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 Sienna Gibson

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PostSubject: Sienna Gibson   Tue Apr 04, 2017 5:25 am

Full Name: Sienna Kassandra Gibson
Age: 15
Date of birth: 17 Feb, 2006
Birthplace: England
Current home: Hogwarts; somewhere in America during the holidays
Blood Status: Half-blood; part-veela
Sexual Alignment: She’s heterosexual, but she has experimented before
Wand type: Laurel; dragon heartstring; 9 and 1/2 inches

Hair colour and style: Black hair that reaches her mid back. She usually leaves it long, or ties it in a single ponytail
Eye colour: Light brown with flakes of green and grey depending on the sunlight
Height: Five foot eight
Body type: Slim, but not sickly so
Dress sense: She’s quite fashionable, usually wearing the latest trends.
Birthmarks: None
Tattoos: A tiny bird on the front of her left shoulder; a small arrow on her right side, pointing towards her heart. The bird symbolises freedom; the arrow comes from one of her favourite muggle songs -- Follow Your Arrow
Piercings: She’s got piercings in her ears and belly button (but nobody knows about this last one)

Likes: (3 minimum)
  - Being the center of attention
  - Chocolate
  - Shopping for clothes
  - The latest trends
  - The colour pink
  - Flirting with boys//getting boys’ attention
  - Gossipping//hearing the latest news
  - People
  - People doing what she wants
  - Being checked out
  - Video games
  - Country music (she would never tell anyone this, though)
- Being Veela

Dislikes: (3 minimum)
  - The stigma of being a rich, spoilt, veela girl (although nobody really knows she's part Veela)
  - Being an only child
  - Being judged
  - Having to be fake all the time (although she feels like she doesn’t have a choice)
  - Swimming in the ocean (it’s too vast and too uncontrollable for her liking)
  - Not being in control
  - Coffee
  - Commitment
  - Charity (for the ones who don’t help themselves, anyway; she says if they worked hard, she’d be more inclined to offer some assistance)
  - Being told what to do

Strengths: (3 minimum)
  - Manipulation; Sienna has always known what to say and how to behave in order to get people to trust and like her, or do as she says.
  - Fashion; she’s always had a knack of picking out the right clothes
  - She’s a fluent speaker, and has no problems talking to large crowds; alternatively, she can also hold one-on-one conversation well, should she choose to bother
  - Good talker; she’s able to spin stories that verge on unbelievable to such an extent that one believes it has to be real
  - If she puts her mind to it, she’s actually really good at making friends (or making you like her, in any case)
  - Following through plans (be it her own or others’)
  - Finding loopholes in rules or statements

Weaknesses: (3 minimum)
  - Her parent’s shadow; she hates being seen as the daughter of the Gibson’s, instead wishing to create her own name
  - Shopping, duh
  - Boys
  - Attention (she craves it)
  - She feels like she’s stuck with her label
  - A nice hot cup of tea
  - Temptation (she gives in rather easily)
  - Video games
  - Her phone (it’s a shame she can’t use it in Hogwarts)

Positive traits: (3 minimum)
  - Generous; if she likes you (or if you’re her friend, be it a genuine one or not) she is willing to (almost literally) throw money at you, buying you elaborate gifts and other items
  - Ambitious and hardworking; she’s willing to do anything it takes to achieve her goals
  - Despite being good at manipulation, she strongly believes that lying is not a means to achieve and end; therefore, she always tells the truth, although how much of the truth she tells is debatable.
  - Always keeps her promises; if she says she’ll do something, she’ll do it
  - Loyal to her friends and those she considers family (which may not always include her birth family); she will never betray those she loves
  - She thinks things through before doing anything, so she doesn’t ever find herself in situations she’s not prepared for

Negative traits: (3 minimum)
  - Insecure; having grown up as an only child and with the status of her family looming over her like a dark shadow, Sienna always feels a need to measure up and be who she’s expected to be - that is to say, spoilt, demanding, beautiful, and popular
  - Attention seeker (see previous explanation)
  - She likes to manipulate people into doing what she wants; the power gives her a sort of high that she enjoys
  - Because she likes attention, she tends to spent (too much) time and effort into her appearance; to put another way, she can be quite shallow at times (okay, a lot of the time)
  - She doesn’t understand the value of money and tends to throw it around like it’s nothing; she can spend a few thousand galleons as though it were only a few knutz without so much as blinking
  - Quiet shallow at times

Traits that aren’t good or bad but just are:
  - Ambitious and hardworking; she’s willing to do anything it takes to achieve her goals
  - She believes that the world is a dog-eat-cat kinda place, and works her ass off to get to the top of the food chain
  - She understands the need for rules and laws and would never break them (although bending is alright, and only if these rules benefit her)
  - She will obey authority as long as she respects them and believes they are right; if they start to do dishonorable things, she’ll turn on them after much consideration
- She likes catching people off guard and therefore doesn't really make it public knowledge she's part veela.

Rules she lives by:
  - Never harm children and babies (they’re genuinely innocent) unless absolutely necessary
  - Never lie to obtain your goal; omission and half-truths are fine
  - Never cheat a genuinely poor person or someone who is genuinely trying hard but failing (she won’t help them, but she won’t harm them)
  - Never break your promises

  - Not being good enough
  - Never accomplishing anything worthwhile with her life
  - Being stuck as ‘that spoilt rich veela girl’
  - Not actually having any real friends

Sienna was born to Catelyn and Maison eight months after Catelyn’s pregnancy. The Healers were afraid that she would not survive long, but she managed to pull through despite some complications during birth, and the tone was set for the rest of her life - especially so as an only child.

