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 Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)

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PostSubject: Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)   Tue Apr 04, 2017 3:58 pm

It was a blue kinda day, and Sienna had gone with just that, colour coordinating her entire outfit to the chosen colour, save per the flower in her hair. That would be just a tad too much blue. It was a Saturday just before the last week of school or so and Sienna was not bothered by the dress code any longer. What could they do? Threaten to suspend her? It was almost summer holidays, so that wouldn't carry much weight. Besides, everyone was mostly past the caring stage, and she was going to use that to her full advantage.

Making her way down to the lake with everything she wanted on her, she smiled to herself as she found it free of others. Most of them were busy with the assignment due dates coming up and the essays that they had to write. They weren't very interesting topics, though, and Sienna knew she'd be able to do them rather quickly later on. For today, she wanted to just chill with her music.

Earphones already plugged in, she silently sent an ironic thank you to whoever was out there -- Merlin, god, fairies, whatever the hell else people invented -- that they found a way to allow devices to work in Hogwarts. She would've flat out refused to come if she wasn't able to text her friends or listen to music.

The latest iPhone in her hands, she walked to a secluded spot under a shady tree and sat herself down, humming softly to the music playing.

OOC: I'm sorry this is so short. D: Her reply will be longer, promise. <3
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:35 am

Oliver had given up on his homework, finding it much too tedious to stay focused for long enough to complete it. He could hear his mother chastising him in his head, but he really had tried. It had just become too much in the end. He'd come back to it, though whether this would be before the deadline, only time would tell.

Instead, Oliver had gone about using his time for other purposes, namely going out to the grounds with the intention of maybe going for a run - so he'd put on a pair of shorts, and a sports shirt - before deciding it was too hot for such things. The lake, had therefore been the place in which he was headed that morning, aimlessly wandering, really.

His mind was off somewhere else, until he noticed another figure. A smile touched the boy's lips as he focused - politeness never hurt anyone - but as his eyes fully registered the witch he received a very odd feeling flood him. The need to impress, followed by an impulse to go closer. Oliver blinked a little, not really knowing what on Earth that feeling was, but tried to shake it.

Oliver's feet, however, had a mind of their own as he moved closer to the witch. "Umm... hi..." Oliver said to the witch, managing to stop himself from moving closer in case he were to startle the witch. The frown on his features would probably tell a whole story, though, to anyone who actually knew what was going on in that moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 7:28 am

Sienna was enjoying the light breeze that was just playing with the tips of her hair and the music blasting in her ears. It wasn't all too often she got to take breaks like this, and Merlin knew that she wasn't going to have any time to herself when she started the summer 'holidays'. Her parents would have too much to teach her and she'd have too many lessons to complete to be able to chill like this.

Truth be told she didn't really mind all too much. She liked learning about the different ways she could follow someone without detection, and how to seduce even the most faithful of men -- and, perhaps, woman, if the need were to arise. She found a thrill in brewing potions that could murder people with a single drop, or paralyse them, or give them nightmares so bad they wet the bed. There was something about power that captivated her entirely, and learning how to harness this power and create it where it wasn't naturally found was her hobby.

Still, it would've been nice to have some off time to hang out with friends from school or to sit by the water doing nothing. At the very least she had her summer allowance to spend, both in galleons and in muggle money, and the weekends were allocated to her for doing just that. It wasn't to be all lessons; she had her assignments, too, her part of the work for her family.

But that was still a week away, and for the moment, Sienna merely enjoyed freedom.

Something caught her attention and she quickly paused her music, pulling the earphones out and letting them dangle around her neck as she turned to survey the person approaching her from the side. It was a male, seemingly younger than her, but still rather good looking. He had an odd expression on his features, a frown, eyes staring, and she recognised it at once.

She offered the male a wide smile. She'd seen him around before, although they'd never been properly introduced. He was a Hufflepuff, if she recalled correctly.

"Hello," she replied, sitting up a little straighter to reveal her entire midrif. She stretch her legs out in front of her, crossing one over the other to hide anything that shouldn't be seen, although her skirt was high enough to be more than a little suggestive.

Almost absentmindedly, she plucked her flower clip from her hair and began rake her fingers through her hair before repositioning it. She hadn't needed to do it, but it was fun to see the reactions it got. "Come to relax by the lake, have we?" she asked as she did this. "There's a shady spot here, if you don't mind sharing with me."
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:36 pm

Oliver Goulding was what his mother would call a 'perfect little gentleman' and though he wouldn't admit it, he did believe in this philosophy completely. He would never, ever treat women less than himself, and he would always, always, make sure he was polite, respectful and not predatory in any manner.

In his normal mind set, anyway.

