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 But We Did Say Goodbye [Bland]

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PostSubject: But We Did Say Goodbye [Bland]   Mon May 01, 2017 4:10 pm

Classes were... alright, if Blake was going to be honest. It hadn't been what he had truly expected, but then again, missions hardly were. Normally, he would be undercover as a janitor or some equally ridiculous job. This time, though, he was the cool one. Oh, he'd heard some of the students talking; apparently he was 'hot'. It was amusing as anything, considering he was often told he was the scruffy looking one in the team, but still -- it fed his ego, not that he really had one (he was more self-confidant than anything) and that was always appreciated.

As the students trickled out of class, Blake waited until they were all gone before he began to move around the class, picking up the stuff leftover from the lesson and arranging the chairs by hand. It was easy enough to do so with a flick of his wand, but Blake had always found something soothing in doing things the old fashioned way.

It gave him time to think, in any case, and as he moved towards the board to wipe it clean, he let his mind wander. He thought of his previous missions, when he was in a team. Oh how he longed to have them around and beside him, and it had only been a few weeks!

Picking up the duster, he began to systematically erase the alphabets on the board one at a time, mind far away, while still keeping an ear out for anything out of the ordinary.

[[OOC: I had to cut it short, cos bedtime xD Sorry!]]
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PostSubject: Re: But We Did Say Goodbye [Bland]   Tue May 02, 2017 11:08 am

It had taken too long. Forty-three days. That's how long it took before Andi received permission to join Blake on his assignment. First of course, she had to finish up and close all the current cases she had with her team, then she had to write reports on said cases, praying that her team would not receive anything that needed her expertise. If they assigned her to another mission and delayed giving her permission to join Blake's mission... She probably would've challenged the person in charge to to a duel.

She hadn't expected to miss Blake this much. They’d been separated before, sometimes because they were needed on different cases. But that was before the revelation in the astronomy tower. Since then, she’d always worked with him, even hanging out after work. Of course, sometimes it was difficult to draw the line between their work relationship and their private one, but Andi didn't regret anything that happened between Blake and herself.

When she was finally cleared to leave for Hogwarts, Andi very nearly hugged the messenger to death, but refrained, knowing Blake probably wouldn’t appreciate it. She grabbed her already packed bag and apparated off. The first day was spent familiarising herself with the castle and with her duties as caretaker. She received the schedule of all the classes so she knew exactly where Blake would be and when he would be free.

She hummed a merry tune as she walked down the hall with the cartful of mops, brooms, cloths, detergent, and whatever else was necessary for cleaning charmed to follow behind her. It wasn’t difficult to find his classroom and as she approached, she got into her character. She’d planned it all out nicely in her head and heart thrummed with anticipation at seeing his reaction.

She entered the room, seeing Blake in the corner of her eye. For the slightest of seconds, her breath stopped. Seeing him again after over a month did funny things to her emotions, but she pushed that aside and went on with her duties, Turning slightly so he wouldn’t have a full view of her face. She move her wand and the tools began their work of making the room clean.
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PostSubject: Re: But We Did Say Goodbye [Bland]   Tue May 02, 2017 11:51 am

He wasn't paying attention to his own thoughts and, by the time they registered enough for him to realise what he was thinking about, it was too late; he found himself far down the rabbit hole of Andi. Of his girlfriend. Of his girlfriend. It was still something he found difficult to believe at times, but it was true, and sometimes he'd wake up in the middle of the night smiling because he knew Andi was his.

He missed her. He missed her more than he ever anticipated, more than he ever thought he could miss anyone. It was a tangible sort of missing that hurt, physically, in places he didn't know existed, a dull ache where he supposed his heart had once been -- but no longer was, because she had it.

He missed things about her he didn't know he could miss. The way he would glare at him when he made a dumb joke. The way she'd punch him hard enough to leave a bruise when he teased her. The way she snorted when he said something funny that caught her off guard... And yes, even the way she'd leave her desk messy, paperwork strewn everywhere, annoying the neat freak in him.

Blake missed her so much he could practically hear her voice taunting him, smell the shampoo she favoured, hear her humming as she entered the room... Wait. He spun, dropping the cloth he was holding, wand in hand in the time it took someone to blink. If there was one thing Blake could do, it was recognise his girlfriend, even if she was trying to hide. He inhaled. Exhaled. Waited a second, and inhaled again.

It was one of a few things. He was hallucinating. This, he was sure it wasn't. It could've been a trap, someone pretending to be Andi in order to catch him off guard. It could've even been an alien from outer space who'd taken over his girlfriend's body, and was now seeking after him to father little alien babies.

He was definitely certain it wasn't this last one.

And so that left only one option.

With a casual flick of his wand, he shut the door; another flick ensured it was locked, so that not even magic could unlock it; and one more flick guaranteed them absolute privacy, so nobody could overhear even if they tried.

He opened his mouth to speak, and then found his tongue was dry and sticking to the roof of his mouth. He swallowed once, twice, and then a third time. Opened his mouth again and found he could not form words. He had the perfect sarcastic retort, the perfect line that would guarantee an eyeroll and a snort, but he could not bring himself to talk.

So, sliding his wand into his pocket, he deftly marched across the room to where she was and grabbed her shoulder. He gave it a tug, spinning her around, trusting that he wasn't hurting her; and, as soon as he saw her face, placed his free hand behind her head, allowing his fingers to get tangled in her hair, pulling her closer to him; and then, with a grin, brought his lips to hers, gently, softly, but with a burning passion that said all words couldn't.
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PostSubject: Re: But We Did Say Goodbye [Bland]   Wed May 03, 2017 1:58 pm

Andi clearly remembered the time Blake had surprised her back at the university when she was isolated for everyone's good. She had been insanely lonely, missing him and her team, and frustrated at the lack of progress on her case. Seeing him in front of her then had been a god-send. He had come at just the right time. If he'd been later by a week, she probably would've done something very drastic to move her situation along.