Growing up, Sienna was raised more by nannies than by her parents, who were always busy with something or the other. They were always instructed to give Sienna whatever she wanted, and many a nanny had been fired for refusing to give a six year old yet another piece of chocolate, or making her eat vegetables when she didn’t want to. The only time Sienna ever saw her parents was on weekends, and as she grew older and her bedtime extended, she would get to say goodnight if she was lucky.

It wasn't until she was seven that she was finally deemed old enough to be allowed in on family secrets, and she was brought to the work place of her mother and father. It was there she discovered her birth status -- she'd been the result of two unwed lovers, a Pureblood male and a part-Veela female. It soon became very evident that her mother had her father wrapped around her finger, the male doing practically anything she asked, which had included leaving his family behind to marry her after stealing more than half their fortunes.

(Sienna would later -- much later -- find out this had been Catelyn's plan all along.)

Nannies now no longer a part of her life, she was brought daily to muggle America where her parents had what appeared to be a muggle law firm, of which they were the bosses. For the next couple years, Sienna was taught everything she needed to know about tax evasion, loopholes, and all sorts of technicalities when it came to breaking the law without actually... well, breaking the law.

When she was nine her true lessons began with a trip to the basement levels of the tall skyscraper, sections that weren't on the elevator buttons. It was here she discovered the true purpose of the Gibson Law Firm -- magical hideouts for criminals, gambling dens away from wizarding law enforcement, and all sorts of other illicit activities. For the next two years, she was taught all the tricks and trades of the magical world and how to beat the system.

When her letter to Hogwarts came -- for she was still a British citizen by birth, as was her father -- she returned to her home country to attend school, with every holiday spent back in her parents' office learning more about how to win the world over and have them thank you for it.

It was around this time that she began to realise she was sick and tired of these stigmas surrounding her, for the only 'friends' she ever really had growing up were the wizarding orphans her parents (or people working under her parents) took in and set to work pickpocketing or begging, reminding her of Oliver Twist (she had been made to read that book as a way to study how muggles did it, and later quizzed on how she could incorporate that into the wizarding world before being introduced to what her parents were already doing). These children had been willing to play with her, but mostly because she'd been the daughter of their employee, and it had been out of fear.

Sienna changed her tactics altogether, taking a full year or so to learn the best way to win people (who didn't know much of your background or worked for your parents) over. By this time, however, she had already earned a reputation as a rich, spoilt brat who was part veela, and, realising this could be used to her advantage -- and also finding it too much effort to undo a reputation -- decided to stick with it.

   Name: Catelyn Gibson
   Age: 31
   Living or Deceased:
   Blood type or Species: Half-blood, part-veela
   Occupation: Muggle law firm owner; wizarding criminal organisation owner

   Name: Maison Gibson
   Age: 33
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: (disgraced) Pureblood
   Occupation: Muggle law firm owner; wizarding criminal organisation owner

Siblings: N/A

Spouse/Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Partner/Fiance: N/A

Children: N/A

   Name: Olive (after Oliver Twist, as a reminder)
   Age: 5
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species: Owl

Catelyn was a young half-veela from America who was discontent with her life. Having grown up as the youngest in a family with many other siblings, she often felt neglected and left out, especially since she'd only inherited part of her mother's looks. Her older sisters had gotten boyfriends very early on and married by the time they were twenty; Catelyn, on the other hand, was simply not interested in that life. She wanted more; she wanted power.

Maison was your typical Pureblood heir to the family (although nobody knows for certain anymore which family), growing up in Slytherin without any difficulties in studies. He had chosen his fiance at the age of sixteen, a younger Ravenclaw who had all the right qualities and a good last name. They were set to get married upon her graduation of Hogwarts, and everything was going swell.

And then, as all good plans do, everything fell apart.

Maison had decided that he would spend a year traveling around Europe after his graduation, and with permission and money from his parents, he set off to do just that. Unfortunately for him, Catelyn had, around the same time, decided to run away from home, hitchhiking and stealing her way to Europe.

They met eight months into his year, in Sweden, on top of a ski mountain. Catelyn, new to skiing altogether, had fallen and sprained her ankle; Maison, ever tender hearted and amused by the young witch, had offered help. The rest, as they say, is history -- Catelyn found the older male attractive and mysterious, even more so when she discovered he was a Pureblood. Maison, unable to resist the charm of a half-veela, was soon spending all his time with her. At first, he insisted he was just being kind to the witch. Later, he argued that she was so young, and needed someone to look after her. Then, he told himself that what nobody found out never happened and took her in his arms one evening, a month after they first met.

They traveled to the Faroe Islands together, and it was a few weeks later that Catelyn announced, to both their shock, that she was pregnant. In their haste (and it being their first time), they had forgotten protection altogether. But by this time, Maison was smitten, vowing his love for the younger witch, and promised he would return for her with money for them to start a new life.

He left her in a beautiful rented apartment overlooking the ocean while he went home under the guise of not being able to wait for his beloved Ravenclaw. His parents bought his lie hook line and sinker, and he managed to convince them to give him part of his inheritance earlier, so he could start wedding preparations. And then, with far more money than he should have been allowed to have, Maison left the family in the dead of night for his true beloved and their unborn baby. He left no explanation, only a note apologizing to both his parents and his ex-fiance, although he never once regretted his decision.

He changed his last name to Gibson to avoid any scandals (he still respected his family, after all) and he and Catelyn got married the following week without anyone in attendance but the minister and a local bum they asked to be their witness. They moved to America and, after some discussion, started their business. Sienna was born a few months after, and they left to to nannies while they slowly expanded their business, both in the muggle world and in the wizarding.

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Sienna Gibson
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