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 Find me where the wild things are ( Brayden )

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PostSubject: Find me where the wild things are ( Brayden )   Sun Apr 30, 2017 11:32 pm

Lainee had been enjoying her first week back to Hogwarts so far, since it was filled with her knowing that she had OWLS and had to get her act together with doing well on them. She wanted to do really well, and hopefully once she got out of Hogwarts, have a really good job, and continuing with keeping wealth in her family. She had decided though today she would spend time out at the Black Lake.

The girl had made her way out to the the Black lake, as she felt the nice hear hit hear. The weather had been rather nice. She had been walking looking at her outfit as she had wondered if maybe she would end up running into someone to keep her occupied. Lainee knew that if someone came up and talked to she would gladly talk to them.

She had then thought about Brayden, as she began walking. A guy she would maybe she would end up seeing. Then again she had been okay with whomever, came in contact with here, as she soon saw the lake come closer into view. Maybe she could get some sort of tan that day, something she was not all opposed too. Aside from being smart, she had most definitely had not let they corrupt her social life.

Which came to here to soon take a seat at the black lake, as she had sat back. Watching the black lake, not really sure what she would come across.

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PostSubject: Re: Find me where the wild things are ( Brayden )   Mon May 01, 2017 7:12 pm

Being back Hogwarts was nice actually even if he knew it will be his last year. After that, he will probably go to university. He knows he needs to first pass her NEWT's for it. Well, he is sure he will do that away if he studies a little bit before. He has still to figure some things in his life for sure. He knows that but he doesn't wanna worry about them today.

He had decided to go have some fresh air and think about few things. Well, lately he seemed to have a lot in his mind. Not just a future even. There was even one girl but he wasn't even sure how he should tell her that he likes her more than just friends. He has never been someone who is good at talking about his feelings. Somehow awhile walking he ended up near the black lake. He didn't mind the lake really. It has been one of his favourite places here on grounds anyways.

He seemed to wear his black jeans, white shirt and then the black jacket. His most common outfit you could see. He just loved this outfit for some reasons. Awhile looking up from the grass he had ended up looking there awhile thinking he noticed Lainee there. The girl he likes more than a friend.

He decided to walk over her and talk with her for awhile. They need to figure out the things for sure. "Hey," he said with a small smile. He really wasn't sure what to else to say. "How have you been?" he asked something.
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Find me where the wild things are ( Brayden )
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