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 A Familiar Face (Isaline)

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PostSubject: A Familiar Face (Isaline)   Thu 2 Mar 2017 - 15:05

Kieran had always loved books, but unlike most he found he preferred Obscurus Books to Flourish and Blotts most of the time. He enjoyed both, but Obscurus had a much more interesting collection, at least for his tastes. It had a wider selection of books on runes and other languages that would help him get around in foreign countries, and it also had peculiar tomes that h just wouldn't see in the other shop. He almost always found books he hadn't even been looking for that he simply ended up buying because they caught his eye and turned out to be fantastic. Some were fiction, a lot were nonfiction, and others were more instructional in how to do this or that. Not just with spells either, but he also found things on basic construction, origami, and architecture. Most places in the wizarding world didn't include muggle things like that in their shop, which annoyed him constantly, but not Obscurus.

As he browsed the shelves and picked out a few books to get, he saw somebody who looked vaguely familiar. Walking closer, he took a moment to work through the process of mentally aging a much younger girl into an older version of herself, and smiled as the name clicked into place. He was rather surprised to see her there, but most people liked reading a little, even if not as much as he did. "Isaline Charlot, nice to see you again. Not sure if you remember me or not, I was three or four years ahead of you in Hogwarts. Name's Kieran." he said, giving her a smile and hoping she wouldn't think it weird he remembered her after so long. Kieran had a rather good memory most of the time.
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PostSubject: Re: A Familiar Face (Isaline)   Sat 29 Apr 2017 - 11:46

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A Familiar Face (Isaline)
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