But he'd appeared at just the right moment, surprising her after a work out.

Of course, she'd been utterly mad at him for not informing her he was coming, but at the same time, so relieved to see him. If it was possible, she most probably would've burst from happiness. Instead, she'd taken out her emotions by punching him repeatedly.

Recalling that made her wonder what Blake would do when he realised she was here in the flesh. Would he be speechless? Hah. Fat chance of that happening. Blake barely stopped talking and she'd stepped on his foot and poked him in the ribs to silence him before. Or perhaps he would react like she had done. Who was she kidding, he'd never hurt her. Would he jump? Scream? Cry?

Andi didn't know how long she spent cleaning the room, her heart pounding in anticipation but her outward appearance that of a caretaker who had no care in the world but cleaning. Then she heard the door close, knowing Blake would've casted a silencer on it. No one could fault her boyfriend for being careless. Somehow, the thought made her very proud of him.

There was silence after that and Andi very nearly turned around just so she could see what was up with him. She took the quickest of peeks, not turning her head but glancing out the corner of her eyes, and saw him opening his mouth. So he was going to say something?

But then she heard his footsteps, felt the hand on her shoulder, and then his lips on hers in a kiss that was very welcomed. In his lips she found all the love she could ever need, telling her things that words could never articulate. She gave herself up to it, relaxing to his touch and responding to it. How she'd missed him! They'd had very minimal contact even though it was against the rules, but nothing could beat seeing him in person.

This reaction was much better than everything she had imagined. Yes, it definitely was.

When the moment ended, she gave his lips another quick peck, laced her arms around his neck, and smiled mischievously. "Hi," she whispered.
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PostSubject: Re: But We Did Say Goodbye [Bland]   Fri May 12, 2017 4:16 am

The kiss ran its course, and Blake did not try to rush it, breathing in her scent and feeling that familiar fire spread up and down his body as his lips connected with the ones belonging to the only person he'd ever loved. Normally, his eyes would have been shut, his attention focused on holding her and being with her, but this time, they were open, studying her eyes deeply. He'd missed them. Missed them so much it had hurt, even more so when she'd disappeared without a goodbye.

This time, there had been one of those. There had been a long, sleepless night of 'goodbye', and then he'd left. He thought that, perhaps, it would make it less painful. He was wrong. It had hurt even more than before, a physical dull ache that longed to hold his Andi.

How long the kiss lasted, Blake didn't know. Somewhere along the lines time blurred into something unfamiliar. Seconds passed by in minutes and minutes turned into seconds, and all he knew was that he was here, with Andi, and they were kissing.

His One Good Thing had come back.

Eventually, the kiss came to a natural stop. There was another, shorter, second-long kiss, and then her arms were around his neck and he was staring into her face, eyes searching it as though he hadn't seen it in years. His hand continued to play with her hair, gently twisting the locks around and between his fingers. He'd missed the way they felt.

"Hi," he replied, following her tone.

He leaned forward then, as though to kiss her again, but instead placed it on her forehead. "Hi," he repeated. He lowered his lips, placed one between her eyes. "Hi." Another one was placed in the tip of her nose. "Hi." And then, once more, he allowed his lips to meet hers, counting the seconds.

When he reached twenty, he pulled back, a grin already fully formed. "Hello, Andi," he murmured. "What are you doing here?"
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PostSubject: Re: But We Did Say Goodbye [Bland]   Wed May 17, 2017 9:05 am

Blake wasn’t the first guy Andi had kissed, nor the only one either. Before they became official, she had cases where - since she was the only female in their group - she had to seduce certain men for the sake of the case. Of course, she never crossed the line of sleeping with them, but she had to allow herself to be kissed and to carry and dress herself in a way that would catch their attention.

After that memorable night in the astronomy tower, Andi had been more reluctant to behave like that. As much as she could - without breaking cover - she tried to avoid putting herself in positions where she had to have intimate relations with someone. It never meant anything to her, but there was always that slight twinge that she felt when she had to kiss anyone other than Blake, like she was betraying him.

But now with his lips on hers, there was no one who could compare to Blake. None of the other kisses she’d had measured up to this - all because it was Blake kissing her. And that was enough. And as his stubble tickled her lips in the way she’d missed, she recalled the night before he left for Hogwarts.

They’d known about his assignment in advance and that night, she’d planned a romantic goodbye - something they didn’t have when she had to leave suddenly. She’d spent most of that night etching in her memory everything about him that she loved and also annoyed her - the way he held her in his arms, the way his scruffy mop of hair felt between her fingers, the way his chest felt beneath her cheek. The night after he’d left, she’d wrapped herself in his blankets and sunk her nose in his pillow. But it wasn’t the same.

Looking into his eyes and with his fingers in her hair, she felt like she was home. She fought and failed to keep a smile off her lips when Blake placed kisses all over her face, that one word he repeated four times enough to make her heart flutter. Then his lips were on hers again and she relished in the feeling as long as it lasted.

The first thing she saw when she opened his eyes was his grin. The same grin she sometimes wanted to punch off his face, but also the same grin she’d kissed many times before. “Hello, Blake,” she echoed, her thumbs making idle circles near the base of his head.

“Me?” she continued, her tone taking on a slightly playful tone. “I was just cleaning. And kissing you.” She paused, tilting her head to the side a little as she took on a thoughtful look. “But mostly cleaning.”

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PostSubject: Re: But We Did Say Goodbye [Bland]   

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But We Did Say Goodbye [Bland]
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