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 Private Studies (Open)

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PostSubject: Private Studies (Open)   Wed 8 Mar 2017 - 11:11

When Roxanne had been a first year, Potion's had instantly caught her fancy and more often than not, she could be seen with a Potion's book in her hand, reading about the different Potions and what all the ingredients did; it amused her to see the reactions of the ingredients together and while most of the time she did all her Potions up to an EE standard, other times she just purposefully failed just to see what reactions the Potion would let out if ingredients were put in different order or if the Potion was stirred in a different direction.

It was the reason why the German female was currently in an empty classroom in the Dungeons, a Potion book open on the desk in front of her with a bubbling cauldron next to her as she worked through all the Third Year Potions, getting them up to a perfect standard so that she could do better.

She enjoyed watching the different reactions of ingredients but she knew unless she could put up a shield, she wouldn't be able to do any experimenting until she was a sixth year at least. It annoyed her but she stayed with perfecting her technique for now, just so that she didn't accidently kill herself.

The third year bit her lower lip as she slowly stirred the potion three times clockwise and then twice anti-clockwise, the color of the Potion turning from blue to a sickly green, making her breath a sigh of relief before she turned her eyes back to the book, reading the next step.

Her attention was purely focused on the Potion and nothing else.
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PostSubject: Re: Private Studies (Open)   Wed 8 Mar 2017 - 11:34

Lost in a world of her own, Eleonora was walking down the hall to her common room, thinking about nothing and everything at the same time. Right now, she was fixated on a particular question someone had asked her about a fight between a bear and a lion, and she was trying to figure out which would win -- and, if it were possible, how she could have a lion cub as a pet. Those things were adorable, but once they grew older, they became dangerous. Was there a way to keep them young and cute and harmless forever?

Surely somewhere out there existed a way to do this? After all, Muggles were very limited in their ways, and with magic... Why, with magic, almost anything was possible! Eleonora was already going through all the spells she knew and trying to figure out what might work, when she finally looked around and realised she wasn't outside her common room.

In fact, she had no idea where she was, and a frown touched her feathers. "Well, this is unfortunate," she murmured to herself. "Now, how did I end up here? Let's see. I took a left and a right... Or was that a right and then left? Which means I go left and then right, and..." Trying to retrace her steps, Eleonora somehow found herself in a classroom.

It wasn't empty, either.

"Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you," she said at once to the Ravenclaw inside. "I got lost, you see. I was thinking of lion cubs and magic and I must have taken the wrong turn. I meant to go to my common room." Her frowned deepened, then she shrugged and grinned at the other female. "But here I am! Anyway, what are you doing?"
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PostSubject: Re: Private Studies (Open)   Wed 8 Mar 2017 - 11:55

One thing Roxanne was thankful for, it was her ability to stay focused even if someone else was in the room with her so when the girl, a Hufflepuff, her mind supplied when she saw the badge on the girl's clothes before she turned back to her potion to make sure it was alright, hopefully the interruption hadn't made her make a mistake in the process and thankfully it didn't.

"It's okay, you didn't interrupt." Thank Merlin she wasn't a sixth or seventh year, the Potion's in those years are going to be volatile and even the slightest interruption could cause a bad reaction. "Lion cubs and magic?" She chuckled softly as she turned to face the girl again, thankfully the potion now just needed to be left on the flame for thirty minutes so she could talk safely to the blond.

"Just doing some private studying." Roxanne smiled at the hyper girl, a soft chuckle leaving her lips; merlin, she didn't think she had actually seen anyone that hyper or brain scattered like the girl before her but it was nice seeing girls acting their age at least. "Third-year potions actually, I'm refining my techniques." She supplied with a small grin on her lips. "I'm Roxy... Roxanne Förstner. And you are?"
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PostSubject: Re: Private Studies (Open)   Wed 8 Mar 2017 - 12:13

Nodding seriously, Eleonora wondered if it were appropriate to start talking about what she'd been thinking -- but by the time she actually decided to think, she was already speaking, mouth way ahead of her brain as always. "Oh, yes. Lion cubs are cute and fluffy and cuddly, but lions are scary and will bite your head off, so I was thinking maybe magic could keep them as cubs so I can have one as a pet and have it stay cute forever."

It was only at the words 'studying' that Eleonora's eyes flitted over to the cauldron and understanding dawned. How it hadn't hit the girl before that someone in a potions classroom was practising potions, she'd never figure out, but the fact had escaped her entirely, and she felt a little bad. Potions, she knew from experience, were easy to mess up. Put one pinch too much or stir too fast or anything that wasn't precise detail (and therefore, anything that she couldn't do) would mess it up.

And then the girl was offering her full name, and Eleonora hid a sigh. What did the girl go and make it formal for? A simply "I'm so-and-so, by the way" would've sufficed. But no, Roxanne had to go and give her full name, meaning this was now a formal thing. It wasn't that Eleonora didn't or couldn't; it was just that, aside from balls or events, she hated being constricted by things like this.

But her expression gave nothing away as she straightened slightly, her grin fading to a polite smile that small enough so it wasn't obviously faked but large enough for it to be noticed. Dipping her body in a curtsey that didn't involve holding out a skirt, she stuck out a hand. "Hello, Roxanne. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'm Eleonora, although you may call me Nora if you wish," she said, tone no longer aminated but calm and polite -- just the way she had been taught.
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PostSubject: Re: Private Studies (Open)   Wed 8 Mar 2017 - 16:51

Roxanne laughed softly at the second year, her eyes twinkling in amusement as she explained why she was thinking about that stuff. Well second years had always been cute but this one was pretty adorable and Roxanne had to stop herself from cooing at how cute the girl was. "Well, I don't think there is any magic like that." She said with a soft hum. "Not to keep them as cubs anyway." She smiled at the girl.

