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 Nothing Like A Good Game of Quidditch (open)

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PostSubject: Nothing Like A Good Game of Quidditch (open)   Thu Mar 23, 2017 5:34 pm

Kieran had requested one of the few vacation days he was allotted for the year to go and see the Irish National Quidditch Team face off against the French. It was an exhibition match, meaning it wouldn't count towards any qualifying for the world cup or anything, but it would still be a great match. They were two of the toughest teams around, and he had only been to two or three matches total since leaving Hogwarts and neither had the sheer level of skill that would be on display here.

Getting a nice hat with a four-leaf clover stamped right in the middle and some omnioculars, he made his way through the crush of people towards his seat. There were better views in the stadium, but he'd managed to get in the middle of the pitch so even though he wasn't as high up as he would have liked he'd have an excellent view of both sides. Ordering some butterbeer because he wanted to be clear of mind to watch this, he watched with a wide smile on his face as the players flew out on their brooms, names being called in the process. "Nothing beats this, nothing better than a good game of Quidditch to make the world seem right." he said to himself. He knew of course that Quidditch couldn't fix everything, but it was a consistent bright spot for him even though he no longer played like he used to.
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PostSubject: Re: Nothing Like A Good Game of Quidditch (open)   Sun Apr 02, 2017 2:39 pm

Christopher had mentioned something about a Quidditch match and, while Serafina honestly wasn't all that interested, she'd agreed to go for a few reasons. First of all, it was time spent with her otherwise extremely busy brother (although half the time she suspected he pretended to be busy in order to avoid seeing her, and why he wanted to see her now of all times was another matter). Secondly, it would be something she'd be able to talk about with people, and conversation starters were always in demand.

After all, she had a responsiblity, now.

They weren't seated in the best seats, which added to Serafina's suspicions. This wasn't done oficially, as Richardsons, or as the Richardson heir, then; this was done more incognito, queitly, for whatever reason Christopher had. She'd talk to her brother later on, figure it out. She would, that was for sure, but that wasn't pressing.

As she sat back in her seat, straight and poised as always, she glanced around. The game was just starting, names being called and whatnot; Serafina knew all their names, as she always did, and so she tuned it out. Christopher would be of no fun; her brother always got engrossed in Quidditch and never paid her any attention during matches, so she was on her own.

A voice beside her made her turn, and she turned towards the voice, wanting to raise an eyebrow but holding it back. She was in public; it was frowned upon. Instead, quietly, she said, "Or perhaps we could try and do something to make the world right. Nothing is ever as it seems, so why make something seem to be good when one could simply make it good?" Her tone was casual and light, as though she was teasing -- and, in a way, she was. Mostly, though, she was bored, and wanted to have some fun.
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PostSubject: Re: Nothing Like A Good Game of Quidditch (open)   Sun Apr 02, 2017 5:33 pm

While Kieran had come here to watch Quidditch, he was a Ravenclaw and hearing such a comment from the lady next to him piqued his curiosity as he turned to study her. Noticing her perfect posture, he assumed she had been brought up rather well, possibly a pureblood though he couldn't be certain on just that alone. "How exactly do you propose to make the world right, or good as you put it? People have different opinions on what they consider good, and what's good for some is terrible for others. Right has the same problem, unless you stick to what the law justifies as right and wrong. Again, though, that is subject to whether the people writing and maintaining the laws are enforcing them or drafting ones that are beneficial to society." Kieran said, his brain going into full gear. That was when he realized she may not have meant such a widespread effect, and meant more personal.

"Or, did you mean simply to make the world right or good for you or I today? I suppose that would probably be an easier task to manage." he said, blushing slightly at how much he'd rambled earlier before he looked back at the match briefly. The game had just started, and after watching a few moments of action he felt the heat start to recede and looked back at her. "Where are my manners? I haven't even introduced myself. Kieran Douglas." he said, holding out his hand.
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PostSubject: Re: Nothing Like A Good Game of Quidditch (open)   Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:47 am

She took in his words; this time, she really did quirk her eyebrow, although slightly. Merlin, he really did put a lot of thought into what he was saying, wasn't he? For someone who'd been talking to himself just a moment ago, he didn't seem all too bothered that someone had been listening and replied. Still, she had to fight a smirk. This, at the very least, would provide some means of entertainment.

