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 First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]

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PostSubject: First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]   Sun May 07, 2017 3:32 am

Outwardly, Lilliana had the perfect posture. One leg tucked neatly behind the other and tilted at a practised angle, she sat straight without the slightest trace of a slouch. In her hands she held an open book and her head was bent slightly over it as she took in the words. To anyone looking, it was charmed to appear as a required textbook; in actuality, it was a philosophy book by a Muggle author someone had introduced her to. "Beyond Good and Evil" was proving to be quite the thought provoking book, and she was already penning a mental letter to said friend about one of the quotes she read.

But Lilliana had been reading the same paragraph over and over for the last fifteen minutes, doing her best to remind herself not to frown -- that frowning was unappealing.

None of the words she was reading was going in for a simple reason, and his name was Christopher Richardson. He was late, and she was annoyed, but more than late he was late for an assignment. They'd been partnered together for a mandatory potions class, one he hadn't even attended, and now she was stuck with some latecomer that obviously wasn't going to pull his weight.

Normally, she would have no issue with this. She'd simply do the work herself, turn it in, and explain to the Professor what had happened -- that her partner hadn't done nuts and everything was her own. Normally, she'd not hesitate to have the Professor fail the other party. Normally, she wasn't working with another Pureblood.

But this was not 'normally', and Lilliana simply could not do any of those things. Christopher was a Richardson, a prominent Pureblood family, and he was a male. There was no way she could throw him under the bus, no way she could reveal she was as smart as (or smarter than) him by doing the work alone. She may have been a University student, but she was first and foremost a Pureblood lady.

And so, Lilliana sat, reading a book, waiting for the dratted male to show up so they could get their work done and over with, and doing her very best to maintain her Pureblood etiquette in the face of such irresponsibility.
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PostSubject: Re: First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]   Sun May 07, 2017 3:53 am

Christopher had signed up for university on a whim - oh he could hear Serafina in his head berating him for 'wasting' his time - simply because he could. His parents hadn't had a problem with it, after all, Christopher's father was in perfect health, and not nearly ready to hand over the reins to Christopher. Plus, Christopher would much rather not have to spend his whole day with his father, pretending to care about this money movement to here, and this deal with such a family.

He would, in time, have to deal with the family business. He would, in time, take on the responsibility as he was supposed to. But, for now, he was going to enjoy the experience of university.

Potions, the topic he'd chosen to extend his capabilities in, was something that came quite naturally to Christopher. Following instructions? Easy. Timing? Easy. Potions making was an easy high class degree that could be obtained with minimal effort. Which was precisely why he'd signed up to every available sport on campus. Boxing, Polo, Tennis, the University Quidditch Team, Fencing, Football, Cross Country Running. You name it, Christopher was there.

His sporting timetable was precisely why Christopher was running late for a meeting with someone about their assignment. It wasn't until halfway through his squash game that he'd realised he was supposed to be somewhere else. But, seeing as he was winning, Christopher had stayed to finish the game. And then showered. Before finally heading up to the library with a few of his friends in tow.

They were completing a blow by blow analysis of the game that had just taken place, laughing, joking and generally being much too loud as they entered the library. There were a couple of looks sent their way, for the noise, but it didn't really deter them, instead, Christopher looked around for the girl he was supposed to be meeting - Lilliana Atkinson - before finding her sat alone with a book in hand.

"I'll catch up with you guys later." Christopher acknowledged his friends who moved off to find their own table. Moving to the table, Christopher sat himself down opposite Lilliana with a smile on his features. "Sorry, got caught up with a few things. Have you made a start on the assignment? Please tell me you have, from what everyone else has said it's quite a dull affair." Christopher asked, being more than honest in his statement.

The apology, though, was quite clearly not spoken with meaning, just an opener to conversation. It was what happened when you grew up with very little emphasis on your own timing. Serafina, Verena and Stephanie would have been taught to be punctual, but Christopher... Christopher had been raised on the understanding his actions were what they were. So long as he did what was necessary, the timing... wasn't always important.
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PostSubject: Re: First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]   Sun May 07, 2017 4:12 am

She did not allow herself to glance at the time. But she counted it, mentally, having always had a good inward measure of time, and knew it to be at least half an hour past the allocated time before a noise interrupted her reading. Irked, she glanced up, a word of warning that this was a library and didn't they know a single ounce of respect? dying on her lips as she noted who it was. Christopher. Well, for a Pureblood, he sure isn't doing a very good job of being one, she thought dryly, moving her eyes back to the page before her.

