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 She's Endless [[Theo]]

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PostSubject: She's Endless [[Theo]]   Sat Jan 14, 2017 5:29 pm

As a young girl, Emily had lived to hear her parents stories about the castle. About their adventures, together and apart; their friends, their fights. Emily would sit in bed and listen to them talk her to sleep, especially when she was really young. But by far her favourite tale was that of how they met; or, at least, how they became formally introduced to one another. How they'd been paired together on an assignment for Astronomy, and how meeting to watch the stars had lasted long after their fifth year ended.

It was odd, now, to be sitting on the edge where she'd been told her father had asked her mother to go on their first date. The edge where they'd had their first kiss, where they'd talked until their voices aches. She didn't know if it was just her age, but she'd never felt like that; she'd never even really wanted to feel like that. All the other girls in her dorm were starting to talk about boys, and their classmates, and the people they liked. Emily didn't understand it yet.

She insisted that she was just too young.

A box of Every Flavour Beans sat unopened in her lap as she gazed out towards the grounds, her legs crossed in front of her, her hands at her sides. Her mind had to wander, then, tuning out the rest of the world, leaving her alone in her head. Shifting to thoughts of her friends, the select few she let close enough to explain the frown on her lips. To her family, and how everything had seemed to fall apart in a matter of days, weeks if she was being generous, because her father had entirely too much love to give.

That was what her mother had said, anyway. Too much love.
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PostSubject: Re: She's Endless [[Theo]]   Sat Jan 14, 2017 5:46 pm

Theo was starting to feel a little homesick. Not as bad as he had become in his first year, but enough to make his tummy feel a little bit unhappy. He'd been to see his dad in his office only an hour ago, to give him a letter to take home to his mum, together with a cuddle he wanted to be passed on to Emélie. It was helpful to have his dad at the school, but it didn't fill the hole that his mum and little sister had made when he'd left for the school.

Since leaving his dad's office, Theo had been wandering the castle. He knew he wasn't supposed to do that. Theo knew that this could get him in trouble with the other professors, but he was just filling in time. He had homework, but Theo wasn't really in the mood for doing that at the moment.

His dad had given him a paper bag with an assortment of sweets from Honeydukes and another similar bag filled with Muggle sweets. They were supposed to last a while, but Theo had eaten at least a quarter of the Muggle sweets already. They'd aided in calming his tummy down a little, so Theo didn't see the point in holding out with the sweets for much longer.

Somehow - Theo's mind must have wandered off - he'd ended up on the Seventh Floor. He knew there was the Gryffindor Common Room up here somewhere, but Theo didn't have any friends in Gryffindor. Pushing through the Astronomy Tower door (with caution, because he didn't want Professor Vitali to find him and then send him to the Headmaster's office), Theo took in the view. There had always been a good view up here, his dad had told him that much.

So, Theo moved up towards the window to have a look, before noticing someone else already there. "Oh... umm, I'm sorry. I was just coming to look at the view from the window. Do you mind if I come and take a look, or am I interrupting? It's okay if you'd like to be alone. I get that! I'm Theo Jameson..." The Hufflepuff greeted, cautious of being an unwanted visitor in that moment, but also rather inquisitive and wanting to see the sight. But, mostly, he was polite, because his mum had raised him to be nothing less than polite to any and everyone.
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She's Endless [[Theo]]
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