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 Clarinda Jennson

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PostSubject: Clarinda Jennson   Sun Mar 05, 2017 9:30 pm

[[OOC Note: Trigger warnings for drugs, abuse, gang violence, human trafficking, and rape in her history as well as her family history.]


Full Name: Clarinda T. Jennson (nee Warren)
Age: 44
Date of birth: 31st January 1974
Birthplace: Portstewart, Northern Ireland
Current home: Dunmurry, Northern Ireland
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: 10 inches, Rowan, Phoenix feather
Job: Head Healer of the Spell Damage Ward at St. Mungo’s


Hair colour and style: Jet black hair, reaching just past her shoulders. It’s wavy (not curly) and there are a few strands of grey here and there.
Eye colour: A very unusual light greyish-blueish hue.
Height: 5 foot 8
Body type: Average; she’s not exactly model size, but she’s not overweight, either.
Dress sense: Casual when off duty, a mixture of skirts and jeans, depending on her mood.

Birthmarks: N/A
Tattoos: A faded muggle on her arm that reads (in small print) ‘Overcome evil with good’.
Scars: Many, from her childhood.
Piercings: Ears.


- Children
- Helping people
- Red wine and chocolate
- Spending time with her husband
- Reading
- Long baths
- The beach
- Doing good

- Pets (well, she doesn’t like them, but she doesn’t hate them, either; she’ll play with a friend’s dog or cat, but she wouldn’t jump at the chance of having one.)
- Movies
- Not being able to help
- Saying ‘no’
- Seeing people hurt
- Crying
- Her past/talking about her past
- Evil

Strengths/Positive Traits:
- Extremely patient, to a point that is almost unbelievable; she hardly ever loses her temper. In fact, she hasn’t done so in many years.
- Tolerating of a lot, but not in the sense of accepting things she knows to be wrong (murder, theft, etc). She simply puts herself in the shoes of the other person and understands, and not accepts.
- Kind hearted and very compassionate
- Stubborn. Very. Much. So, in the sense that she won’t give up on her patients, even when they’ve seemed to given up. She will work non-stop on cases until either a solution is found, or the patient passes away.
- She’s a survivor, and is therefore very strong willed, and resilient
- Subtle magic involved in delicate situations (like dealing with spell damages), but she’s also good at the more direct things.
- Level minded and logical; she follows logic more than her heart, and doesn’t let emotions rule her actions
- Warm and friendly; it’s not hard to trust her, as she just has one of those calming auras
- Loyal to her friends
- Easy to talk to; non-judgemental
- Gentle, both in the way she talks, and handling people

Weaknesses/Negative Traits:
- Offensive magic; she just doesn’t like it, and is out of practise, although if very necessary, she could do a couple of the lesser damaging ones.
- Too kind hearted at times; she wishes she could save the world, and knows this is something that’s practically impossible to achieve; her logic tells her she cannot do this, but this is one case in which her heart has won
- Tough love is not really something she can do, and so in the ward, she lets the nurses below her do this; while she knows it can be necessary at times, she just can’t bring herself to be harsh.
- People in need; she just cannot say ‘no’ if someone needs help, and often takes on more than she can handle.
- She gets personally involved in each case that comes under her, and can get quite upset if things don’t work out
- Stubborn. Very. Much. So, in the sense that once she’s got a belief, she won’t be swayed lightly from it (which can both be good and bad).
- She puts others above her own health/feelings, so sometimes she can wear herself out, and needs to rely on her husband to realise that she just needs to take a step back
- Her past
- Too kind at times; she needs to learn when to step back and let others figure things out by themselves
- Being open/vulnerability; she hasn’t quite made peace with her past, although she’s accepted it and moved on, and therefore does not like talking about it to anyone. Very few people (in fact, she can count this number on one hand) know about her past.


Clarinda was born as Tracy Hill, to two members of a human trafficking ring. Abused daily by her parents, she was forced to help them entrap new victims for the first 8 years of her life, until a police raid saved her.

She was placed in the system, and received counselling sessions, but the mental damage that had been done was far too great for any child psychologist, and she retreated into a shell, refusing to talk to anyone or do anything for almost a whole year. During her time there, she started displaying odd behaviour, and things would happen, and she was shunned even more.

And then, she met Dallin and Kaleah.

One day, she was called into the office of the woman who ran the orphanage she was in, and a strange man was standing there. Automatically flinching, she was surprised when he bent down to her level and spoke in calm, assuring tones. Long story short, her magical abilities were explained to her. Thinking that was all, she went back to her room, understanding a little more why she was different, but not feeling much else.

But a week later, she was called back into the office, and there was the same man, only he wasn’t alone; he was with some beautiful woman, and they were speaking about adoption. Thus began Tracy’s healing, and after a few years with her parents - and with a new name, too: Clarinda Warren.