However, as the witch before him sat up straighter, revealing a midriff that would set any man's heart beat in a moment, Oliver's eyes strayed from the witch's face without really meaning to. Taking her in - and it was definitely not subtle - Oliver felt his cheeks grow a little warm. Not in a deep blush, no, but a slight reddening of his cheeks began to appear.

Oliver didn't really know how to deal with this, he'd never really spoken to a woman with such... well, beauty. Okay, that wasn't true, he knew many beautiful girls, but none of them wore it in such a manner as the witch before him. Swallowing as she moved her legs, Oliver tried to force himself to look away, but something... something he didn't understand, was keeping him in place, almost helplessly.

The question of the lake made Oliver nod almost at once, and then the option to sit with the beautiful witch before him made Oliver scramble to sit beside her.

What on Earth was going on?

"I don't know what I was doing..." Oliver admitted before looking over at the witch once more. He swallowed again, somewhat nervous now he was sat beside her, almost like a puppy. "You-know-you're-really-beautiful?" Oliver blurted out, eyes going wide because he had no idea where that had come from.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:58 pm

As soon as his eyes moved from her face, Sienna knew she'd already won, and the blush proved it. It seemed the boy was thoroughly captivated by her, not that she blamed him; she knew she had looks. Sure, not as much as her mother (or her mother's siblings, whom she'd never met but seen pictures of) or those who had more Veela blood, but a third was already more than enough to gain attention -- not that she minded. In fact, Sienna thrived on it, finding it a thrill when people outright stopped to stare at her or check her out.

And, while she herself was straight, she didn't mind being checked out by other females. It was, after all, a compliment.

She let him take her in, not bothering to move or pretend to be abashed. Why should she? If she was shy, she wouldn't have chosen such revealing clothes. The only thing she regretted was putting in a belly ring; that would have really set the boy staring. But she hadn't exactly gotten permission for that particular piercing, and she didn't want that to get out just yet.

His statement brought a gentle bubbling laugh out from her. "That's alright. You can keep me company," she told him, lifting a shoulder in a semi-shrug. "It's boring by myself." Slowly, she uncrossed her legs and then recrossed them, this time with the other leg on top, as though simply to get comfortable.

His next words really made her laugh, and she let it out slowly, so it didn't appear as though she was laughing at him. She wasn't, not really; it was the way he admitted it. It was clear that he was not a flirter, and that it was most likely his first time meeting a Veela. Who could blame him?

"That's such a sweet thing to say!" she gushed, making it sound as though it was the very first time she'd heard such a compliment. "Thank you." She offered him a smile, bright and full, and then let a moment pass. "Am I to know your name, or only that you're remarkably kind with your words?" she asked, then, adding a very light wink.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:35 pm

Oliver simply gave the witch a smile when she said that he could keep her company. Words, it seemed, were failing the boy, because he was somewhat captivated by the girl who had invited him to join her where she sat.

The witch moved her legs again as he sat down, and Oliver's eyes followed the movement. He knew he shouldn't. He knew his mother would be horrified if she knew how he was acting in that moment, and yet, he couldn't stop himself from doing it.

Why? His mind supplied, trying to understand what was happening, but failing.

As the witch thanked him for the compliment, Oliver smiled brightly at the witch, eyes reverting to her face now and not on her legs. Though, he had noted, not purposefully, that her legs looked very smooth. Oliver's mind suggested something that he knew he couldn't do, and was thankful she took his attention away from those long legs.

"My name is Oliver. Oliver Goulding." Oliver supplied the witch, almost without a thought. He wanted, no, needed, to please her. His mind insisting that this was the thing to do, even if he had absolutely no reason to do so. "What's your name? Sorry... that's rude..." Oliver asked, looking slightly sheepish in that moment.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 1:50 pm

For a moment, Sienna wondered how long he would stare at her legs. If she were to keep switching them, over and over and over during their conversation, would he look each time? What if, by sheer accident, she moved it in such a way that it wasn't closed? What if she shifted position and her skirt rilled up just a tad more? Would he still watch, or would he try something more? There'd been those over the years that had taken her lack of clothing to mean they could try their luck, and these she very swiftly and quickly dealt with; her parents had, after all, made her learn numerous types of martial arts.

But that was a game for later. For now, she merely wanted to know more about the boy. Besides, it wouldn't do to get someone expelled because of something they couldn't control, although she highly doubted that the male before her was one to try. He was captivated and easily influenced, that was certain, but he seemed too shy to do anything forceful.

Besides, he'd blushed, and those who blushed usually weren't all that experiened and knew that staring was wrong. That meant, at the very least, he had some form of manners.

She took note of his name. Nobody famous or well known, as far as she knew; it certainly wasn't a Pureblood name. While her father had been disowned, she was still made to study the list of names of higer up families, both so she knew which to stay away from and which she could go after. But Oliver Goulding seemed to be a nobody -- and those were her favourite kind of people to deal with; nobody really cared if something... happened... to them.