She didn't respond just yet, thinking over her -- and his -- words. It wasn't a new notion, nor one she hadn't talked about before with her friends, but she wanted to ensure she was understanding him right before speaking. It was always a fool's habit, after all, to talk without understanding (unless, of course, one was certain that one could bullcrap well enough and never get found out, in which case it was one's duty to talk without understanding). In this case, however, Serafina was still trying to decide which route she'd take.

Both could be fun; both were more than possible. It was merely down to personal preference that afternoon.

But before she had a chance to reply, he continued, and she took in his new words and his blush without saying anything. So he speaks without considering both sides, she noted, filing away the new information. That wasn't good or bad, if he wasn't a Pureblood; it simply was.

"I meant what I said," she replied, her tone light and charming as ever, a friendly smile (perfected over the years) playing on her lips. Her words would never be mistaken for what they really were -- insulting, toying, taunting. "Ah, that is the question of the century, is it not?" she continued. "How to make the world good? First we would have to answer the question of if it is already good, and if not so, why? Perhaps then we might start to fathom out the answers to your question. My idealogies are my own, after all, as you've already stated."

The match started, and she turned half her attention to what was happening. Christopher would fill her in, no doubt, as would some of her other friends, but the Quidditch match before her was no longer the most interesting game -- oh, no. The most interesting game was the one right beside her.

As the first few moments of excitement died, she heard him speaking again and turned. Douglas... No, as far as she was aware, there was no Pureblood family -- worth notice, in any case; if she didn't know their last name, they were worthless as a Pureblood -- with that. She could feel her mind and guard relax just a tad, although it was inwardly, and she displayed no change whatsoever outwardly.

She took his hand -- or rather, placed her hand in his, allowing him the control of the length of shake -- and smiled brightly, almost flirtatiously. "Serafina," she supplied, witholding her last name. If Christopher wanted them to come incognito, she would remain incognito. Despite him being her younger brother, he was still the heir, and she was always careful not to anger him too much.
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PostSubject: Re: Nothing Like A Good Game of Quidditch (open)   Mon Apr 03, 2017 6:35 pm

"I'm sure you did, but that still leaves me wondering what you are proposing to make good. Although, I suppose women like to talk in such a way as to leave men wondering about what they mean by things, right?" Kieran asked, chuckling a little and shaking his head. Sometimes he rambled in his speech, but he did always try to be straightforward with whatever he was saying. If things needed more explanation or he'd forgotten to say something it was usually by accident, not intention. "As for what's wrong with the world it's the same problem that's been going on for ages, nothing new it just takes different forms. There are a few good ones here and there, but humans as a whole, wizard or muggle makes no difference, are rather selfish and violent people. Compare us to any of the other species that live on this planet and we are for more cruel, thoughtless, and destructive than any of them by a wide margin. We pollute the earth, hunt animals into extinction, and hurt people we claim to care about and don't always even apologize or want to apologize for it. Not to mention the wars people have started for power, money, land, or just because someone doesn't like a particular ethnicity, religion, or people group. I try to remain optimistic and not give up on the good in people, but it gets harder the more I learn and see. You can't change the nature of humanity, though people can and do try which is why the world has as much peace as it's been able to find." he explained, knowing it was a rather cynical viewpoint to share. "Although, when you think about the bad it is easier to appreciate and treasure the good things." he said, smiling slightly as he thought about Victoria.

Kieran gave her hand a firm shake, noticing how smooth her skin was and nearly cementing the fact in his mind she was a pureblood who hadn't done much physical labor in her life. Even wizards tended to have callouses from something, as some tasks even with magic were still simply easier to do by hand. If someone had other people or as the case so often was house-elves to do their work, well, they simply wouldn't have many. He gave her a smile back, though didn't try putting any of what little charm he had into it as he was thoroughly smitten with the brunette that he'd learned to tango with. "So, are you a big Quidditch fan, or did you merely come to keep a friend company?" he asked, not really sure if she was with the guy next to her or merely sitting next to him.

