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 Treasure Hunt - Lainee Chamberlain

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The Administrator


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PostSubject: Treasure Hunt - Lainee Chamberlain   Mon May 01, 2017 2:44 am

The Great Hall begins to empty as the students trickle out from breakfast. Eventually, the Hall is bare of any students except for you, and as you stand from your seat to leave your attention is pulled away from the treasure hunt by something unusual out of the corner of your eye. At the front, where the Professors usually sit, is a pedestal. It’s not that tall, perhaps only half your height, and is pure white. You can see intricate designs of leaves carved around it.

On top of the pedestal is a chest. You take a few steps closer to investigate. It’s not too large but you know that with magic, it could hold far more than meets the eye. It is a bit shabby and old looking, as if it's gone unopened for many years, a layer of dust and what seems to be cobwebs covering it. There are hints of water damage; the lock is tight and made of a strong metal that has some traces of rust on it, and there is moss growing on the side of the chest.

What do you do?

a) Approach and investigate the chest
b) Open the chest with Alohomora
c) Ignore the chest and leave the Great Hall

(OOC: At the end of your post, please make your choice clear by writing it in another colour, or bolded.)

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PostSubject: Re: Treasure Hunt - Lainee Chamberlain   Mon May 01, 2017 5:23 am

Lainee had been looking forward to the treasure hunt that she had signed up for, and wanted something that could take her away from studying her life away. The girl had loved distractions occasionally, but would not be one who would want everyday. Lainee had been sitting in the great hall as she watched the great hall cleared out, to do whatever they did in their free time, and Lainee knew that she would end up studying somewhat during the day.

She had been decided to dress casual and had decided to see what wearing jeans would do. Not like she had been going outside or anything, well she hoped she wasn't. The girl had wanted to make sure she is had everything she needed done before she bothered going outside.

Her attention though, had went to the a chest that been in her view. She had soon saw that she was alone, which made her smile somewhat. As she wondered about the chest that was in the distance, the fifteen year old had decided to get up the table, and make her way over to the chest as she wondered if maybe a lock charm could work.

She knew it had to be worth a try, as she arrived at the chest. Noticing the lock, having a feeling that it was probably locked super tight. The girl began to wonder if maybe the treasure hunt had been that day, as she soon said. " Alohomora " as she casted it at the lock hoping it could off without a hitch.

B ) Open the chest with Alohomora
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The Administrator


Posts : 1063
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PostSubject: Re: Treasure Hunt - Lainee Chamberlain   Mon May 01, 2017 5:41 am

Deciding that the best option is to use Alohomora, you get out your wand and cast the spell, moving the wand in the familiar ‘s’ shape. The purple light hits the chest and a click echoes around the hall as the lock opens and drops to the floor. Nothing happens for a moment and you take a step closer. Suddenly, the top bursts open and there are squeaks that fill the empty hall. There is a blur of blue as something emerges from the chest and flies over your head.

The door to the great hall slams shut and you turn to find that it’s being guarded by six creatures. They are eight inches high and are electric blue. They have long pointed ears and long arms, three fingers on each hand. You recognise them as Cornish Pixies.

They start chattering to each other, loud, shrill noises that hurts your ears. You notice one of them is holding a piece of paper -- that must be the clue! Gripping your wand tightly, you prepare to fight them.

a) Defeat the pixies in order to receive the clue. End your post with picking up the clue.
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PostSubject: Re: Treasure Hunt - Lainee Chamberlain   Mon May 01, 2017 6:22 am

Lainee knew that if this had been the treasure hunt, she wanted to win. The girl was not going to let anyone get in the way of that. She had been quite skilled with her magic, and had been good enough to nearly be top of her year. The girl had watched as the chest opened, smirking, but soon turning into a sigh as she creatures came out of it. The girl had began to walk back as she had known she had to find someway to defeat them.

She liked animals, but not all. And pixies were very mischievous in her mind. Which led to Lainee who contemplated through all the ways she could end up stopping them. Soon noticing one of them having a note attached to one of them. Lainee had began to raise her wand, as she knew she would end up freezing them, and grab the note, then be onto the next clue.

Lainee smiled, as she shouted. " Immobulus " the spell hit the pixies. Causing them to all freeze as she felt a smile come upon her face, and then without any hesitation she took the dare to go and grab the note herself. Despite being a Ravenclaw, the girl was not going to take the easy way out, she wanted to show others she went through it, without shortcuts.

The girl soon looked at the note, and began reading.
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The Administrator


Posts : 1063
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PostSubject: Re: Treasure Hunt - Lainee Chamberlain   Mon May 01, 2017 7:26 am

The clue reads:

Brewing potions isn’t easy unless you have all the ingredients and the skill. Luckily, three have already been made for you. Find them where you first learnt how to use your cauldron. Choose wisely and your next clue will be revealed.

Quickly, you make your way down to the dungeons, bypassing empty classrooms until you reach the Potions Classroom. Stepping inside, you find, as the note had said, three small glasses on the table. You approach them.

The first contains liquid that is clear and has no special scent, instead appearing to be water. Upon closer examination, you realise that it’s slightly thicker than normal water, but other than that there’s nothing to give away what it could be.

The second glass has a light gold liquid inside, reminding you of the sky at sunset. It’s got swirls of orange inside, and smells faintly of carrots, but other than that has no scent. It’s thick, like medicine, but doesn’t look unpleasant.

The last glass contains a beautiful dark blue liquid that sparkles in the light. There appears to be bits and pieces of glitter inside it as it refracts the light. It smells familiar, but you can’t quite place it. It makes you feel safe and relaxed.

You are now faced with a choice.

Which potion do you drink?

a) The clear, almost water-like liquid
b) The bright golden liquid
c) The dark blue, sparkly liquid

(OOC: At the end of your post, please make your choice clear by writing it in another colour, or bolded.)

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PostSubject: Re: Treasure Hunt - Lainee Chamberlain   

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Treasure Hunt - Lainee Chamberlain
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