"Sienna Gibson," she replied, smile widening. "And I think your manners are perfect, Oliver." She paused, wondering if she dared be cruel -- then, seeing no harm in it, held out a hand towards him, palm down. "But if you feel like you've been rude, a kiss would suffice as an apology, although I don't think you've done anything that requires one..."
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)   Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:18 pm

Gibson... Gibson... The boy tried to place the name, coming up short in that moment. He might have seen her in classes, he wasn't particularly sure. But, he didn't recognise the name, for whatever reason he attributed to it. But, her first name was both unusual and pretty, and Oliver couldn't help but murmur it softly under his breath to get a feel for it.

As Sienna continued on about giving her a kiss - on the hand, his mind supplied a moment later as he was given her hand - to make up for his rudeness, Oliver took her hand, and with a glance up at the witch, he kissed her knuckles ever so gently. Not in a manner that would say he didn't want to, but in a sign of respect to the witch before him.

"I am sorry, I should probably know your name by now. I guess... our paths just haven't crossed, for some reason..." Oliver explained, rubbing the back of his neck a little in a sheepish manner before he glanced out across the lake. There was a pause, before Oliver turned back to the witch, giving her his full attention once more.

"How come you're out here on your own? Surely someone like you has a tonne of friends..? And if you don't then I definitely think we could be friends." Oliver explained, much more quickly than he would usually talk, but he was blaming that on the weird feeling inside of him that he couldn't put his finger on.
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)   Thu Apr 06, 2017 4:31 am

He went for it, and Sienna had to hide a laugh of sheer glee. Merlin, if only everyone were as susceptible to her as this boy, she'd (quite literally) rule the world in a matter of weeks! But she wasn't so self-absorbed that she let this get to her head; she knew this wasn't too common, and that most of the time she had to work for this sort of reaction -- and even then, usually only in part. Just because she knew it wasn't common, however, didn't mean she wasn't going to milk it for all it was worth. No, Sienna was much to devious to let an opportunity like this go. Besides, she wanted to test the male before her, see how far he'd go for mere looks.

Oh, she could have offered more than just looks -- and perhaps, depending how it went, a kiss or two -- but he was younger than her, and unless absolutely necessary, Sienna prefered older males. They had more experience, most of the time, and were more mature about the whole thing.

His kiss was gentle and soft, and she wondered briefly if he'd done this sort of thing before or only ever observed. There wasn't really a right or wrong way to kiss the back of one's hand, though; it was the real kissing that determined how experienced someone was in that field. First kisses were almost always a bore.

She didn't bother biting back a smile at his comment. It really did seem as if she had him head over heels already, which was quite amusing, considering she hadn't really tried. Sure, she'd hinted and done some light suggestive work, but nothing over the top. If she really wanted to, she knew she could have him literally eating out of her hand.

"And what a shame it is that it hasn't!" she replied. "You are quite the charmer, I must admit." He wasn't, not really, but feeding the ego of people, she found, usually always worked in her favour.

This time she really did let out a laugh, light and gentle, at his words. He was cute -- and not in the way some people were that made her want to go after them, no. He was like someone else's puppy or kitten, great to play and mess around with, but not something she wanted in her life. She needed more challenge, more brains, more...everything, really. But still, a part of her couldn't help but like Oliver. He seemed naive and sweet, a breath of genuinity in a world of fake.

That also meant he would have his heart utterly and brutally shattered at some point, but that didn't bother her. Reality always seemed to crush the innocent; it was simply a matter of time.

"My friends are busy with homework," she replied, shrugging. "I thought I could use some fresh air and relax before the busy summer up ahead." She offered him another smile. "I would love to be friends with you," she added, stressing the word just a little. "And what about you, Oliver? Why are you out here alone?"
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)   Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:00 pm

Oliver had simply smiled as Sienna told him he was a charmer.
Not really knowing whether to agree, or disagree with that statement, Oliver had simply allowed it to be because there wasn't really a problem with the word. He was - oddly - nervous as to whether he'd kissed her hand in the right manner.

Was there a right way?

But, his mind gave up on trying to second guess himself when the witch explained that her friends were busy with homework, and that was why she was out her on her own. "Busy summer?" Oliver asked, almost without thinking. He'd only just met the witch, the question was probably not one he had a right to, but he'd asked it anyway. "You have a summer job?" Oliver asked, genuinely curious before he remembered her question of why he was out in the grounds on his own.

"Oh, I just like some time to myself. Especially when exercising. I can go at my pace." He explained, motioning to his running gear. Though... now... well, he didn't really want to go running. He just wanted to stay sat with the beautiful witch beside him, and talk about... anything!
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PostSubject: Re: Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)   

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Summer Lazing (Jake's Charries)
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