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It's the final month of summer!
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 The Start of Summer [Jake's Charries]

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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Summer [Jake's Charries]   Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:07 pm

The look he gave her brought a mental chuckle forth. Of course he wouldn't feel the same; he was a Pureblood, needing to work for nothing in his life. The little that he did work, was taught to him by tutors and if he made a mistake it was corrected in private. For her, she'd learnt the hard way, on the streets; she didn't have the luxury of wasting days in classrooms. If she screwed up, she got caught. Sure, she was taught the tricks of the trade before she was turned loose, but Purebloods... They had it differently.

If he wanted anything, he bought it. If he didn't have the cash, he could put it on a tab. She didn't have that luxury. If she wanted something, she worked for it. Stole, conned, lied, manipulated... It was a different sort of work, but it was work nevertheless.

And Greece, with its cruise ships and reputation for rich men to find beautiful exotic women, was but an employment agency.

She returned his look with a smile that gave none of this away. Why bother to explain? Even if he understood, it would make him a liability, and she didn't know him well enough to put that sort of power into his hands -- not until she had made the calculations and deemed it a good risk to take. (And there were no real good risks, unless the odds were in her favour -- but were those actually risks?)

She let his comment pass with merely another smile. It had been a warning from her to him -- she felt it was only right to give some kind of those to the people she targeted; if they listened or understood it wasn't her problem -- and the moment was over. She wasn't going to bring it up again.

Instead, she turned her attention to reading him. He seemed unimpressed, and the temptation to put her abilities to the full of their capacity rose. But she fought it down, knowing it was never smart or wise to show one's cards during a game, unless it was a move done in order to get the upper hand. There was a fine line she was still learning to navigate, though, and for the time-being she did not dare to risk it.

Watching him as he put the ink back, she let a few seconds pass not because she didn't have anything to say but because she wanted to be sure he was looking at her before she next spoke. "I suppose," she started, tone silky soft, but not overly so; it didn't seem fake or put on in any way. "I suppose there's only one way to find out."

She took a step forward, not big enough to put her directly before him, but not so small that her motives were unclear. Tilting her head just a little, she met his eyes, smiling a perfected smile that was equal parts flirtatious and friendly. "What do you say, Jacques?" she finished, so softly it was almost a whisper, a purr.
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Jacques Clement
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PostSubject: Re: The Start of Summer [Jake's Charries]   Sun Jul 02, 2017 4:41 pm

The question that the witch posed to him did not make a move on her part. She was trying to put the ball back in his park. Make him make a decision, and all that did was amuse the Clement heir. Did she really think he was't accustomed to game playing, or that he couldn't spot from a million miles away that she was trying to manipulate him?

Whatever the case, Jacques simply gave her an amused look in response to the question.

"Like I said, it's your move." Jacques echoed his previous words, stepping around her and moving to the kiosk without another word. When he reached the counter, Jacques put in a specialised order with the man for the ink he wanted for the new school term and stood waiting for the man to fill the form in. Amanuensis Quills preferred a signature for the account, something quite tiresome in Jacques books, but it did, at least, give the Ravenclaw witch a few moments more to keep his attention, if she was still up for the game of cat and mouse.

OOC: Sorry this is short, Jacques said he didn't really want to play, but I told him he had to.


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The Start of Summer [Jake's Charries]
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