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 We Will Be Kings (Open)

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PostSubject: We Will Be Kings (Open)   Tue May 02, 2017 1:31 pm

Ambroise's Summer holiday had been delightful as usually, though the content of said holiday had been nothing of particular uniqueness. The pureblood had spent most of his days proving his worth to the overbearing parents. As the Summer began, Mr.Durand had told his son that this would be the Summer in which he proved his worth. This entailed attending countless parties and engaging in monotonous conversations about money and status. His job; to make sure that each and every guest was aware that the Durand family was not to be messed with, whether it was their gathering or not.

Despite the monotony, Ambroise did not mind attending these gatherings. In fact, he rather enjoyed the encounters. He craved the way that his targets' eyes would dart around the room as he explained the worth of his family. With each number, each small detail, the veins of each prey slightly popping out of their necks. His purpose was the burn the name Ambroise Durand into the Pureblood community, and he'd be damned if anyone could claim that he did not complete said goal.

Now walking through the halls of the Hogwarts castle for his second-to-last year of schooling, Ambroise held his head high. In past years he had remained in the background, only making himself known to very few. This year would be different. This year he planned on making sure that each and ever student in this school knew who he was, even if he had to carve it into their brains as he had done in the Summer months. He would be a god.

It was currently mid-evening, too late for any of his classes to be going on but too early to return to the Slytherin dorms for slumber. He'd decided that this plan could be paused until the next day, seeing as everyone was now getting back into the routines of the new school year. There was no point in trying to get through to the excited new students, as they were too excited to be frightened by Ambroise's influence.

Still, he did not want to waste his evening thinking about how he had failed for the day. He found his feet making their way towards the astronomy tower, an area of the castle that he very much enjoyed spending his time within. The glow of the evening sky made his skin look flawless, a trait that many ladies found unmistakenly attractive.

As he reached the area, Ambroise could not help but notice that another student had beaten him to the punch. His glance turned into a glare, his voice firm,
"May I help you?" He asked, his face straight and ice cold.

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PostSubject: Re: We Will Be Kings (Open)   Tue May 02, 2017 6:00 pm

Zoey had wandered around the castle aimlessly for a few hours before deciding to go to the Astronomy tower to get some fresh air. It was one of her favorite spots in the entire castle of Hogwarts because it was very rare that anyone else went up there. No one really wanted to make the long trek up the never ending stair case. But to Zoey, the view was worth it. You could look out over the whole school grounds. She smiled as she reached the top and walked over to the window ledge and stared out across the horizon. She could see a few hippogriffs in the field from their Defense against the Dark Arts lesson she could also see the Giant Squid swimming in the Black Lake and could hear a few creatures running around the Forbidden Forest. She loved it here, it was so peaceful. However, that peace was ruined when she heard a voice. She turned around and raised an eyebrow "Im enjoying the fresh air and the sounds of the night. May I help you?" She asked in a tone just as firm as his was.
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PostSubject: Re: We Will Be Kings (Open)   Tue May 09, 2017 4:01 pm

The first thing that Ambroise noticed about the girl who had invaded the astronomy tower had been her features. She was small, at least a year or so younger than the Pureblood. Her posture was decent at best, dark hair falling in monotonous waves down her torso. She was nothing above average, yet she seemed to think that she was worth his time.

Despite this not being the question that he'd given her, the girl explained her reasons for being in the astronomy tower. Ambroise rolled his eyes with each syllable that she spoke.

"First off," he responded, words firm and poised. "I did not ask you what you were doing here, as I do not happen to care about your yearnings for the picturesque noises of the night. Which, for future informational purposes, you could experience from multiple other points on the grounds. I simply asked you if I may help you. More specifically, if I may help you find your way through the door and down the staircase because I do understand that a meek one such as yourself may find it hard to navigate the castle at this time of night."

Ambroise paused for a moment so that the girl could process the words that he had said. He'd made sure to speak at a pace that she could comprehend, as his average speaking speed may be too much for her brain to comprehend.

"And as for if you may help me," He looked her straight in the eyes, making it known that he was not amused by this encounter.

"I will have you know that I would not allow you to help me with even the simplest task. I find your monotony dreadful and your attempt at feistiness laughable."

"Are there any other questions or will you be leaving now?"
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PostSubject: Re: We Will Be Kings (Open)   Tue May 09, 2017 4:15 pm

Zoey raised an eyebrow at his words and was a bit shocked at the rudeness of which he spoke them. She crossed her arms over her chest and pouted a tiny bit, but not enough to where he could make fun of her "No, I do not need your help. Simply because I do not plan on leaving quite yet. I enjoy it up here." She said leaning against the cold stone wall.

She frowned when she realized he was talking slow at her and narrowed her eyes at him "Im not stupid. You dont have to speak to me like I am some child. Im a 4th year, and a Ravenclaw. Im rather intelligent. So do not try and belittle me by thinking otherwise."

She felt her cheeks heat up as he locked eyes with her, even though she could tell he was not amused by the interruption she had brought upon him. But Zoey was not one to back down, so she kept the eye contact. "No further questions, and no I will not be leaving." She said smirking
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PostSubject: Re: We Will Be Kings (Open)   Tue May 09, 2017 4:21 pm

Rebekah was slowly making her way up the never ending staircase to the Astronomy tower when she heard voices from a few feet above her. She listened closely and identified one of the voices as her best friend, Zoey. But the other voice, she did not know as much. But it made her happy that Zoey was standing up for herself. So she decided to find out who was giving her little friend such a hard time.