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PostSubject: Re: Nothing Like A Good Game of Quidditch (open)   Tue Apr 04, 2017 10:28 am

"Exactly what I said," she replied, the smile and tone never changing. "Which, I believe, was 'the world'." He had a point in the second part, though; she enjoyed twisting words, saying things in such a way that they could mean two things and never reveal which of the two she meant -- or the fact that she had purposely phrased it that way. It was a good way to test what people were made of and what they thought.

But that was just her, because she found it fun. She knew many a woman -- her mother included -- that did not do such things, instead prefering to state things as simply as they could.

Serafina would have let the statement pass without comment -- she was not looking for an argument, not while Christopher was beside her -- if not for the fact he had explicitly asked her. If that wasn't an invitation, nothing was, and with her perfected smile, Serafina shook her head gently. "Well, I certainly do not envy the women you know, if that is how they behave," she said, making sure that her tone was, once again, lighthearted. "It is rather difficult to have conversation if your conversation partner doesn't understand what you are saying, after all."

His...rant, for that was what it was, brought a chuckle to her lips, although she held it back rather well. Putting on her best listening expression, she allowed her attention to travel to the game, making sure to keep her eyes on him. Someone had scored, the announcers were excited, and the snitch had been spotted and lost again.

When she saw that the male was finished talking, she let her smile widen. "You certainly have put some effort into thinking about this topic," she said. From the bits and pieces she had bothered to listen to, he seemed to have just gone on about the same thing. It wasn't a hard trick, and she herself used it numerous times to bore people into leaving the conversation; however, in this case, it seemed that he was genuine in what he'd said, and it made her want to laugh yet again.

She didn't, instead saying, "All that may be true. However, what is the root cause of it all? Selfishness is but a symptom, is it not?"

Retracting her hand after the shake, she returned it to her lap. "I suppose you could say I'm a supporter, although not of the game in itself -- I support particular players." She paused to gesture towars Christopher with a tilt of her head. "I came because my brother wanted company while he attended the game, and since he already bought the tickets, I couldn't refuse. I have been busy catching up with my auror coursework, so it's been a while since we were able to spend time together."

While this was true, Serafina still couldn't help but wonder if that was the entire reason. Christopher could have taken anyone; why her? She pushed her questions away for now. "I've had to practise for an upcoming obstacle course skill test," she added, simply to get the conversation moving along.

Six months away from the auror course had helped heal some of the calluses and scars that formed during her months of practical classes, but she hadn't stopped practising her hand to hand combat while away, and her muscles had remained throughout her absence. It was a demanding course, both physically and mentally, but she thoroughly enjoyed it.
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PostSubject: Re: Nothing Like A Good Game of Quidditch (open)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:35 pm

Kieran chuckled and nodded, having to admit she was right on that one. "Touché. I'm rather surprised I found somebody so interesting to talk to at a Quidditch match, I must admit. Most of the time it's usually just adoring fans, or people coming to have a few beers and hang out with friends." he said. It wasn't a totally inaccurate evaluation, either, because when Kieran looked around there were quite a few either drinking or staring longingly up at the action of the skilled players on their brooms.

"I suppose not all the women are like that, but enough of them to make me sick and tired of it that's for sure. However, I did meet one girl the other night at the Leaky Cauldron who's actually quite easy to get along with, really sweet too." he said, smiling. Kieran wouldn't even try to deny being a romantic if she accused him of it. That was one thing about people that he considered a redeeming quality, the way there were able to fall in love with each other. Not that he'd fallen for Victoria quite yet, but maybe eventually.

When she said that selfishness was but a symptom he nodded, trying to think was was underlying that. "Unhappiness I suppose. If people aren't happy they try and acquire more things, or hurt others in some way be it emotionally or physically. Or, sometimes end their own lives because of it. I may be wrong of course, but that would be my guess." he said, frowning a little at the dark turn his logic had taken him to when he thought about her question.

Nodding when she explained she came because of her brother he smiled when she mentioned auror coursework. While he knew wasn't cut out for that type of career he respected the work they did to try and help people and keep their world safe. "I imagine this isn't just a standard obstacle course. What have you been doing to practice for it?" Kieran inquired, keeping an eye on the game as well while he talked with her. When a goal slipped by the French keeper he let out a cheer with the rest of the home crowd.

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PostSubject: Re: Nothing Like A Good Game of Quidditch (open)   

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Nothing Like A Good Game of Quidditch (open)
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