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 We are who we are (Alexei and Naomi)

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PostSubject: We are who we are (Alexei and Naomi)   Sat Apr 08, 2017 8:07 pm

Alexei huffed softly as he stepped out of the Leaky Cauldron and out onto the streets of Diagon Alley, his brother, Marcus, had ordered him, none too gently, that he needed to spend some time with human interactions. He had been told to take some time off from his studies and to get friendly with his fellow teenagers in Diagon Alley.

Not something the Italian wanted to do but he conceded to his brother, ever since he had arrived in England he had rarely ventured out from their house or even interacted with anyone thus spending time in Diagon it was. He had money on him but at the moment in time he was happy just doing some normal window shopping to see if anything caught his fancy; not many things did and those that did either cost him too much or he could get it somewhere cheaper, like in the French version of the Alley were they sold things at a cheaper price.

The teen made his way towards the closest shop and slowly started making his way down, staring into windows and checking out the things on display to see if there was anything worth seeing or buying.
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PostSubject: Re: We are who we are (Alexei and Naomi)   Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:32 pm

Shopping was one of Naomi's favourite pastimes. She had asked her eldest brother to bring her in to Diagon Alley on the way to work - and he was going to pick her up later that day. This meant that - in between her hectic schedule of summer classes to boost her back to her right year - Naomi had spent all of her allowances for the summer on numerous items. New clothes in the latest fashion,
new makeup, new uniform to work her figure in the right manner, and of course,
the dull side of new school equipment.

Thankfully, her handbag had been charmed to hold heavy and multiple items without weighing her down, so Naomi was walking freely down the street, looking through the windows for anything else she might need.

Naomi's eyes were caught not by the window displays as she perused, though,
no her eyes were caught by the beautiful display of a man before her. Being only a month away from her fifteenth birthday, and feeling quite like a woman in the outfit her brother didn't approve of, Naomi made her way over to the boy - whom she guessed to be slightly older. "Who's display is it today?" She asked, trying to work out which book the boy was looking at, but also sparking up a conversation with an idea in mind.
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PostSubject: Re: We are who we are (Alexei and Naomi)   Sun Apr 09, 2017 7:57 pm

Alexei had noticed someone approaching the window he was standing by but he took no notice of who it was until the person spoke up, making him side-eye the girl next to him. He took notice of the outfit she was wearing and while he did give her a once over, he pretty much just pushed it to the back of his mind as it not being important.

"No idea." Alexei replied to her question, his lips curling into a wry grin. "All I saw was the people in the shop so I thought it must be someone good but it looks like crap to me." And the book in the window certainly didn't look appealing for him to buy; he could probably buy better things in Knockturn Alley anyways, at least the ones he wanted but seeing as he was in Diagon at the moment, maybe school shopping would be best. At least he wouldn't have to come here when the alley would be crowded with children running left, right and center.

He didn't recognize the girl so she was either younger than him or just didn't attend Hogwarts; he was leaning more towards the first though, considering the fact that nearly all of the United Kingdom Magical population attended Hogwarts. He went back to his perusal of the book in the window before turning away from it, a frown on his lips. He had a feeling this would be a waste of his time; maybe he should've gone down to Knockturn Alley the moment he got there.
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PostSubject: Re: We are who we are (Alexei and Naomi)   Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:12 am

The response from the wizard before her was not the one Naomi had been hoping for. But, she did not let this phase her. After all, what kind of Slytherin would she be if she couldn't improvise every once in a while. "That's a shame." Naomi replied to the boy's answer, peering in to the window to try and get a look. A good book would have been most useful in that moment, but she could try another approach.

The boy had turned away, though, something Naomi simply could not believe. Composing herself for a moment - so that she didn't look pissed with him - Naomi moved to his side. Not quite letting him go that easily.

"If the book bores you, then what is it that interests you in this street?" Naomi asked the boy - surely he couldn't duck out of this conversation so easily. She could have just let him go. But, he was attractive, Naomi was curious. And... well, he had that allure to him that most boys around her age did not have.
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PostSubject: Re: We are who we are (Alexei and Naomi)   Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:48 am

"They have better books in Knockturn." Alexei said with a sneer towards the bookstore, feeling slightly insulted; he really was wasting his time here wasn't he? And the girl certainly wasn't making things any better but he wasn't going to be a rude twat and just walk off when she clearly was trying to talk with him. He was studiously ignoring the voice in his head that she probably wanted more than just talking; he was not going down that route.

However that thought was probably going to get scrapped, he mused as the girl practically attached herself to his side, making him withhold the urge to roll his eyes; he didn't mind girls in general as long as they weren't trying too hard to get a guy and this girl was certainly treading dangerously towards that route.

"I haven't found anything in this street that interests me yet," Alexei said casually as he slowly started to walk, keeping his strides short to not leave the girl behind; it would be rude after all to just walk off when they were talking, even if he wanted nothing more than to walk away from this.
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PostSubject: Re: We are who we are (Alexei and Naomi)   Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:10 pm

The comment about Knockturn Alley made Naomi quirk an eyebrow. Not many people were terribly open about having gone in to that street, and in truth, she'd never been herself. She didn't particularly want to bring the Wilson name in to disrepute - especially with her brother being one of the Aurors in the Ministry. She had a curiosity about the place, of course, but never acted on it.

As the boy began to walk, though, and was flat out rude - Naomi was sure there wasn't a hint of flirting in his tone as he said there was nothing in the street that had caught his attention - she stopped in her tracks. "I... just remembered I need to find some books in here, actually. I'll see you around." She flat out lied to the boy,
turning away from him with a huff as she entered the bookshop to get her book supplies.

Why were boys so bloody difficult to deal with?
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PostSubject: Re: We are who we are (Alexei and Naomi)   

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We are who we are (Alexei and Naomi)
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