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 Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]

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PostSubject: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:49 am

[[OOC: While this is an invite only thread, Maddie and I do not know every character on this site nor do we claim to. Therefore, if you feel like your character should be on Corbin and Lucy's list of people to invite, please do message either Mads or I (or catch us in the CB!) and let us know, so we can ask our characters and get back to you.

Note the characteristics that Cobin and Lucy look for in people they invite (the first three paragraphs), and also please note that if your character isn't invited it is purely in character/based on your character (and ours!) and has nothing to do with either Maddie or my opinion on you as a person.]]

It was the last Friday of the month and Corbin was on high alert. The last thing he needed was either a party crasher or one of the new invites to spill the beans. Of course, Lucy and he were always very careful about who made the list. Not only did they have to be the type to keep completely mum about everything going on, but they also had to bring something to the party, be it actual physical things (snacks or whatnot) or conversation (like Naomi).

And, of course, due to the nature of the party and amounts of alcohol provided, first and seconds were strictly not allowed. Third years depended sorely on the personality of said third year, but any younger than that and Lucy and him put their foot down. It just wasn’t safe, and a bunch of hungover eleven and twelve years would not be a good thing. At the very least, the older years knew how to hide it.

Another thing to consider was their relationship status; if they had significant others (or even really close best friends) that did not make the list, they had to be the type to not tell. Some invites had plus ones, but most didn’t, and it was vital to the continuation of all parties that the whole ‘secret’ thing be, well, followed. That meant unless you were on the list, you didn’t know about said parties, and as such if your anything wasn’t invited, you couldn’t tell them about it.

All in all, there were only about twenty or so names on the list, and either Corbin or Lucy had personally told each person the date and time, not that it ever changed.

At exactly half past nine, Corbin got the room ready. With him was a Ravenclaw who was in charge of making the room access limited, so only those actually on the list could get in. The room had been carefully thought out, and all that was left for the Ravenclaw to do his job -- his contribution to the party -- and everything was ready.

To the left of the main sitting area was a table full of the alcohol, and parallel to that was the table for the food that different people would be bringing. There was also a dance floor nearby, where music would be played later on, provided by yet another person.

Nodding in approval, he made his way to one of the chairs, taking a seat facing the entrance, and waited for people to arrive. As always, the time given was ten -- and people tended to arrive between then and eleven, if they had things they couldn’t get out of -- but there were the occasional few (the ones tasked with bringing items) that would come anytime soon, and Corbin always made sure he was there to greet them.

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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Tue Mar 14, 2017 9:24 am

"This is perfect," Lucy said to Corbin, taking in the interior of the room- her favourite aspect being the glittery lights that made it look as though the dance floor had stars. It was chic, modern, and simply oozed glamour- exactly what Lucy liked. The planning of this night had taken weeks- most of that being figuring out who to invite. Of course, the people attending absolutely had to be up to par- popular, attractive and with something useful to offer. And obviously, someone not likely to talk about the invite. That was of the utmost importance.

She'd been so excited, she dressed to impress, hair, makeup, nails, all perfect. After all, looking good was her forte. She wandered in and casually made herself a drink, before rejoining Corbin, leaning against the wall near the entrance "I think we've outdone ourselves this time," she commented, taking another glance about. In a mere half hour, their guests would be arriving, and she was itching to get the party started.

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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Tue Mar 14, 2017 5:53 pm

Taylor had naturally been one of the ones invited to a party in the Room of Requirement. Even when he didn't go he almost always heard about it, because parties were where you made connections with people. It was the best chance to talk to people from other houses you might otherwise not have, and learn who could be useful to you in the future. Also, he would be able to find out who might have need of his family's business that he would be running one day as well. Lots of different fields needed rare or unusual magical creature parts, and the Wilkes were among the best in that business. He had on a dragonhide jacket, with a t-shirt underneath, dragonhide boots that matched, and dark blue jeans. The look was simple, yet usually effective in getting ladies to look at him. He was with Severine now, but he wouldn't mind getting some looks from girls so long as they didn't throw themselves at him. He didn't think anyone knew aside from their siblings of course, that he and Sev were an item. Especially after his Valentine's date with Primrose.

Pacing back and forth in front of the tapestry on the seventh floor, he thought about the pass phrase. New horizons, such a cliche, but ah well. New horizons, new horizons, new horizons. On his third pass the door finally appeared, and he walked in with his trademark and practiced crooked smile. "Did somebody say there was a party here? Why are there only two? I know I'm not early." he said, walking in. He was about ten minutes after the time it was supposed to start since it wouldn't do to be perfectly punctual for this sort of thing. That was a rookie mistake to make.

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Dimitri Moreau
Ravenclaw Sixth Year
Ravenclaw Sixth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Tue Mar 14, 2017 7:50 pm

The invite to the 'Secret Party' hosted by two Slytherins had come as a little bit of a shock to Dimitri. Now, he wasn't the coolest kid in the school, but he was relatively popular. To find an invite was intriguing, and he'd heeded the message of secrecy - telling no one as to where he was going that evening. Hopefully it would be as fun as he was expecting, and... well, the promise of alcohol was very much something that interested the Ravenclaw.

