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 Meeting with the Family (Byrnes Family/Prim)

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Primrose Seele
Gryffindor Fifth Year
Gryffindor Fifth Year

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PostSubject: Meeting with the Family (Byrnes Family/Prim)   Mon May 01, 2017 2:20 pm

The letter that Primrose had received a couple of days ago had certainly taken the Gryffindor by surprise purely because of whom the letter had been sent by; her uncle. She had instantly recognised the crest that had been stamped on the back and she had stared at the unopened envelope for a good few minutes before she had opened it.

The letter had been simple and to the point; it had been an invitation to the Byrne manor with a port key that would go off two days after she had received the letter and deposit her in the Floo Room of the manor. She hadn't even written a reply, her uncle didn't require one before she had quickly packed all of her stuff into her trunk and eagerly waited for the moment where she could get away from the orphanage for at least a couple of days.

When the port key went off and she had landed in a very beautiful room, Prim had to remind herself that this would be part of her life now and that she had to act like a pureblood when around her uncle and not like she did at Hogwarts. Unconsciously straightening her back, her chin rose and a polite smile was on her lips within moments, patiently waiting for whoever was going to come and collect her from the room; she was perfectly aware that it was unpolite to leave without an escort when you didn't know the place.


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James Byrne
Gryffindor Fourth Year
Gryffindor Fourth Year

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PostSubject: Re: Meeting with the Family (Byrnes Family/Prim)   Mon Jun 12, 2017 3:04 pm

James' father had arranged to meet Prim, after James had written to him, detailing the event that determined Prim to be related to the Byrnes by blood. James knew that his father had been, well, acting rather odd about it, maybe because it had forced his father to talk about his brother, by which James could tell, was a sore spot for him.

His siblings had had mixed reactions upon learning about their mysterious uncle, and what he had done. Anthony had been curious, wanted to learn more about what drove his uncle to do what he did- though their father refused to delve into details. Florrie hadn't wanted anything to do with Prim or their uncle- believing it would harm their family reputation- she'd always been high-strung about that sort of thing. And their mother, well, she'd been as curious as Anthony.

Never the less, his father had sent the portkey. The family had waited in the parlour, for the portkey to arrive on the date set. When it was set to arrive, Charles had sent one of their housekeepers, Agatha, to collect Prim from the room.

Agatha opened the door, with a polite smile "This way Miss Seele,", she said, holding the door open for her.



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Meeting with the Family (Byrnes Family/Prim)
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