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 Questions and ... Evasion [Christopher]

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PostSubject: Questions and ... Evasion [Christopher]   Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:56 pm

Seeing Verena had been a must and a pleasure; Serafina had been thoroughly tickled by what had transpired in her absense, and the meeting had been something she looked forward to. Now back in the wizarding world, though, Sera threw herself back into learning the family business as well as studies, working hard to catch up on both -- not that it was particularly hard, of course. Servants were always helpful when it came to gossip, especailly when incentive was offered.

She had, however, no intention on seeing Christopher. Not yet, in any case; she knew he would have questions she wasn't sure how to answer yet, and she also knew that he'd been suspicious about her intentions with Seth from the get go. How was she to explain she failed in a game?

No, she never failed, and she'd have to backtrack on some of what she'd told him and find something suitable. It didn't need to be entirely convincing -- as long as it was convincing enough, it was okay if there were some doubts. After all, Chris would never outright question her, although he was growing older and more mature, and she knew she'd have to be more careful around him.

And this was proven when she received the note one day as she sat in the study of her house, going through her essay due the following week. Raising an eyebrow, she took a few seconds to compose herself, gearing herself up mentally for the visitation. He'd been smart, giving her just enough time to really get busy with Uni, but not so long she'd settled into routine.

She hadn't been prepared for the meeting being so soon, and while it came as a curveball, that was something Serafina was good at dealing with. But Christopher... He was growing smarter everyday, and she knew she'd have to be very, very careful with what she said and did.

Checking the time, she noted she barely had half an hour, and she put the parchment aside and went to change into something more suited for visitors, giving out orders to the servants to prepare tea and light snacks as she did.

Twenty minutes later, she sat in her living room, a random story book in her hands to give off the impression she hadn't been doing anything of importance, and waited for her brother to arrive.
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PostSubject: Re: Questions and ... Evasion [Christopher]   Sat Apr 29, 2017 2:28 pm

Christopher had been highly suspicious from the fact his sister had gone quite quiet for a period of time. Serafina wrote often enough that the lull in correspondence could not be viewed in any other manner. Which meant, without a doubt, he was going to have to attend Serafina's residence for an answer.

His summer had been filled with preparations for university. Meetings with their father. And, on occasion, outings with Keona. He hadn't really had enough time to himself, only enough to continue with his copious list of sports that he partook. This was his life, though. Busy.

So, finding the time to see Serafina had been something he'd had to play with, not that he was too displeased with his timing. Dressing down, because Merlin knew Serafina would hate it, Christopher had apparated to her home in Ireland with a small smile playing on his lips. Of course, he was met by a member of staff, who went to speak, before Christopher cut them off.

"She in the sitting room, waiting for me. I know. No, your guidance won't be necessary." Christopher told them, waving them away and heading to the room on his own. Oh yes, he was going to irk Serafina with his lack of Pureblood mannerisms, just because he could. Opening the door for himself, Christopher stepped in to the room with a warm smile playing on his lips.

"Serafina." Christopher greeted her, taking in the glow on her skin that only truly came from being abroad. "You're looking very well." He added, moving across the room to greet her with a kiss on her cheek. Currently, Christopher was sporting a nice amount of stubble across his jaw, the clear signs of him now being a man showing through. "Which, would ebb my worry with your lessened correspondence."

The final comment was added as he took a seat for himself on another sofa. It might have been politer to wait to be asked, but Christopher... well, Christopher was going to make Serafina tick. More than normal.
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PostSubject: Re: Questions and ... Evasion [Christopher]   Mon May 01, 2017 10:37 am

Serafina wasn't actually reading any of the words, although she let her eyes scan the page at a rate that was her typical reading speed. The door opened, and she very naerly glanced up out of habit, only barely managing to hold herself back. Self-control was a vital part of being an auror, and her years of training came in handy for things other than when undercover, too -- such as when Christopher did something like this and she didn't want to show any reactions.

She gave it an addiotional thirty seconds before she put down her book, turning -- finally -- to look at her brother, fighting against the natural raising of an eyebrow as she took in his outfit. If it was a game he wanted, it was a game he would get, and already she was regretting not wearing something slightly more revealing. If she'd known he was going to pull stunts, she would have gone all out.

Instead, she tilted her cheek towards him, allowing him to kiss her, and flashed him a smile in return. "Christopher," she greeted, sounding out his name fully and properly. "How very nice to see you."

Her smile did not harden or freeze at his second sentence although she wanted to. She did not even falter as she said, "It was difficult to send owls from the Muggle world, I'm afraid. I do hope I did not cause too much worry."

Originally, she wasn't going to be that honest; spinning lies was something that was not difficult. Spinning believable lies was another thing, but that she was used to and good at. But Christopher had set the ball rolling when he showed up dressed (or rather, lackingly dressed) in that fashion and entered without the servant showing him the way. Basically, he'd ignored all Pureblood ettiquetes -- on purpose no doubt -- and if that was the direction he was taking it, she could easily go with the flow.

She watched him as he sat, no judgement on her face or in her posture, and allowed a few moments more to pass. "How is life outside of Hogwarts, brother?" she asked, then, a slight smile showing she didn't really care.
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PostSubject: Re: Questions and ... Evasion [Christopher]   Sat May 06, 2017 8:29 am

The lack of open acknowledgement of both his attire and actions had Christopher somewhat put out - internally, he'd never let Serafina know that his failed attempt at a reaction bothered him - but he was not so stupid as to think that Serafina had not taken note. Even a flicker of acknowledgement would have been nice, but Christopher knew that winning was never easy.