He sat down opposite her, and she closed the book at once, putting it down with care as she turned her attention back to the male. Analysing without moving from his face, a dumb smile she'd perfected playing on her lips as her mind raced. Damp hair; he'd showered. Dressed smartly. Based on what they'd been saying, they'd been playing a game of sports...

So, irresponsible, but not to such an extent he would compromise standards. He was smart, then. She would have to be careful.

"Time is a created thing. To say 'I don't have time,' is like saying, 'I don't want to'," she quoted in her mind. You got 'caught up' with something because you prioritised it. Had this been a meeting of importance to you, your 'few things' would have suddenly found no value, and you would have left your sports game to meet with me. It's not a question of if you were busy -- it's a question of what you deem more important, and it obviously isn't me or your studies.

"I have not," she replied, putting on a very slight innocence in her tone. She knew how to play dumb blonde, and play it well. "I wasn't sure what you would want me to do. It may be dull but it's a bit overwhelming; there's so many components to it all." She flashed him a helpless smile. "Were you sick? I didn't see you in that class. I have notes, if you want."

There was so much more she wanted to say, so many words she wanted to tell him. But she held them back, smiling that dratted empty smile, and waited for him to say something.
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PostSubject: Re: First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]   Sun May 07, 2017 5:16 am

Very careful movements, Christopher noticed as Lilliana placed her book down when he sat down. Stiff posture, calculated movements. Christopher knew now what he was up against, and he sat up a little straighter himself. Not that he had to play a game, but, Merlin he could do without the lecture from Serafina.

Her smile suggested that she wasn't the most intelligent witch in the world. You could always tell these things. Inwardly, Christopher found himself slightly apprehensive of the witch before him. Please, he thought to himself in that moment, don't have paired me with an air head. Outwardly, though, Christopher had simply smiled a soft smile in return.

Analysing was an internal game, one that you simply did not allow yourself to be caught doing. Practice, therefore, was paramount.

The admission that the witch had not started the assignment without him had brought a small grimace to Christopher's features. Momentary, but definitely readable to anyone watching his features. It seemed that he was going to have to direct the whole project. Containing the sigh that he could feel rising inside of him, Christopher reached down for his bag, and pulled out a notebook and a pen. Whilst not exactly conventional, pens were better for this kind of work, and he could use a quill for the final copy - unless he could palm such a thing off on the witch before him...

"Potion for Dreamless Sleep, wasn't it?" Christopher asked, though he was quite sure that was what the notes had said. He'd not, in truth, read past the title of the notes he'd acquired from a witch whom he was more than happy to make use of her infatuation of him.

"No, I've got a copy of someone else's notes, thank you." Christopher replied to the offer. The question of where he was, though, brought a small smile to his lips. "Didn't you hear about the Fresher's party the night before?" Christopher asked with a quirked eyebrow. "I spent the day recovering from a self-induced hangover. And, in my haste to head out for the evening, I forgot to brew myself a hangover cure. Hence, I didn't make the lecture, but, never mind."

All of this was said in a manner Christopher usually used to impress his peers. Believing Lilliana would work in much the same manner as others, he played on his social life. Yes, being highly drunk as a Pureblood was not something most people would consider a good thing, but this was University. He was here to enjoy it, and Merlin help anyone who told him he couldn't do that.

"So, where shall we begin? I'm assuming we have to define, state the ingredients, uses, and then, possibly come up with methods in which we can make the potion better? The lecturers are normally predictable that way." Christopher summarised, looking to the witch for confirmation.
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PostSubject: Re: First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]   Sun May 07, 2017 7:06 am

There were two things in the world that irked Lilliana more than anything else. The first was people underestimating her; the second was having to pretend to be dumb. Right there and then both were happening simultaneously, and Lilliana just kept smiling that awful smile and nodding along to his words.

She caught his grimace -- she'd been trained (self taught but trained nevertheless) to look out for these subtle cues, to help her get a read on people and see where they were -- and carefully adjusted her mind frame. The inner warning to be very, very careful now made more sense, and Lilliana made a careful note to watch herself closely. There would have to be no external signs of anything she thought. It wasn't anything new -- her father and brother still believed her to be a nincompoop who couldn't understand basic logic -- but it was a tiresome game she'd much rather not have to play. This was why she preferred her Hogwarts friends; they knew her true self, and she wasn't afraid of being the smartest in the room.

