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 Family Business [Verena]

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PostSubject: Family Business [Verena]   Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:19 pm

Serafina had gotten married, not that many knew about it, on a lovely winter's day, wearing the most unconventional dress, but happy. Seth had been an accident, a game gone wrong, and they'd come to the agreement that neither had won -- and, therefore, neither had lost, either. They tied, and although there would be many games in the future, this had been the most important one of their lives. He'd asked her to dance for the first time that night after years of trying to get him to do it, concluding that particular game with her as the winner and him the very willing loser.

As she entered her third year of studies, things became rather hectic and the pair postponed their honeymoon until such a time that she could take time off her course. With family drama happening, that had been sooner than she anticipated, and for a whole six months the pair traveled around the world together. What they did nobody ever found out, for they favoured the muggle world.

It was too late, therefore, by the time Serafina returned, and she was greeted with the news of all things her younger -- not youngest, however -- sister had done. Hiding a sigh and a smirk, Serafina returned to her dorm, wedding ring securely on her fourth finger, and spent a few days mulling over everything.

There was, after all, a lot to think about.

Finally, a week after she returned, she apparated to her summer home and sent an invitation for Verena to meet with her -- or rather, an instruction. She may be a Corbett now, but she was still the oldest Richardson by blood and by name; for the time being, she was still going by her maiden name, until she was done with University and their wedding was announced to the world.

Waiting in her living room instead of the sitting room (that was more for guests than family), Serafina waited for her sister to arrive. She was wearing something far too unladylike, but as with everything, Serafina had a purpose for it.

After all, Verena had chosen a path that was rather unconventional, and Serafina was more amused than anything. Still, roles had to be played, and she was more than capable of performing hers.
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PostSubject: Re: Family Business [Verena]   Thu May 25, 2017 9:37 pm

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Family Business [Verena]
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