She entered the astronomy tower and raised an eyebrow "Now now, children. What is with all the hostility. Cant we all just get along?" She said in an extremely condescending tone. She walked over to Zoey and kissed the top of her head, as she always did which made the young girl smile and blush a tiny bit.

She then looked over at the boy and smirked "Now, why cant we all just relax here and enjoy the night air. Why must one of us leave?" She asked with a small smile.
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PostSubject: Re: We Will Be Kings (Open)   Tue May 09, 2017 5:24 pm

Ambroise smiled at the girl's poor attempt to defend herself. She appeared as a kitten would if someone had thrown it into a lion's den. Naturally, Ambroise was the lion (ironically so, seeing as he was a snake in every other moment). He stood before her, allowing her to grasp for straws as she tried to argue. He nodded as she informed him of her Ravenclaw status. It made sense, seeing as Ravenclaws always believed that they were intellectually superior simply based on the colour of their house.

"Are you sure?" He asked her, not referring to any one of her points in particular. "Someone possessing high levels of maturity and/or intelligence would have simply nodded and walked away, as to not engage in an argument that they had little chance of winning."

He almost pitied the girl. She was making this far easier than it should have been. He wished that she had walked away when asked because any intellectual being would have known that a provoked lion was deadlier than one in a somniferous state.

Moments after he made his case, another girl entered the tower.

"Am I that intimidating to you.." he grinned. "...that you had to call for the cavalry to assist you?"

The second girl, a blonde thing whose ego seemed larger than her head, said something in a tone more infuriating than that of his Nana on mothers' day.

"Do I not appear relaxed?" He questioned, his voice as steady and calm as it had been the entire time. "I'm sorry. Was your friend offended by my speaking to her in an adult manner? Perhaps she is in need of further experience with those of her own age group."

"Go on," he told the brunette. "Your babysitter seems like she'd enjoy your company much more than I."
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PostSubject: Re: We Will Be Kings (Open)   Tue May 09, 2017 5:29 pm

Zoey frowned at his words towards Rebkah. She narrowed her eyes even more "I did not call for her. She just happened to be walking by I assume. And trust me, i am not the tiniest bit intimidated by you." She said looking at Rebekah who nodded. Zoey then turned back to the boy who seemed to think he was so big and bad, but she was not afraid of him.

She stepped towards him, trying to be brave, which was not always her best trait, but she was trying. "Who are you anyway?" She asked looking at him. She did not know this boy, but she did not like his attitude.

She looked between him and Rebekah when he called Rebekah her baby sitter, "Bekah is NOT my baby sitter. She is my friend." She said offended at his words and the very idea that she would need a baby sitter. She was not some small child.
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PostSubject: Re: We Will Be Kings (Open)   Tue May 09, 2017 7:15 pm

The comment regarding the blonde did not spark Ambroise's interest much. He'd figured that she'd found them by coincidence, but he could not help but wonder if she had interjected because she felt as though the brunette was incapable of fighting her own battles.

"Ah," he began. "If you're not intimidated by me, then why do you feel the need to prove yourself to me?" he asked the bruntette.

He knew that at least some part of her felt the intimidation that she was denying. In fact, the idea that she felt the need to make it apparent implied that she was not trying to convince the Slytherin of her confidence, but perhaps she was trying to convince herself.

When she asked his name, Ambroise's eyes turned cold. He was aware that not everyone knew who he was, but someone as intellegent as she believed herself to be must have acquired some knowledge about Pureblood families.

"Ambroise Durand," he responded.
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PostSubject: Re: We Will Be Kings (Open)   Wed May 10, 2017 5:07 am

Bekah frowned a t the boy. She did not like the way he was talking to Zoey. SHe was very protective of the young Ravenclaw and would not tolerate someone speaking to her in such a manner. But just as she was about to defend her friend, Zoey stood up for herself, which made Rebekah smile softly.

She looked the boy over as Zoey spoke, taking in his features. He was handsome, quite easy on the eyes, but his personality and rudeness ruined all of that for Bekah. She raised an eyebrow as Zoey asked for his name and waited for him to give it. When he did, she bit her lip. She knew this guy, he was of a well known Pureblood family.

She placeda hand on her hip and cocked it out to the side a bit "Well since we know your name, it is only fair to give you ours. Im Rebekah Carlton, and this is Zoey Kingsley." She said gesturing to the raven haired girl
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PostSubject: Re: We Will Be Kings (Open)   Thu May 11, 2017 1:35 pm

Ambroise nodded as the blonde introduced both herself and the brunette, though the introduction was something that he'd found to be neither necessary nor beneficial. The girls were not of Pureblood families, therefore their names did not matter too much. Plus, he simply did not enjoy the company of this girls and the male did not care to remember the names of people whom he planned on never speaking to again.

"In most encounters, this would be the portion of an introduction during which I tell you that it has been a pleasure. But sadly," he looked to each girl, his smirk accompanied by the glimmer it his eyes. "I have found no pleasure and I am sure that the same applies to the two of you."

"Now if you'd excuse me," Ambroise turned his back on the pair. "I would very much like to return to the serenity of this evening. I am sure that you can find the stars in another space." He was doing them a favour, allowing them the chance to leave on their own. Mostly, this was because he could not be bothered to argue any further. It was far too tiring when the other side of the argument had no solid points of reason.
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PostSubject: Re: We Will Be Kings (Open)   

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We Will Be Kings (Open)
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