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 Far From Hawaii (Casey)

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PostSubject: Far From Hawaii (Casey)   Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:46 am

Each day that passed seemed to bring a new sense of homesickness. Of course her family no longer lived in Hawaii but that was her home and she was sick for it. Hogwarts just didn't have the same sunshine. The first year made her way down to the lake's edge in an attempt to enjoy the sunshine like she had back home. She wore some simple jean shorts and a simple blue shirt, her long hair messily resting against her back.

The sound of the small waves against the shore was enough to send her spiraling into an imagination of her favorite beach back home. Lana threw herself on the ground and laid back, arms behind her head and eyes closed. It was warm but not hot, quiet but not relaxing and she was confused. Her heart felt pain in a way she didn't know could exist yet she smiled through it. Her life could be worse, she could be sick or her parents could be dying, her brother could hate her and her cat could be dead. Instead her parents were healthy, she was healthy, Machi loved her and Maui was curled up at her feet enjoying the sun as well.

Walking outside, Lana noticed there hadn't been many other students soaking up the sun but that was perfectly okay. It meant the grounds was quieter. Of course it was saddening that there were people who just didn't enjoy the outdoors but she had to accept the fact that not everyone was raised the same as her.
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PostSubject: Re: Far From Hawaii (Casey)   Mon Mar 27, 2017 1:11 am

It had felt like ages since Humphrey had passed, but life had moved on without him. She'd tried her best to live life and not miss him too much even though it was hard, since she knew that's what he would want. Her reflex of going to her big brother when she needed help was still there though, and each time she started to go and look for him it felt like a knife stabbing through her as she realized it wouldn't do any good. Casey thought that she'd accepted the loss now, even though she was still frustrated and confused at times she wasn't in the state of denial or shock which was probably good. One of the few pleasant surprises were the sunny days starting to break through, and she found herself wandering the grounds when she heard the mew of a cat. Eyes widening, she started looking to find the source.

Not too long since she'd heard the sound Casey spotted someone she was pretty certain was a first year too with a cat, also enjoying the nice day. As she strolled through the grass barely making a sound she realized it would probably be a good idea to announce herself. "Umm, miss? Would...would it be okay to pet your cat?" she asked, biting her lip nervously as she gave the girl a nervous smile. Naturally, her brain was blanking on what the girl's name was even though she was sure she'd heard it at some point.
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PostSubject: Re: Far From Hawaii (Casey)   Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:59 pm

Lana was enjoying the sunshine for once. Typically, she wallowed in the fact that it was nowhere near like the sunshine from Hawaii and it wasn't but she was slowly realising that she needed to try to get used to it. She could still visit Hawaii during breaks from term, it would still be there. She let out a soft sigh, the sun beaming down against her copper skin. No one at Hogwarts knew she was from Hawaii and it may have been for the better. Had they known she was a native Hawaiin, she'd probably constantly be bombarded with questions. Her American accent was already enough to make people talk.

Lana didn't hear the girl approaching, with Maui meowing and the waves crashing on the shore she was in a happy place. When the girl spoke, Lana jumped a bit and turned to look at her. She looked young, like Lana and pasty unlike Lana. "Uhm, sure," Lana said slowly. Maui soaked up attention, especially with his unique coloring but usually people just pet him without asking. Lana gave a small smile when she saw that the girl seemed nervous. Lana wasn't one for biting, that was how you got sent to the crazy house so why was this girl so nervous? "I'm Lana Okole," the Hufflepuff smiled.
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PostSubject: Re: Far From Hawaii (Casey)   Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:19 pm

Casey smiled when the girl didn't seem to mind, and gathered up the cat before hugging her gently into her chest as she started to pet her. The soft fur and the gentle purring lent a sense of calm to her that she hadn't felt in months. "You are one beautiful cat, what's your name little one?"she asked while scratching behind the ears. One of the few things she missed about home aside from her mom was having her dog Alice with her like she always used to, but sadly dogs weren't allowed at Hogwarts. Maybe she'd have to get a cat of her own if they were this nice and comforting to have around.

"Casey Williams, nice to meet you." she said, smiling in her direction. "May I ask where you're from? Okole doesn't sound like any British name I know and that accent surely isn't." she reasoned. "From one of the states?" she asked, taking a guess though not really sure. Okole sounded like it could be american Indian maybe? She wasn't really sure, but was feeling some of her old curiosity about life start to stir a bit.
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PostSubject: Re: Far From Hawaii (Casey)   Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:13 pm

Lana watched the girl pick up Maui and cuddle him like she'd lost her best friend. She smiled a bit when she talked to him and when she asked him name, Lana answered. "Maui," she stated, "after the demi-god." She loved him but sometimes he had a bit of a personality, almost like he knew he was different looking. He expected to be told he was one of a kind and beautiful and if he wasn't spoken to, he hissed at you and bit. He was, in her eyes, a diva.

"Nice to meet you as well," Lana replied, "Hawaii." The girl slightly smiled before allowing her body to relax in the sun again. Her accent was a dead giveaway, it was much different than the other ones around Hogwarts. As long as she had an American accent she would never fit in here. Her hair was wilder than the other girls, her skin darker, her accent simple and boring and her interests nonexistent.
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PostSubject: Re: Far From Hawaii (Casey)   Thu Apr 06, 2017 6:42 pm

Casey was a little surprised that the girl would name a cat after a demigod, but figured her and Humphrey had done stranger things growing up and shrugged it off. "That's cool, I have a husky at home named Alice that I take care of, but sadly dogs aren't allowed at Hogwarts." she said, wrinkling her nose. "When I'm at home I went running with her all the time, but since I haven't had her around to help motivate me I've gotten rather lax with it." she admitted, giving Maui a kiss on the fur before relaxing her grip a little so the cat could go back to her owner if he wanted. She was still petting him though, so figured there was a good chance he might decide to stay and revel in the attention as most cats do.

"Wow, I'd love to visit Hawaii sometime. Is that why you're beautiful? People say Hawaii's one of the most beautiful places on earth." Casey said, not knowing herself but usually trusting what was written in books. She wasn't trying to flirt or anything by calling her beautiful, merely stating it as the simple fact she thought it was. Most people around here were so pale, she thought the darker skin really stood out but in a good way. There was also the black curly hair, which she thought must be really hard to keep under control but looked nice too.
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PostSubject: Re: Far From Hawaii (Casey)   

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Far From Hawaii (Casey)
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