As he'd been asked to bring some snacks - something he didn't find unreasonable seeing as he only had to ask a House Elf that was much too eager to impress. He's arrived just as a Slytherin - Tatum or something similar - found the door, and Dimitri slipped in just behind him.

The Slytherin's words brought a raised eyebrow from Dimitri. "How about you give it a chance?" Dimitri told the boy, moving past him to Corbin and Lucy. A warm smile touched his features as he held out the bag he was carrying. "The House Elves filled the bag - there's a shrinking charm on there." The Ravenclaw explained, putting it on the table before Corbin.

"Miss Waters - you look beautiful this evening, if I may be so bold!" Dimitri explained, motioning to himself, and then Corbin and Tatum. "It seems, however, I missed the note on the leather jackets!" He joked, his own attire was a little more smart casual - something he felt much more at home in. Still highly fashionable, of course, but a different look to the two boys.



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Elenore Clement
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Hufflepuff Seventh Year

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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:19 pm

Being handed an invite to the party had not been a shock to Elenore. She was one of the most beautiful witches in the school - a fact she knew and did not need anyone else to tell her, although, this fierce ideology she had was not spoken, Elenore would take compliments with grace, and a warm smile.

Elenore had taken her time in getting ready, picking out a form hugging red dress, and doing up her hair. A light layer of makeup to accentuate her features - as her mother had taught her - and Elenore had been on her way to the party.

Walking back and forth in front of the wall, thinking of 'New Horizons' as the invite had said, the door soon appeared in front of Elenore and she stepped inside after checking the coast was clear. Who else was going to be here, she didn't know, but Elenore made a bee line towards the hosts - or the assumed hosts.

"Hi Corbin, Lucy!" She greeted them with a warm smile. Elenore hadn't been specifically asked to bring anything, but she had managed to convince a House Elf to spare a bottle of the wine they held in the cellar - presumably for the Professors - on the lie that she would be sending it to a professor as a present. "I brought this..." Elenore explained, passing the bottle to Corbin with a small smile.


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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:37 pm

The invite that Prim had recieved had come as a shock to the young witch and had instantly made her a bit weary but well, she did know Corbin and Lucy, not as well as many other people but she did know them so she wasn't that surprised but it naturally made her sigh as it meant that she needed to find an outfit suitable for the party, or at least something that she would be comfortable in but also would give her freedom to dance in.

She had decided to bring some of Honeydukes finest chocolates that she could buy, purely because she didn't want to go in there without anything in her hands.

Dressed in her outfit, along with a pair of some killer heels and a dusting of light make up, the young witch made her way towards the Room of Requirement and thinking on the password 'New Horizons' she walked passed the wall three times before the door showed and she stepped inside, a smile on her lips as she strolled inside, the bag in her hand seeming small but in truth she had the shopkeeper charm it with an extendable charm so that she could fit more sweets than it could normally carry.

"Some of Honeydukes finest for the hosts." Prim presented the bag to the two Slytherins, a soft smile on her lips. "Thank you for the invatation and may I say both of you look absolutely amazing as do the rest of you." She added as an after thought with a small teasing grin on her lips as she eyed the other occupants in the room with a sly look.
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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:04 am

Warning for ALL Corbin posts: Swearing (albeit censored). A. Lot. Of. Swearing (forgive Corbin, please)

Corbin glanced up as the doors opened, ready to stand, until he noticed it was just Lucy and relaxed, staying where he was. “I know,” he replied, a light smirk on his features. “Rick really did well,” he added, glancing towards the dance floor, where the Ravenclaw was examining something -- what, Corbin wasn’t sure. He trusted the male to get the details of the room right; after all, Rick was one of his good friends.

Nodding at her words, he gestured to the seat beside him. “They may be a while,” he told her. “Not everyone knows how to f---ing tell the time.” All in all, there would be about twenty people tonight -- a larger number than usual, but only because there had been more interesting people on his radar this month.

If they were invited back or made regular attendees, however, was another matter entirely.

True enough, ten minutes past ten, the first person arrived. Taylor. He’d been one of the new ones on the list, and Corbin didn’t bother to rise. Instead, he looked over at Lucy, switched his gaze over to the Ravenclaw (who was, by this time, over at the drinks table, arranging something), brought it down to his own body, and then finally raised it to look back at Taylor. “Well one of us is a f---ing ghost,” he said -- said, not snarked or retorted, because this was just how he responded to everything, with casual, emotionless responses unless he knew the person well.

Dimitri was next, and Corbin hid a smirk at the male’s words. Ravenclaws, he’d found, were surprisingly sarcastic and witty, underneath all their bookish habits. “Thank you,” he said, finally standing. He’d pick up the bag and give it to Rick as soon as he made his rounds, which would be soon; more people were arriving.