He used a pen, which was another interesting thing to note, although not that much of a shocker. Pens tended to be neater and less cumbersome, not needing to be redipped each time. That, and they came in multiple colours, which helped with studying.

"Yes," she agreed. "It's easy in theory but practicality might be difficult." It wasn't, not really. She'd already made a list of answers in her mind that she would try and prompt Christopher towards. Maybe she could say that one of her friends had mentioned it, and that she didn't understand, but it sounded cool? She hid a wince at the idea of it, but one did what one had to do.

She continued to nod at his words. This time, though, she allowed a slight frown to graze her features. Getting drunk was a foolish thing to do. Brain cells (muggle doctors had found) deteriorated, and livers got damaged -- sometimes to a point of irreversible health issues. Then, of course, there was alcohol poisoning... She'd gotten drunk exactly once with friends, merely as an experiment to see how much alcohol her body could hold, and after discovering her limit, vowed to never do it again.

She made a show of fixing her expression, exaggerating lifting the corners of her mouth up, easing back into a smile.

"That sounds..." she trailed off, gently shaking her head. "Like quite the ordeal." Pausing, she smiled at him the same dumb smile as before. "I heard about it, of course, but I'm afraid to say I'm just not interested in that lifestyle. It's not very interesting getting drunk. There's just a lot of throwing up and stumbling people, no?" In truth, she'd opted not to go because she'd been reading and writing a rather long reply to a friend; they'd been discussing the Black Lives movement from a few years ago, and she ended up writing a four page reply detailing exactly where things had gone wrong with the whole thing, and how they should have done it instead.

On top of all that, she found problem with his attitude. As a female Pureblood, she worked hard to get where she was. Studying was something that (should she not have found suitable blackmail material) would've been impossible for her. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that she did not -- would not -- waste, no matter what. But Christopher... Christopher was a male, and could do whatever he pleases without consequence. Simply put, he did not know how privileged he was.

The question brought her out of her thoughts. How much should she tell him? How much should she let him lead? She quickly decided on an option. "There's so much to do... maybe we could split the load? You do questions one to three and I can do four to six?" As she spoke, she took out the parchment on which she'd carefully penned out the questions and turned it around so he could see it. "Or did you have better ideas?"

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PostSubject: Re: First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]   Sun May 07, 2017 7:41 am

Christopher was inwardly laughing at the idea of the practicality of the potion being difficult. Perhaps this witch couldn't follow basic instruction. Christopher was, though, very flippant on the ease of potions, and could often be found getting highly flustered with them when he was working. That, of course, was not something Christopher would ever admit to, though, his ego was much too large for such a thing.

The frown that touched Lilliana's features as he spoke of the Freshers Party put her in to the category of boring long before she explained that she was not interested in that lifestyle. Merlin, this one was uptight, wasn't she? Who didn't like a party every now and then? It's not like you had to get drunk, either.

Christopher let out a soft laugh of disbelief at tall of the information she'd give him. "You've come to university... but you have no interest in getting to know your peers? Because... that's not interesting?" Christopher asked her, his tone almost mocking, but very well covered in a manner that would suggest he was merely questioning her. "And, no, it's not all throwing up, and stumbling. Have... you even been drunk before?" Christopher asked, much more interested in this topic of conversation than actually getting on with this assignment.

Even if it was conversation with a prude.

Lilliana moved to reach for the question sheet, and Christopher accepted it, scanning through the information they were supposed to work on. The 50/50 split was a fair one, and it didn't seem like he was being stung with the harder of the six questions, so he nodded his confirmation of that method of working. "Seems the fairest way to split all of it." Christopher agreed to her suggestion, checking through the question list once more to check for himself.

"Though, obviously, if you need help with anything, ask. I want to get a good mark off of this, and... well, I'd rather not put in answers that aren't right, if that's all the same to you." Christopher announced. Yes, that was probably a little unnecessary, but from what he'd seen of the witch already, he wasn't completely comfortable with the idea of letting her loose on his question paper without some rules set out. After all, he did want a high grade.

None of his sisters would let him live it down otherwise.