So, he let it slide, taking in his sister's comment on how it was nice to see him - he was sure that the words were as hollow as a rotten log, but Christopher allowed that to slide. After all, he was sure Serafina had had other plans, which he'd so rudely interrupted.

"Ah, you've been ferreting around the Muggle world." Christopher commented dryly - how bloody dull was that. "Seth's idea, or your own?" He asked, because Merlin knew that Serafina had been playing the male for some time. Was this still a game? His eyes were on his eldest sister like a hawk. One wrong move, just one, and he would know all about it.

It was only a suspicion, but a suspicion that could no longer be pushed to the side.

The question posed by Serafina, though, followed by the small smile that was easily recognisable from the years of growing up with the witch made the question a redundant one. Allowing a small laugh to escape him, Christopher shook his head at his sister's antics, she... well, she should know better. "I believe it was you that told me, a time ago, that you should never ask questions that do not lead you to information that you do not want. I'd have thought Auror training would have taught you better too." Christopher replied, not developing further on her question, because Merlin he wasn't in the mood for her snide comments.

"Let's focus on you." Christopher added, making sure Serafina didn't try to avoid his question. After all, it was why he was here. To keep tabs on his sisters. Merlin knew that Verena was already trying to make a fool of the family, he couldn't let Serafina do the same.
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PostSubject: Re: Questions and ... Evasion [Christopher]   Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:26 am

The comment was the perfect set up. She'd been waiting, looking, and hoping for the perfect opportunity to break the news to him, which was why despite her casual appearance, she'd kept her left hand in positions where it was covered, even if only slightly. The ring on her finger would not be missed by her brother's sharp eyes. Now, and only now, did she lift her hand from her side, placing it on her lap in movements that would seem smooth, natural, and done without consideration.

"Yes," she said, to his statement. "I have been; it's not as boring as you would think, if you visit the right places." She paused at the question to smile. "It was ours; we wanted a quiet honeymoon where nobody would recognize us. Did you know that the seven wonders of the world are absolutely stunning? If you ever get the chance, you should definitely also pay a visit to the Grand Canyon at sunset. Seth and I had a fantastic time." She smiled again, a picture of perfect calm, tone casual as though talking about the weather.

Inside, though, there was a mixture of anticipation, amusement (Chris always had the best reactions to her revelations), and a touch of something new -- nerves. How he would react, Serafina couldn't be sure. Not this time, not for something like this. She could have always assured him that nobody knew of the wedding, and that they were going to have a proper one soon, but where was the fun in that?

So she left it at that, waiting for him to speak. It was his turn, and she would let him explode before doing damage control and spinning lies.

His comment made her laugh, although somewhat dryly. "You should know better than to throw my words back at me, Christopher," she told him, although it wasn't an admonishment; it was an amused statement. "Whoever said your answer would've provide information I want? I believe it was also me who told you to never assume; assumptions tend to be either spot on or devastatingly wrong, and one can't afford to take the risk that it's the latter instead of the former."

Gently tapping her ring finger against her lap, almost absentmindedly but done deliberately, she hmmed for a moment. "On me? Whatever is there to tell?"
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PostSubject: Re: Questions and ... Evasion [Christopher]   Sun Jun 25, 2017 2:05 pm

Christopher's expressions had been neutral as he watched his sister, collating the information, but not cold. No, Christopher had learnt a time ago that the cold look many could pull off was not one of his finer assets. The neutral look was, however, something he was relatively good at.

However, the comment about a honeymoon brought a very quick, momentary crease in the Richardson heir's brow as he processed that information. Serafina would notice, he wasn't going to pretend it hadn't happened. But, this, this was something quite drastic, and he wasn't sure how to deal with that information.

"I'm sure the Canyon is great." Christopher replied, though his tone held quite the disinterest in it that spoke that he wasn't currently interested in any manner of what she and Seth had done on their honeymoon. Christopher was much more interested on the topic of the actual honeymoon that had come in to being without anyone knowing -- though, in reality, no one knowing was a good thing.

The ring on Serafina's finger glinted in the light, almost mocking him in that moment. Christopher's jaw set for a fraction of a second before his eyes moved back to his sister.

The statement of throwing back her own words left Christopher silent, letting the questions from Serafina pass by without comment. He wasn't hear to play games. He had an agenda, which had just become much more focused than before.

"I think we both know exactly what it is we need to discuss about you. Does father know?" Christopher asked, not entirely sure that Serafina would have gone behind their father's back, but not entirely sure she wouldn't either. She'd gone behind his, and though he didn't currently hold the power of the family, he deserved to know what was going on in respect of his sisters' lives.

"But, more to the point. I thought Seth was a game." Christopher continued on, not lowering his voice. If Seth was here, and he overheard, well, that was not his problem in the slightest. "You lost your game, sister? That's not something I'm willing to believe."

The last was said with a slight bit more satisfaction on Christopher's part. Serafina had lost, no matter what string of lies she was about to tell him. The facts were quite easy to pick up on.

"Oh, and as this is not public knowledge yet, even if legal, I hope it goes without saying that you cannot fall pregnant with his child. And, as a Richardson, you will be expected to appear virtuous until such time that the wedding for the masses happens." Christopher added. He wasn't being patronising, he knew Serafina was not stupid. It was a warning. That if she should try to bring them down with any kind of stupidity, Christopher would make sure she went down, and not the whole family.
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PostSubject: Re: Questions and ... Evasion [Christopher]   

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Questions and ... Evasion [Christopher]
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