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 Partial Freedom (Koda)

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PostSubject: Partial Freedom (Koda)   Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:13 pm

It had been years since Severine had set foot in Hogwarts much less the Gryffindor Tower. She forgot how many stairs there were and how much she hated them. She forgot how she hated the portrait of the fat lady and how she hated the cool, draft castle. Yet at the same time, it was welcoming and she loved it. Much more welcoming than the private boarding school she'd been shipped away to when her father found out she had disobeyed them. She rebelled, she became friends with someone unworthy and for that, she had to be punished. She tried to apologize, to get out of it but her father wouldn't let her go and soon, she was sent away to a cold, remote destination. The snow that constantly fell made it hard to be happy, in fact, Severine's mood has worsened as did her overall attitude. Her parents would pay for this. The entire island of Monaco would pay for allowing this.

Severine's slender body carried her up the stairs and through the portrait. Her eyes overlooked the view of the common room, a warm place bubbling with energy. The reds making the common room warmer and all she saw was some freedom. Freedom to be her own person once more, freedom to make friends and try to be happy. Of course now she was alone once more, Isaline had now joined Alexande in the adult world and Leoni had decided to go back to Beauxbaxtons and Elodie was still ten but that didn't mean she'd be alone for the entire year. She'd meet friends sooner rather than later. Her pale pink lips twisted into a small smirk, her fingers twirled in her long white blonde hair. She had changed, grown and become even more beautiful. She hadn't seen her siblings in years but she knew they looked somewhat like her or maybe she was now more beautiful than the others. Maybe for once Isaline wasn't more pretty than her. The thought made Severine's lips curl up more, her heart jump a bit. She had grown just two inches taller but her body had filled out more. She wasn't just a string bean now, there were curves, she was a woman.

Severine sunk her body into one of the large couches. The stupid boarding school she'd been in for the past three years didn't have couches and chairs, the beds were small and lumpy and the school was even older and draftier than Hogwarts. She sighed a small sigh of relief and crossed her legs, her gaze focusing on the fireplace. The fire was red hot like Isaline's lips the last time she has seen her. She envied her, wished she could pull off a sexy looking colour like that but Merlin knows mother and father would be pissed if they found out. Not because she was their baby but because it wasn't elegant. It was trampy and made the family look bad but she had quickly realized that Isaline didn't care and she wished she didn't too. However Severine was more fearful than her older sister. She was afraid of being disowned, of being sent away again - she dared not test father even after graduating. Severine tried to be on her best behavious but in all truth and honesty, she was starting to not agree with their rules.

Severine jumped a bit when she heard the portrait door swing open, her back instantly straightened making herself look taller, leaner. Her hands folded gently on her lap, feet crossed dangling above the door as a slight smile danced across her face. It was stupid putting on an act like this, it was stupid holding the Charlot family's name high and it was stupid being someone she simply wasn't.
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PostSubject: Re: Partial Freedom (Koda)   Tue Apr 11, 2017 8:43 pm

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Partial Freedom (Koda)
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