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 Treasure Hunt - Wesley Tonkov

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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Treasure Hunt - Wesley Tonkov   Mon Apr 17, 2017 7:09 pm

The Great Hall begins to empty as the students trickle out from breakfast. Eventually, the Hall is bare of any students except for you, and as you stand from your seat to leave your attention is pulled away from the treasure hunt by something unusual out of the corner of your eye. At the front, where the Professors usually sit, is a pedestal. It’s not that tall, perhaps only half your height, and is pure white. You can see intricate designs of leaves carved around it.

On top of the pedestal is a chest. You take a few steps closer to investigate. It’s not too large but you know that with magic, it could hold far more than meets the eye. It is a bit shabby and old looking, as if it's gone unopened for many years, a layer of dust and what seems to be cobwebs covering it. There are hints of water damage; the lock is tight and made of a strong metal that has some traces of rust on it, and there is moss growing on the side of the chest.

What do you do?

a) Approach and investigate the chest
b) Open the chest with Alohomora
c) Ignore the chest and leave the Great Hall

(OOC: At the end of your post, please make your choice clear by writing it in another color, or bolded.)
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PostSubject: Re: Treasure Hunt - Wesley Tonkov   Sun May 21, 2017 11:38 am

The announcement of a Treasure Hunt had been one that Wesley was more than happy to ignore. Attention, of any kind, was not something he enjoyed, or wanted any part of. It had been an easy decision for Wesley to make, writing off in almost the same moment that he'd heard about it.

However, just because Wesley had written it off himself did not mean that he could not be coaxed in to applying for it. Though, this route would not be easy, and it would take some time to accomplish, one Madison Bishop had managed it. After a week of hinting, and insisting that it would be fun, Wesley had given in.

Mostly, because he wished to impress the witch.

Why? Only Merlin knew.

Once again, Wesley sat in the Great Hall on his own, mulling over his breakfast and completely in his own little world. Who would win, if you tossed Captain America, and The Black Widow in a fight to the death? His personal opinion was biased, he'd want Captain America to win... But the Black Widow was amazing at what she did...

The Great Hall had emptied around Wesley as he pictured the fight. Captain America not 'fighting' his corner, defending himself, yes, but not attacking The Black Widow. Whilst she, in turn, tried to fight him, but also was only trying to put him in to submission...

What would make them want to kill each other..?

Wesley snapped out of his musings, noticing everyone was gone and muttering a Bulgarian swear beneath his breath, the Ravenclaw got to his feet, hastily grabbing his bag before noticing a pedestal in the room that had not been there before.

And a chest. Covered in moss... and dust... something damp in one area, but dusty in another... that... that didn't make sense. Frowning slightly, Wesley looked towards the door for signs of another person, before looking back at the chest. Was this something to do with the Treasure Hunt?

Not knowing, but curious, Wesley stepped up towards the chest to investigate further.

a) Approach and investigate the chest
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The Administrator


Posts : 1055
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PostSubject: Re: Treasure Hunt - Wesley Tonkov   Mon May 22, 2017 6:30 am

You decide to take the safe route and investigate the chest. Approaching it, you become aware the lock isn’t as sturdy as it first appeared and is almost rusted through. Now right in front of it, you realise that the chest has begun to shake a little, as though there’s something inside. Suddenly, the top bursts open and there are squeaks that fill the empty hall. There is a blur of blue as something emerges from the chest and flies over your head.

The door to the great hall slams shut and you turn to find that it’s being guarded by six creatures. They are eight inches high and are electric blue. They have long pointed ears and long arms, three fingers on each hand. You recognise them as Cornish Pixies.

They start chattering to each other, loud, shrill noises that hurts your ears. You notice one of them is holding a piece of paper -- that must be the clue! Gripping your wand tightly, you prepare to fight them.

a) Defeat the pixies in order to receive the clue. End your post with picking up the clue.
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PostSubject: Re: Treasure Hunt - Wesley Tonkov   

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Treasure Hunt - Wesley Tonkov
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