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 Parties and Summer Holidays [Naomi]

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PostSubject: Parties and Summer Holidays [Naomi]   Wed May 03, 2017 10:54 am

It was a Tuesday evening and Corbin was getting frustrated. He hadn't been able to find his housemate anywhere -- not in private, anyway. She was always with a posse of girls or others, gossipping or talking about hair or nail polish or whatever the fudge girls did when they flocked together.

If she wanted to get that password for the party (which he wasn't sure she would even attend, but it was amusing for him to see) he would have to, at some point, get her alone. Oh, of course he could've sent Lucy to do it, but Corbin wanted to do it himself. It was a game, of sorts, between them, started (whether or not she realised it) when they first met in the forest. She'd insulted him, and he'd insulted her, and that meant they had to play until someone won.

Glancing up from his position in the common room at Madison, who was standing before him smirking, he raised an eyebrow. "She's in the library," was all the witch said. Nodding his thanks -- but not outright saying it; no, they never did that -- Corbin stood and left, making his way to the library.

It wasn't hard to spot Naomi at one of the cubicles, head bent over a book or a parchment or something or the other, and he bit back a smirk. Doing a quick glance around to ensure nobody else was around to overhear, he moved swiftly to where she was and leant up against the side of the cubicle.

"Persona," he murmured, and there was no denying the smug quality in his tone. He said nothing more, instead continuing to stand there, reading whatever it was she was looking at over her shoulder. It was annoying, and something he hated others doing to him, which was precisely why he did it.
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PostSubject: Re: Parties and Summer Holidays [Naomi]   Sun May 07, 2017 12:49 pm

The invitation had come over the summer, and Naomi had smiled to herself knowingly upon having received it. Another party, another social event, and this time she was not going to allow the opportunity to escape her grasp. No, she was going to make sure she got Corbin this time, in some manner, whether or not he liked it.

That said, the first week was sliding by quite quickly and Naomi had not been approached with the password. She'd seen both Lucy and Corbin, but neither one had approached her. Knowing better than to approach them, Naomi had simply kept waiting for one of them to make their move, growing increasingly more annoyed with them both.

Had they forgotten her? No, Naomi would not accept that.

Tuesday evening, she found herself alone in the Library, looking up some references for a particularly boring DADA homework that Jake had set. Grumbling to herself as she turned the page without having found the answer, Naomi was nearly ready to give up - perhaps it was just getting too late and she was missing the obvious from the page?


The one word made Naomi start, having not expected company of any sort. Her mind instantly supplying the person behind the voice. Corbin. Jaw set, she simply gave a nod to say she'd heard him. At this present moment, she had no inclination of giving him her time. But, as a few moments passed, she could still feel his presence behind her.

"Can I help you, Henderson?" The witch asked, not appreciating his silent presence in her space. If he wanted something... Merlin get on with it.
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Parties and Summer Holidays [Naomi]
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