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 Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)

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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Sun Apr 02, 2017 7:24 pm

Martin realized that, again, he was late for one of his classes. He really needed to get a wizard watch with a good alarm clock so that he could kick this bad habit he was starting to develop. Taking a seat, he glanced over at one of his peer's books to see what page they were on before turning to it. Looking over the instructions, he carefully set out the ingredients. "Shrinking solution should be an interesting class." he said to himself. Looking over the instructions, he did some prep in advance so he wouldn't be rushed. He juices his two shrivelfigs into a small dish, and his four leeches he juiced before setting in a similar one. Once that was done he chopped up the daisy roots with his knife finely and put that in his pestle and mortar bowl.

Now that his prep was done, he poured the shrivelfig juice into the cauldron and started to stir at a slow pace, beginning to heat it like his instructions called for. After the recommended amount of time he poured in the daisy roots, followed by five hairy caterpillars and some wormwood that he made sure to shake before putting in since that's what it said, well-shaken. After he put those ingredients in he began stirring faster since it said vigorously. Next were the leeches that he dumped in, and slowed his stirring down but tried to make sure it was gradual before he stirred at the same speed. He shook the rat spleen he'd set aside and added that with the splash of cowbane shortly after, still stirring slowly as he mixed those in. Upping the heat, he waited until it was finally done and waved his wand to cancel the flame and finish the potion, before bottling it. One thing he liked about potions, was that if you were careful and followed instructions it usually turned out alright, and he thought his potion looked close to the right color if not right at it. "I'm done as well, Professor." he said, giving the other Ravenclaw girl a respectful nod as he saw she'd gotten what looked to be a correct result though you couldn't be sure unless tested.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:40 pm

Elleon sat at the front of the class as usual, feeling rather anxious and nervous. There was nothing on the board that gave him a clue about what they would be doing today and he was way too terrified of this Professor to even think of asking him. He hated this. He hated not being able to prepare for what was coming next. Growing up as a Deafie, he'd learned the hard way that he had to do double or triple the work of Hearing people. It wasn't fair, but it was the way of the world.

At least if Professor Balan had written something on the board, he could've read it up in the textbook while waiting for the class to start. But now he could do nothing and he hated feeling helpless. Yes, he was good at potions - it was one of the classes besides Care of Magical Creatures that he actually excelled at - but not knowing what they would be doing was nerve-wrecking.

When he finally started the class, Elleon gave the professor his full attention anxious to know what they would be doing. Today...study..shri-ing..sol-tion..not waste time..shri-ing..sol-tion..does..name..makes things..shri..oh! Shrink! That's what it was, the Shrinking Solution. Elleon continued to pick out a different shapes the professor's lips made, filling in the blanks of the words and sounds he missed out. Then came the bomb. Professor Balan told them they would be drinking their own potion. Elleon's mouth dropped open sightly as his eyes widened in shock. What?! He's making us drink it? Still in shock, he completely missed the page number given to them, but thinking quickly, he checked the index of his textbook and found the page with no problem.

He glanced through the instructions twice before collecting the necessary ingredients, making a few trips from the cupboards to his workstation until he had everything he needed. He spent the next two minutes arranging everything in order of when he would need them before juicing the Shrivelfigs. After adding their blood to his cauldron, he began to stir slowly. Making sure the heat wasn't too high, he turned his attention to the daisies, chopping them until they were fine and periodically glancing at the cauldron. Unfortunately, there were no such thing as light alarms in the Magical world and he had to be vigilant if he didn't want anything to burn up.

Elleon added the daisies once they were chopped then put in the hairy catterpillars and wormwood, stirring - as the recipe said - vigorously once they were in the cauldron. It didn't say how long to stir it for but Elleon used his instincts and judged when to stop. The leeches were juiced and added without a problem and he returned to stirring, this time, taking care to stir slowly. After shaking the rat spleen, he added it into the cauldron, then some cowbane. He returned to stirring the potion slowly, before turning up the heat and waving his wand in the required pattern, noting with a smile that it was the correct colour.

Carefully, he poured some into a phial. Now it was time for the truth. Was his potion right? Would he shrink? Or would he drop dead? Or turn into some other kind of monster. Biting his bottom lip, Elleon contemplated the potion and what his fate was to be with the one sip he had to take. He took a deep breath, then a couple more because he couldn't summon the nerve to drink the potion after the first breath. I wish Jelena were here.

As he sat there, he thought about braving the wrath of the professor and telling him that he didn't want to drink it. But Elleon didn't want to fail the class either. Before he could spend more time thinking about it, he lifted the phial to his lips and took a tiny sip, closing his eyes as he did so and praying that he wouldn't not die or turn into an alien. A most curious sensation overtook his body and Elleon found himself much shorter. Not wanting to stay this way in case it turned permanent, he made his way to the professor so he could return to his normal self.
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:18 pm

Closure of Class.

Thank you to those who have posted in this class. Points will be given as follows:

10 points for attendance
5 points for any question being answered
Up to 15 points for participation

Thank you for your participation - this will still count as one of your three classes.

If you have any questions in regards to the points being handed out (either as a student or professor) please contact myself or another admin via PM to discuss them.

House Points
Maximillian Hollingberry = 10 points for attendance
Primrose Seele = 10 points for attendance + 5 points for participation = 15 points.
Sophie Heart = 10 points for attendance

Elleon Caverly = 10 points for attendance + 15 points for participation = 25 points.
Anthony Byrne = 10 points for attendance
Dimitri Moreau = 10 points for attendance
Martin Wright = 10 points for attendance + 10 points for participation = 20 points.
Roxanne Förstner = 10 points for attendance + 15 points for participation =
25 points.

Gryffindor: 35
Hufflepuff: 25
Ravenclaw: 65
Slytherin: 0
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PostSubject: Re: Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)   

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Potions: Lesson Three (All Years)
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