At the comment about outfits, Corbin’s smirk grew. “Oh, you didn’t get the dress code memo?” he asked, although this time he made sure his tone was light, to show he was kidding. “I’d been told all the cool people got one.” Adding a slight wink, he turned, picked up the bag, and excused himself.

Before greeting anyone else, he made his way to the food table, depositing the bag for Rick to take care of, and then went back to greeting guests -- the next of which was Elenore. “Glad you could make it,” Corbin said, accepting the bottle. There were pleasantries he could have said -- you didn’t have to, this looks lovely, I appreciate the wine -- but Corbin wasn’t someone who did any of those, and so he merely said, “Thank you,” as he took the bottle.

Next was Prim, the first Gryffindor to arrive, and Corbin smiled at her. “Thank you,” he said, tucking the wine bottle under one arm and accepting the bag of sweets with his now-free hand. Then, feigning a confused tone, asked, “Do you mean these are only for the hosts, or was this for the party? If the former, I’ll be sure to keep it aside for them.”

Obviously, Lucy and him knew that they were the hosts, but otherwise, only a very select few (namely, his friends, the ones with whom he first started these monthly events) knew that he was the mastermind behind the parties. Everyone else just knew him and Lucy as the ones who handed out the invites and brought alcohol.

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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:19 am

Prim chuckled softly before pressing a finger to her lip and humming, her head tilting to the side. "Well the slightly more expensive chocolates are for the hosts while the rest are for the guests... so if they want to share them then it's their choice." The Gryffindor said with an amused twinkle in her eye as she eyed the Slytherin in front of her. She had no idea who the hosts were and truthfully she didn't mind not knowing; Corbin had been the one to hand her the invite but nothing on there actually showed on who was hosting it.

The Gryffindor looked around at who was there and was slightly surprised to only see a handful of people but than again, there were quite a few people who would probably arrive late because of one thing or another. She had almost arrived late herself purely because Max had been pouting and sulking about where she was going dressed like how she was dressed.
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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:14 pm

Josh had not been surprised by his receiving an invite to a secret party. In fact, he was surprised that he had not been invited to more secret parties throughout his years at Hogwarts. He was an interesting guy who people would be lucky to have attend their parties. This particular event's host remained a secret, but the Hufflepuff had been invited by a Slytherin kid whom he only really knew from passing. His name was like Cordon Bleu or something along those lines.

Needless to say, Joshua had no problems with obliging when asked to make an appearance to this shindig. He made his way to the Room of Requirement, sporting his usual t-shirt, jacket, dark wash jeans combo. Despite the fact that Joshua hadn't been clothes shopping in almost a year, the outfit was in prime condition. He'd never found it difficult to keep great style low maintenance.

He passed the Room of Requirement door multiple times, thinking about the password. He wondered why the host had chosen "New Horizons" as the key. If it had been Joshua's choice, the word would've been something like "Firewhisky," or "Quidditch King," or "Joshua Abbott is a god," but this had not been the case. "New Horizons" made Josh consider what was on the horizon for him after he graduated his seventh year.

The boy had cruised through his years at Hogwarts, not paying much attention to future plans or aspirations. He'd always just assumed that one day everything would click and his future would be set. But there was no click and now he was wandering through his life with no ideas of what came next.

'What an inner monolog to have at a party,' he thought as the door to the party opened before him.

A decent number of people had gathered in the room, leading Josh to believe that he had succeeded in being fashionably late. Nobody ever went to a party on time, but being too late was just a dick move. He saw a table with food and a table with booze. Was he supposed to bring something? Too late now.

"The party can start now," he smiled to nobody in particular. "I've arrived."

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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:58 am

Corbin nodded, opening the bag and glancing inside. He wasn't that huge a fan of chocolate, but Lucy might enjoy some; they weren't going to share something that was bought with them in mind. It just wasn't done. Outwardly, he said, "I'll put these aside for them." Since nobody knew who the hosts were, it would be easy to just leave it in the corner somewhere to collect after it ended. After all, he'd be staying back to clean up and ensure nothing was left behind.

Nodding towards her once more, he turned to go place the bag of sweets with Rick, informing him to keep aside the chocolates. Then, since he was at the area, he did another quick sweep of the drinks table to ensure everything was proper. Somewhere nearby, probably a cupboard Rick has asked for, there were more bottles of everything.

The door opened again, and Corbin turned his attention to whoever had arrived, a bout of curiosity rising as he wondered if it was Naomi -- but no, it was someone else. Joshua something, an older year Hufflepuff, and at the male's words, Corbin couldn't help but smirk. All these Puffs always seemed so nice and sweet and calm, but Corbin had partied with enough of those to realise this wasn't always true.

Moving to the male, Corbin offered him a grin. "Party started ages ago," he said, expression straight but eyes twinkling. "Although you're welcome to join in."
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PostSubject: Re: Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]   

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Party Like There's No Tomorrow [[Invite Only~Read OOC Note Inside]]
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