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 Wesley Tonkov

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PostSubject: Wesley Tonkov   Tue Mar 28, 2017 9:11 pm

Please note that continuation from this point will include Trigger Warnings including: Self-Harm and Suicidal thought processes. Though not a big part of his life now, Wesley did have a few years of dealing with such things.

Full Name: Wesley Viktor Tonkov
Age: 16
Date of birth: 31 December 2004
Birthplace: Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria
Current home: Hogwarts, or Edinburgh, Scotland
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment: Heterosexual
Wand type: 9", Oak, Unicorn

Hair colour and style: Short, light brown hair that is normally combed in to a semi-neat state. However, it is quite easy to ruffle up, should someone feel the need.
Eye colour: Blue, but not a normal blue, they are nearing the green/blue mix, but Wesley has decided on blue.
Height: 5 foot 11 when full grown, about 5 foot 8 now.
Body type: Average. Neither slim, nor muscular, Wesley just... is. Never having to worry too much about his food intake, Wesley has a good metabolism.
Dress sense: Wesley doesn't have much care for clothes, but he is normally quite smart in how he dresses. Normally a polo shirt - buttoned up - paired with a pair of smart jeans, or trousers, if not in his school clothes, though. But, on occasion, he will just wear t-shirts with jeans.
Birthmarks: None.
Tattoos: None.
Scars: Both wrists are littered with scars, but Wesley mastered a spell that hides them from the view of others that he has to complete each day. If, for some reason he should forget, then people would be able to see them.
Piercings: None.

  - Reading. Non-Fiction, though.
  - Being in the Muggle world, away from Magic, and all the horrible things that come with it.
  - His mother - though this is more love, not like.
  - Herbology, and plants, more of the Muggle variety, but Magical, non-violent plants are cool too.
  - Muggle Studies - it's easy, and makes him feel more at ease.
  - Marvel Comics/Superheros.
  - Chocolate.

  - His older twin, Aleksander.
  - Sports, on the whole.
  - Bullies.
  - Dark Magic
  - Blood supremacy.
  - His father.
  - Doing Magic that is considered 'Dark'.
  - The scars on his wrists - they were a moment of weakness.
  - Magical abilities in general.

  - Reliable.
  - Friendly once he gets over his suspicion of others.
  - Loyal to those he befriends.
  - Imaginative - due to his love of books, Wesley is definitely quite good at making up situations - which has led to his escapist mind set growing larger.

  - Being bullied for the first five years of his Magical school life, Wesley struggles being open with other magical people.
  - Socially awkward - through the years of bullying, but also just through his personality, Wesley is really socially awkward, and struggles to conform with 'normality'.
  - Quiet even when a response is normally expected.

Positive traits:
  - Bi-lingual - Bulgarian & English.
  - Independent - though more through force, than anything else.
  - Compassionate.

Negative traits:
  - Easily manipulated.
  - Escapist.
  - Suspicious - due to the bullying for many years, people who appear to be nice raise suspicion in Wesley.

Wesley was born in Bulgaria to two loving parents. His mother was English, travelling the world and finding love in a foreign country. Whilst his father was Bulgarian, and happened across a beautiful English woman after a stressful day's work. But, Wesley was born as the second of a set of twins. Smaller, weaker, and very much appeasing to the world at large.

Throughout his childhood, Wesley was frequently ill, never with anything life threatening, but it was obvious that whilst his older brother Aleksander had thrived in the womb, and developed fully, Wesley had been left the weaker of the twin boys. This led to a lot of mollycoddling on his mother's side, which left Wesley with a kinder heart, and a softer personality of that of his brother. Not to mention, Aleksander had a knack for the more masculine things in life, sports, fighting, lack of interest in his academic outlook.

Wesley, was the complete opposite. Enjoying learning - though not highly intelligent - Wesley put most of his time in to school work, and reading. He was the quieter of the two brothers, and stayed out of his brother's way most of the time.

Up until the age of nine, nothing really out of the ordinary had happened in and around the house that Wesley can remember. There were odd happenings from time to time, but it was blamed on the cat, or an already broken-but-still-usable piece of furniture. But at the age of nine, Wesley had been sat in the garden, reading his Marvel comic when his brother and a couple of his friends had come back from playing football at the park. Wesley hadn't noticed them sneaking up on him, but, the stealing of his comic book, and the incessant teasing of him being a 'pansy' had brought Dimitar, Sergei and Aleksander to be blasted backwards from where they stood, and the comic to land back in Wesley's hand.

The arrival of a man in strange clothes shortly afterwards had announced that both Aleksander and Wesley had magical powers, although Aleksander had not shown quite so powerful signs (yet).