Potions, at this stage anyway, weren't too volatile so it didn't matter if she got interrupted half way. The worst that could happen was that it wouldn't work. Nothing too major and it would just mean that Roxanne could get another potion started after all.

"Don't... do that." Roxy blinked her eyes at Eleonora after a few moments of silence as she stared at the twelve-year-old as if she had grown another head. "I hate that, we're at school, where we're supposed to be making friends not connections." She said in disgust but took Nora's hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you Nora, feel free to call me Roxy... And get rid of that stuffy politeness, it doesn't suit you."
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PostSubject: Re: Private Studies (Open)   Tue 14 Mar 2017 - 0:18

Eleonora frowned just a smidge at the older year's words. She was a Ravenclaw, and that meant she was smart and knew a lot of things, so she must be right about it. And yet, a nagging at the back of her mind gave way to an idea, and, as always, she spoke it out before it had fully formed. "But what about the resa... re-sa-reck-shun stone? My nanny told me that story once, and I know it's lost, but if something like that can exist and help that man -- Flannel, I think his name was? Why would you name someone after a piece of cloth? That's weird, isn't it? -- stay young for a long time, can't you use something like that for an animal?"

Pausing only because her words had clicked and she was pondering on what she herself had just said, Eleonora broke into a grin a few seconds later. "So if we find the stone or make something like it -- how does someone make something like that anyway? -- and we make a potion or something -- I think it was called the elisha of life? Isn't Elisha a name for a person? -- and feed it to a lion cub -- maybe put it in the meat or whatever, because it must be hard to get it to drink a potion. Do lion cubs drink only water? Or do you think they'd drink sweet things or like, milk like my kneazel does?"

The entire thing had been said as a single sentence, so quickly that she herself had forgotten the start of her statement, and ended it quite abruptly on a different topic altogether, not seeing anything wrong with that.

At the admonishment, Eleonora barely stopped a shrug (Purebloods never shrug, she'd been told countless times) and instead dipped her head to the side a little, indicating a disagreement to the words spoken. Careful to maintain her polite attitude, she replied, "You introduced yourself, fully. I have duties that I must follow. Introductions -- proper ones -- are one of those things." It had taken every last ounce of mental concentration she had to get out these few sentences -- only these few sentences -- and nothing more.

Taking the hand, she gave it a shake that lasted for only a few beats of her heart, as taught, before retracting. As Roxanne -- Roxy -- told her to drop the Pureblood act, Eleonora relaxed a little, glad to be rid of it. It was different when surrounded by those like her, but when forced to do it outside of functions, she found it incredibly dull and boring; still, it had been necessary, and now that she was given permission to be herself once more, her lips twitched back into a grin.

"Oh good," she told Roxy. "I hate having to do that when I'm not at a ball or something. It's different then, of course, but I have no choice when people introduce themselves like you did because that's how I'm supposed to, and if I don't it could be bad for my family because I am a Wilkerson first."
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PostSubject: Re: Private Studies (Open)   Tue 14 Mar 2017 - 19:06

Roxanne crossed her arms over her chest as she listened to the second year, her brow arching in amusement at her words. Well, whoever taught this girl stuff certainly didn't teach her right; everyone knew that the Resurrection Stone did not help the Flammel's. In fact, it was the Philosopher's stone and anyone with a smidge of knowledge knew that. Whoever taught this girl either didn't know what they were on about or the girl just didn't remember the specifics. She was suddenly thankfully for actually remembering details or she would be having a headache at this moment in time to actually following the girl's words.

She actually waited for the pre-teen to finish before the teenager chuckled softly. "First of all it's the Ressurection Stone and for another, the stone you are on about, the one that helped Mr Flammel, is not that stone but the Philosopher's Stone." She stated with a soft voice, nothing but pure calm could be heard in her tone. "The Philosopher's Stone is the one that lets people live for much longer than they should while the Ressurection Stone is used to bring people back from the dead, or at least that's how the story goes... In truth, all it does is bring back shades of people and not them in the flesh." She tapped her finger against her arm.

"Also, you can't just make the Philosopher's Stone. It takes years upon years of research and trial and error. There is a reason why the Flammel's are the only one's that we know of to have ever held the Philosopher's Stone." Of course, there probably were many more people but they were probably smart enough to not announce it to the world; it was a pity what happened to the Flammel's and to their stone but Roxanne knew that it had been for the best in those years. "It's called the Elixir of Life." She patiently corrected the girl with a soft smile. "But yes, Elisha is a name for a person, specifically a girl." She was very surprised that she could actually keep up with this spitfire and her words. "Lion Cubs drink everything but I doubt you could actually feed the Elixir of Life to an animal; unlike humans, they all have different biology so I think it would react much differently to them."

"Ugh, this is why I hate British Pureblood Protocol," Roxanne muttered under her breath; though it wasn't like the German one was much more different to the British. They were just a little bit more relaxed and laid back and didn't actually expect you to follow every rule to the T. As long as you didn't insult someone to their face the Pureblood's in German and Russia were a nice bunch, at least nicer than the ones in England. "I'm an Heiress so I know what duties you are on about; it doesn't mean I actually follow them all." She said with a soft hum as she turned back to her potion though naturally she was only stood sideways, no way was she going to actually show her back to someone; not even if that someone was a twelve-year-old girl.

"Mmm; at home, I'm just expected to be a polite hostess for an hour or two before dropping the act," Roxy replied with a soft hum as she finished off the last bit of her potion before she turned it off and started bottling it in different phials. "I don't understand British Pureblood Politics and I never will... But I suppose I know what you mean about being a Wilkerson first... I'm a Förstner first before I'm just Roxy."
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PostSubject: Re: Private Studies (Open)   

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Private Studies (Open)
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