the union between her parents had simply been about identity. She hoped that there had been something between them, even if it was now just a distant memory.

Isaline wanted her mother to know the warmth that existed in her soul when this boy came near her, or even just when she heard his name whispered softly in passing. She wanted her family to see the light that shone through her smile when he spoke. She wanted them to understand what Finley Allen was to her even if she did not fully understand it herself. Their love story, however; was doomed to be a tragedy.

The Pureblood knew that her family, more specifically the household's leads, would never fully accept this pairing. Finley Allen did not come from the same background as she and even though that did not matter to Isaline, she knew that it would matter to her parents.

'One day,' she thought, forcing her mind to move on.

A moment passed and Finley began asking questions about dinner. She'd almost forgotten that the boy had offered to cook. Being from the world of status and expense, Isaline was used to dining in extravagant settings. She'd been raised on no less than five stars, turning her into quite the critic of cuisine. The one downside to this, was that she could not remember the last time, if there was a last time, that she'd had a homecooked meal.

"What is your favourite dish?" she decided to ask him.

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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   Fri Apr 14, 2017 8:40 pm

"M-my favourite..." Finley echoed, pausing for a moment to think about that. He was never normally... really asked about his own opinion. It caught him off guard when people did remember that he had his own brain. A brain that was more than capable of doing a lot of things in this world. "I like H-Hunters Chicken the most." Finley replied to the question, thinking about the dish and smiling to himself.

It was nothing special, really. It was home food. Good food. Not Michelin restaurant type of food, but food he enjoyed.

"I... could c-cook that for you..." Finley offered, in case she'd never tried the dish.
That he knew he would be capable of making if she agreed. But, should she not like the dish, Finley was more than happy to try his hand at something else that Isaline would like to eat. The French, though - and Finley extended this to Monaco - were quite particular with their food, so he simply knew he was going to have his work cut out should she agree.

It was - almost - like having the Royal family for dinner. Though, Finley realised only a moment later, that was precisely what Isaline was.
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PostSubject: Re: A change in the times (Finley)   

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A change in the times (Finley)
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