On their eleventh birthday, both boys were selected to join Durmstrang Institute. The school wasn't in Bulgaria, but the boys were permitted to attend. Their parents given a cover story of a private school, both boys were shipped off (pun intended) to the school where they quickly found out that the Dark Arts - a field of Magic that Wesley soon came to despise was highly encouraged her.

But, even worse than this, the school did not have a very high toleration for Muggleborn students. Being forced to take such students in, the school had a limited number of such wizard and witches, but the lives of those of Muggle parentage was not a nice one.

Aleksander learnt the lesson of eat, or be eaten, and quickly drove himself to a safe place, looking down on the Muggleborns - including his own brother - to save himself the torment. Wesley, however, was not so smart, and often found himself the target of many a nasty prank. The already quiet boy shied in to himself more for this reason, and soon learnt to stop fighting back. The bullies tended to leave you alone if you were too easy.

During the start of his fourth year, Wesley grew closer with his best friend Anastasiya. A pretty young witch, Muggleborn, whom he could tell his secrets to, trust easily, and eventually came to cherish. Nearing the end of his fourth year, Anastasiya went missing for four days. His worry had mounted very highly, until he could take it no more, seeking out his brother - who had, by this time - earned the trust of others - he asked if he knew where Anasatasiya was. Aleksander had pushed him away, telling him that it was not his place to ask questions.

The younger of the two brothers had drawn his wand at this point, demanding through a flurry of tears where Anastasiya had gone, but all he'd received was an explanation that he was too late. Wesley's wand had lowered as he found the news that Anastasiya had been taken home earlier that day. Dragon Pox.

Anastasiya did not return before the end of school, and all of Wesley's letters had gone unanswered. The End of Year Feast had been when the whole school had been told.

Anastasiya had not survived the Pox.

The summer of his fourth year, Wesley was inconsolable, having lost the only person in the Merlin forsaken school that he could talk with, he was forced back in to his internal sanctuary. Pain that he had no inclination of how to deal with had flooded his system, and he could not get away. Severed wrists did little and less to aid him, but the sweet sting of a blade made him feel again, if only temporarily.

His summer had been grief stricken - but covered up - and Wesley had returned to Durmstrang broken and more alone than ever. Each time the bullies came, he prayed for them to finish him off with a misplaced spell. So that he could be freed from this nightmare. But, they only served him with physical pain that no longer registered.

The pain wouldn't stop, and Wesley became very, very switched off from the world, until one of his dorm mates - another Muggleborn - caught sight of his wrists, and all but frog marched him to the hospital wing. His parents were brought to the school, Wesley was taken to the hospital in Bulgaria over the Christmas period.

Subjected to test after test, and aided through the grieving process properly, Wesley studied from home for the remainder of the year. But, his presence only angered his father, and pushed his mother to breaking point. By the time Wesley sat Durmstrang's equivalent of O.W.L.S. the divorce paper had been settled, and Wesley and his mother were to move back to the U.K.

"A new start, for both of us." Wesley's mother had insisted, cradling her youngest son. But, Wesley knew fear when he saw it.

   Name: Connie Glover
   Age: 38
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Art Teacher

   Name: Viktor Tonkov
   Age: 40
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggle
   Occupation: Mechanic

Non-Identical Twin:
   Name: AleksanderTonkov
   Age: 16
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Muggleborn
   Occupation: Student

   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species:

Connie Glover had done her Art & Teaching Degree at Hertfordshire University and left the university with a 2:1 - not quite the First she was hoping for, but still very good, no less. From there, the young woman had decided that, after twenty one years of studying, she was going to take a break. Leaving England behind her, Connie went travelling around Europe, enjoying the different cultures, people, sites, and music that each had to offer.

It was Bulgaria that had kept the woman's attention, though, in the form of Viktor Tonkov. The man had captivated her on first site, and the evening they'd spent together turned in to many a night (and day) in the next two weeks. In that time, Connie had found herself missing her period. She hadn't told Viktor, instead making an excuse to stay for another month before she would decide to move on.

But, when her next period didn't come, she knew she had to come clean. Viktor had not been happy, but Connie had been firm - she would not, ever, abort a child. Whether Viktor would stay with her, she had explained, was his choice. Reluctantly, Viktor had agreed to help, and Connie had had to ring home to explain to her parents what had happened.

Connie had remained in Bulgaria, finding she had twins on the way, she'd grieved so hard. Not just one child, they were bringing two in to the world. Viktor had, eventually, done the right thing, and married Connie to avoid too big a scandal. But, it was never the right terms for a marriage. It was never exactly happy, but it was comfortable.

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Wesley Tonkov
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