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 Lucy's Price List Magic Ink (Apprentice artist)

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Lucy Belware

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PostSubject: Lucy's Price List Magic Ink (Apprentice artist)   Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:54 am

Piercings  (please note all prices are in Galleons)
Minimum age is 13 for most piercings with parental permission  15 for Dermals, Tongue and Facial Piercings with Parental Permission.
Lobes. 6 for both
Upper 6 for both
Auricle 8
Conch  8
Helix 8
Industrial* 12
Tragus 8
Anti Tragus* 9
Rook 8
Snug 8
Orbital 8
Daith 8
Graduate Lobe Piercing * Upon request
Transverse Lobe* 10
Forward Helix Piercing* 8
Ear Weaving Piercing* Upon request

Facial Piercings*
Angel Bites* 12
Cyber Bites* 12
Dahlia Bites* 12
Dolphin Bites* 12
Snake Bites* 12
Spider Bites* 12
Shark Bites* 12
Medusa piercing 8
Labret 8
Smiley 8
Tongue  11

Nose Piercings
Nostril. 7
High Nostril 8
Septum 8
Bridge* 12
Vertical Tip*12
Septril* 12

Belly button
Upper 8
Lower 8

Please note we do not do eyebrow Piercings at this shop

Genital Piercings 17+
Nipples-male and female* Both 20 separately 11
Christina * Upon request only prior booking needed 20
Oyster* 20
Prince Albert * Upon request only prior booking needed
Reverse Prince Albert* Upon request only prior booking needed

Dermals also available please come speak to Lucy about placement .

Tattoos 17+ 15+ With Parental/Guardian Permission
Minimum cost for a tattoo 25 Galleons.
Flat rate after 18 Galleons Per Hour
Draw up price-5 Galleons

**Canvases Available Upon request prices are set as standard flat rate.

All prices include a jar of healing cream/spray for your piercing or tattoo.

Tattoo Specialities
Black and white


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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Re: Lucy's Price List Magic Ink (Apprentice artist)   Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:44 pm

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Lucy's Price List Magic Ink (Apprentice artist)
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