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 Nimbus Launch (Lucy, Nero & Open to Anyone if they wish)

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Lucy Belware

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PostSubject: Re: Nimbus Launch (Lucy, Nero & Open to Anyone if they wish)   Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:00 am

Lucy smiled, "I'm grateful you have asked don't worry I'm not saying you didn't offer." She answered, grateful he wasn't going to push.

She laughed a little as he said he wasn't going to give up on her, she was beginning to get a sort of idea of what he was after. She didn't know where or how far he was taking this. Dance to her was personal and she danced close to anyone at the best of times.

"Well I like to know what I"m working with." Lucy told him, "You can ask me after I inflict two hours of pain on you. If you still wish to take me out to dinner you won't be my client anymore."

The song got slower and she laughed, "Uhuh you sure he's not on my side?" She asked, moving closer to him. Testing his boundaries when it came to dance. Her arm moved further up his arm, "Just wait till he breaks out the salsa."

She listened as he asked about her bad qualities. "Well I killed a man once...terrible temper." She said, saying it as if it was like she was saying she tied her shoe. Watching his face she laughed, "Joke. Joke Nero " She smiled. "What do you think my bad qualities are?"

Lucy knew she could be stubborn, very stubborn. And timid. She didn't often like touch and could come across as a prude. As for her other bad qualities. She had terrible foot in mouth disease. She sometimes said things without realising they hurt others. She gave a soft dip as the music continued. "Maybe I like to hide my insecurities." She said putting her head on his shoulder.


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PostSubject: Re: Nimbus Launch (Lucy, Nero & Open to Anyone if they wish)   Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:39 pm

"I'm quite sure you'll keep me occupied whilst you torture me for two hours." Nero told the witch with a smile. If nothing else, her conversation would be more than enough. Though, he did wonder if she'd be slightly more tight lipped whilst she was concentrating. "But, I'll ask you after." Nero settled, and he would, he was not nearly ready to give up.

The idea of the salsa coming in to play made Nero let out a small laugh. "You're trying to scare the wrong person with dancing. Though, I'll admit my salsa is a little rusty." The man told her, it had been much too long since he'd tried that style of dance, but he was sure he could pick it back up given the chance.

When Lucy said about her down falls - or rather, more specifically, that she'd killed a man, Nero's features turned to that of uncertainty. He wasn't sure if she was winding him up, or continuing with her brutal honesty, but as Lucy laughed, Nero smiled. "Very good, very good." He congratulated the witch, because for a moment, he'd been fooled by her words.

"You're going to keep me in the dark, hmm?" Nero asked as she placed her head on his shoulder as they danced. "Very well, then. Just means I have a better reason to keep coming around to your shop." Nero told her, swaying softly with with music, and aching with the need to know more. Not just her personality, but all about Lucy. She was getting in to his head, making him want to know more, making him need more, and it was going to be a tough spiral to climb out of, if he wasn't careful.
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Lucy Belware

Posts : 122
Birthday : 2001-11-28
Join date : 2017-02-08

PostSubject: Re: Nimbus Launch (Lucy, Nero & Open to Anyone if they wish)   Wed Mar 01, 2017 9:35 pm

Lucy smiled " the pain will keep you occupied more then what I'll be able to ." She said , " it's your first tattoo you will be concentrating on not moving so you won't talk much ."

She knew what first timers were like , she had been one so long ago . Lucy couldn't help but smile as he assured her he was going to ask her again . If he was lucky he might get a yes .

Hearing his salsa was good but a little rusty a small laugh escaped her , " Fair enough ." She said simply . The DJ didn't seem to want to test either of their claims as they moved .

Lucy didn't know what it was but something about Nero made her calm and excited at the same time . She wanted to know more about him, he was so charming . She knew of course he was a player , but he had been so nice and welcoming . It flattered her and made her feel butterflies as she kept her head against his shoulder .

She did laugh when she looked up , noticing the uncertainty in his face about her joke . She smiled . " No I haven't killed anyone ." She smiled " I'm not keeping you in the dark I can admit my downfalls .. Everyone just has a different opinion on what they are . No point others judging you if you can't judge yourself ."

She wasn't sure if she wanted him to keep coming to the shop .. Or if she just wanted him to keep coming to her . Nero excited and scared her in all the right ways . She loved his passion, he was fierce but kind . Strong yet gentle . Lucy kept her head against him and for a moment , just a moment she let her walls down.


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PostSubject: Re: Nimbus Launch (Lucy, Nero & Open to Anyone if they wish)   Wed Mar 01, 2017 10:14 pm

Nero simply gave a small smile in respect of the witch's insistence he wouldn't be talking much through the tattoo. He could neither confirm nor deny if that was going to be the case, because he had never had a tattoo, and couldn't possibly know.

They danced until the end of the song, at which point Nero pulled Lucy away to get another drink, and to introduce her to the other artists here. It was an amicable night, Nero had made sure Lucy was included at all times, his arm around her waist, and pushing her talents to those who would listen. A few people had taken her cards, insisting they would drop by to see her work, and potentially get tattoos.

By the time it came for Lucy to leave, Nero was not happy with the idea of letting her go. But, he'd taken her to the door, and made sure her coat was given back. "Well, I hope you've enjoyed yourself tonight, Lucy. I most certainly have. Thank you, for coming, despite the late notice. I will see you on Saturday..." He finished, smiling down at the witch as she pulled her coat on. "Go careful, on your way home." Nero added as an after thought, though he'd have someone make sure she got home - from a distance - once she'd left.

Nero, however, did not see the kiss coming. A kiss to his cheek, from Lucy when she'd finished getting ready. A goodbye, and she was gone.

It would haunt him later that evening, the kiss that was oh so innocent, but left him wanting oh so much more. Something he'd never be able to admit, to anyone.
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PostSubject: Re: Nimbus Launch (Lucy, Nero & Open to Anyone if they wish)   

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Nimbus Launch (Lucy, Nero & Open to Anyone if they wish)
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