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 A Curious Art (Open)

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PostSubject: A Curious Art (Open)   Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:10 pm

Items pertaining to raising the dead. Violet hadn't any need beforehand to enter this shop. But passing by it so often, curiosity finally got the better of her, and she finally walked in to see what sort of things they sold, perhaps somethings might be of use in the future, especially if things start to head south in her dealings with the Nightshades. She was beginning to suspect they might, she'd held onto the sword for far too long to simply hand it over without some sort of repercussion.

The Dark Arts had always seemed to be rather alluring to Violet, and the art of Necromancy probably most of all, if a little intimidating. Reanimating the dead was a powerful skill, and yet also dangerous. If she were to dabble in such an art, she'd have to take precautions. Of course, she felt like she could handle it, she'd just have to ensure that everything was done correctly, down to the detail.

She walked slowly down the aisles, examining objects of interest to her, hoping to perhaps find a book on the subject. After all, as intriguing as the objects might be, they were of no use if she had no clue how to use them.

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PostSubject: Re: A Curious Art (Open)   Mon May 01, 2017 7:44 am

Sienna was just finishing up her shopping, for school, work, and personal life, when she saw someone she recognised from school entering The Coffin House.

Now, necromancy wasn't something she was foreign to. She had studied it, read up on it, and more or less knew the theory to performing it, although she'd been forbidden to actually try it until she was older; it was tricky magic, and would require a lot of concentration her parents weren't sure she had yet. Still, she knew enough about it to know that it wasn't her thing. When something was dead, there was a reason for it; why go playing with things that are old and rotting?

Of course, she could see the ... benefits ... to the whole thing, which was why her interest piqued when she saw that, of all people, it was Violet, an older Hufflepuff, entering the shop. A Slytherin, she could've understood. A Ravenclaw would, for the sake of curiosity. Heck, even a Gryffindor might have reason for the items sold in that shop -- but a Hufflepuff?

Without a second thought, Sienna followed after the witch. Stepping into the place, she glanced around. She'd been here before, a few times, for her parents, and knew the shopkeeper by name and face -- and he knew hers, too. So, with a nod, she shifted her gaze towards Violet and back, hand touching the place she kept her wand, telling him without words that she was not there for items, and that if anything went wrong he was to help.

And, if he didn't, he'd answer to her parents. But that was subtext.

Moving towards the girl, Sienna didn't bother to try and hide that she'd followed the Hufflepuff in. Instead, a knowing smile on her lips, Sienna leaned against one of the more sturdy shelves and raised an eyebrow, waiting for Violet to notice her before asking, "So, curioisity or purpose?"
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PostSubject: Re: A Curious Art (Open)   Thu May 04, 2017 1:45 pm

It didn't take long for Violet to notice a younger girl that she recognised from school step into the shop and approach her. It seemed she made no effort to be subtle about it either. The girl had an air of confidence, an elegant walk. Violet looked from the book she now held in her hand, but didn't say anything until the girl- Sienna was it- spoke first.

"So, curiosity, or purpose?"

Violet shrugged "Curiosity is useless if it doesn't have a purpose, wouldn't you say? I'd think the main reason people are curious about things in the first place, even if they don't know it at that point, is for potential purpose," That was just how Violet thought anyway. And it was her train of thought that made Violet question why the girl had followed her in. Sure, she could be there merely browsing, as Violet had been. Though she'd made a point of approaching her, and she couldn't help but wonder why.

"And what's your purpose then?" she placed the book she had back where she'd found it, finding it didn't have much of a draw as she had hoped.
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PostSubject: Re: A Curious Art (Open)   Wed Jun 21, 2017 2:26 pm

The answer brought a genuine smile to her. There was truth to her words, and Sienna wasn't going to deny that she did everything out of purpose -- curiosity, yes, but in order to see if something would help her or not. If it didn't, she dropped it; if it did, she found out more about it to see how she could manipulate for her good.

Violet, she was realising, was much sharper than she first anticipated, and already Sienna began to mentally readjust her stance and position on things. Oh sure, she'd known the Hufflepuff wasn't exactly what one would consider a normal person from that house, but only now was she realising to what extent this was.

For all she knew, she was dealing with a Slytherin, and those were dangerous. The fact the witch before her usually dressed in yellow, though, meant that she either managed to fool the sorting hat (which Sienna wasn't sure was possible) or she was messed up enough that the hat had made that mistake. There were possibilities of other options, of course, but what they could be Sienna wasn't yet sure.

She shrugged at the question. "You've answered it yourself," she said. She let a second pass, and then another, before she said, simply, "Curiosity."
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PostSubject: Re: A Curious Art (Open)   Sun Jun 25, 2017 4:50 pm

Her hand idly plucked another book from the shelf as the witch replied. Curiosity. The question now that hung in the air was what was she curious about? It was evident in Violet's case, she had merely walked into the store. But Sienna, she'd followed Violet in. And Violet found herself more intrigued at the witch that stood before her. She had an air of confidence about her, and didn't seem to be bothered in the slightest that they were stood in a shop devoted to oddities of Necromancy.

Ravenclaws were curious by nature, though Violet had seldom seen one use their curiosity in such a way.

"Potential purpose, essentially," she nodded "Me that is, not whatever this store holds," she added, making it clear that, yes, she was aware that the girl's curiosity weren't confined to the objects and knowledge the store held. And that made sense. Knowledge about a person, their actions, their past, their hobbies, whatever it might be, could be infinitely more powerful than the knowledge from a book. When fallacies and falsities had even the slightest bit of merit (or in some cases, none at all), there was the potential of one's downfall. Violet, however, wasn't ever going to let mere words be her downfall.
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PostSubject: Re: A Curious Art (Open)   

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A Curious Art (Open)
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