Sent to Hogwarts, she grew up in Hufflepuff, and by this time, she was much less reserved, and easily made friends. From here, things only got better, and better, and better. Graduating with top marks, Clarinda then furthered her studies to become a Healer.

At 22, barely having been working in St. Mungo's for a year, she met Kamren. His father had been brought in, having been injured by a bomb, and passed away shortly after arriving. She had not been the Healer on duty, but she had seen Kamren and something about his posture made her heart ache, and she approached him, offering him tea and a listening ear.

To her surprise, he returned the following week to take her out for a dinner. Hesitating only a moment, she decided to go against her personal belief that work and personal life should be kept separate and accepted. She soon became the topic of gossip for having a date with "that hot man" every Saturday.

By the time she had made Head healer for the Spell Damage ward, she had married the "hot male", taking on the name Clarinda T. Jennson. She added the ‘T’ - ‘Tracy’ - as a reminder of her past, so that she would always remember where she came from and why she did what she did: to overcome evil with good, a statement she had once heard and adopted as her life motto since.


Biological Father
Name: Landon Hill Age: Unknown Living or Deceased: Unknown Blood type: Muggle
Biological Mother:
Name: Mabel Hill Age: Unknown Living or Deceased: Unknown Blood type: Muggle

Adoptive Father
Name: Dallin Warren Age: 74 Living or Deceased: Living Blood type: Muggle-born
Adoptive Mother:
Name: Kaleah Warren Age: 73 Living or Deceased: Living Blood type: Half-blood
Sister: Name: Cindy Warren Age: 42 Living or Deceased: Living Blood type: Half-blood

Spouse: Name: Kamren Jennson Age: 47 Living or Deceased: Living Blood type: Half-blood
Children: None (yet).

Family Background

OOC Note: Once again, just reminding you of the TRIGGER WARNINGS. Read at your own discretion.

Biological Parents:
Landon and Mabel Hill were not from the best of backgrounds. Landon was a delinquent, drifting in and out of detention facilities and halfway houses since he was a teenager. He was a member of a gang in his neighbourhood, and helped them in selling drugs, soon moving his way up the chain of command. By the time he was 25, he was under the boss himself, and helped in the running of the business.

Drugs were not the only currency they dealt in - they were also in the business of human trafficking, and Landon oversaw part of this operation. It was here that he met one of the recruiters (the group of people that conned naive teenagers and tweens into the business), Mabel, and the two fell in love.

Mabel herself had grown up in poverty, having relied on stealing and cons to get by. Her father was abusive, and she had suffered a lot of harm at his hands. When she was offered the opportunity to join the gang and get away from him, she agreed, and found herself working as a recruiter for females. Strangely enough, she didn’t really care, with self-preservation being the only thing she cared about.

Landon and Mabel dated and married within half a year, and Mabel was 2 months pregnant the day they tied the knot. Six months later, a 32 days before their baby was due, Mabel went into labour. They dubbed the little girl Tracy.

The girl grew up in the brothel, seeing and witnessing things no one should, let alone a young child, and while she was protected from the customers and other workers, she was not safe from the abuse she got at the hands of her father and mother; she had not been planned, and she had not been truly wanted. The only reason they kept her was because it was easier to con people if you had a child with you.

When Tracy was 8, there was a police raid in the brothel, and Landon and Mabel were arrested. They were sent to jail, and their custody was revoked. They received multiple life sentences, without the possibility of parole.

Adoptive Parents:
Dallin led a pretty typical life, growing up in a safe and loving family. He had two older siblings and one younger one. His family was incredibly accepting and open about the whole magic business, and he was never alienated for his oddities. Sorted into Gryffindor, he completed his Hogwarts days surrounded by friends. Graduating with high marks, he decided to take an extended vacation, backpacking America for a few months with some friends. It was during this trip that he met Kaleah, a half-blood American witch, and over the course of his month long stay in Hawaii, the two became fast friends.

Kaleah had also grown up in a similar environment, and was a stereotypical girl-next-door. Going to Salem, she was sorted into the equivalent ‘Hufflepuff’ house. When she met Dallin, she was enthralled by him, for he was one of the first few proper foreigners she had met. Their friendship continued into the months and years after they first met, and it eventually blossomed into a full on romance, with Kaleah and Dallin finally getting married four years later, much to the amusement of their friends, who had called it from the start.

They moved to Northern Ireland together. Working in the ministry of magic, Dallin one day overheard his colleagues talking about this possible muggleborn in some orphanage and her sad background, and offered to be the representative that went to see her. It was, some might say, love at first sight, and he and his wife adopted Tracy shortly after, renaming her Clarinda Warren.

A year later, Kaleah fell pregnant, giving Clarinda a sister.

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Clarinda Jennson
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