Putting the sheet of paper back in the middle of the desk so that they could both see it, Christopher copied out the first question in neat, cursive handwriting, before underlining and considering the question. There were a few moments of consideration, before the ex-Ravenclaw was writing down the answer he'd come up with, concentration crossing his features as he all but blanked her presence out.
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PostSubject: Re: First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]   Sun May 07, 2017 9:21 am

The laugh confirmed every suspicion of hers that she had, and already she was disliking the Pureblood before her, not that she'd ever admit to it aloud. He simply did not know the value of what he had. Not many people did, really, and that was why Lilliana made it a habit to assign value to everything she saw and did. It made her more appreciative, for starters, and more aware of what she had that others didn't lest she forget and turn into one of those arrogant, supercilious people she so deeply abhored.

She looked at him, blinking a little at his words. How far could she take the dumb act before he suspected something was up? That was a game she sometimes played, up to a point where she would almost give the whole thing away with laughter as she found herself asking the dumbest questions. But she was not going to play that with a Richardson. Oh, she knew about him alright -- knew about his sisters, too. She had, after all, gone to school with him and his reputation there had not been missed (it was why she'd gone out of her way to ensure they never truly crossed paths).

How someone could grow up with not one, not two, but three sisters and not learn that women were much smarter and devious than some men thought was beyond her. Surely it was an easy enough lesson, considering he wasn't the oldest -- nor the youngest? He had both older sisters to teach him this, and a younger sister to watch learn the process of hiding her smarts.

There was also his tone. It sounded innocent, like a simple question one would ask to get to know others better, but she couldn't help but think there was something more. Was he mocking her? Teasing her? If he was, it was covered well, for she could not quite distinguish anything wrong with how he said it -- only with what he said. Because nobody would ask that sort of thing innocently, and definitely not a Pureblood male such as Christopher.

I already know the ones worth knowing was obviously out of the question. It was too rude, even if she could pull off saying it absolute innocence. What, then, could she answer? She ran her words a few times through her mind before speaking. "I do know my peers. I know quite a few, who also didn't go for the party," she told him. "I'm sorry if you misunderstood me; people are most definitely interesting. I've come to University to study, though." Unlike you, she added, mentally. You've come to waste time, because you have time to waste. As Charles Darwin said -- A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

"It is not proper for a Pureblood woman to get drunk," she added, eyes slightly wide as though horrified at the notion of her getting drunk. It was a not-answer, as she liked to call it; if you weren't paying very close attention, it seemed like an answer, when in actuality it wasn't. Circumnavigating tricky questions with not-answers had been something she'd learnt early on.

Lilliana said nothing at his comment, and then again as he went on. Was it fair? No. Not really; she wasn't sure on his ability to answer the questions. Sure, he was studying to be a Potioneer, but with his lack of care towards his studies... She would have to double check all his work later on, without him realising what she was doing. She wasn't underestimating him per se -- she was sure he had brains ... somewhere ... on him -- but rather, being cautious, based off what she'd already learnt about him.

"Thank you, Christopher; you're so nice," she forced herself to say, this time showing teeth in her smile. "I don't want to get low marks either." If it hadn't been for the years of practise, she would've gagged on her own words. Pretending not to take offense was probably her greatest skill.

Pretending to consider the questions before her, she took out two sheets of paper and waited, allowing her eyes to flicker towards Christopher once in a while (subtly, of course) until she was sure that he was occupied. It was always so easy to tell with males; they had this look on their face that said a circus could walk past and they wouldn't realise it. Selective attention, she'd learnt, worked in her favour.

Now -- and only now -- that she was sure Christopher was occupied with his own work and paying her no attention did Lilliana get to work. It was risky, but she knew there was nothing to gain if things didn't come with some form of risk; easy never satisfied. So, on one piece of paper, she wrote out her answers (in shorthand, which she'd studied on her own to aid her) in complete detail, paragraph answers that answered everything perfectly and completely.

Once she was done with this, she went through it a second time, circling and underlining and making her own markings before moving to the second piece of paper and, quickly and neatly, writing out half-baked answers that didn't always answer the question or capture the proper reasonings behind it. Later, once Christopher had 'helped' her, she'd go to her room and work on 'rewriting' it before showing him the proper one. If he asked, she could easily say she got help from a roommate or a friend.

Some time later, when she'd finished, she carefully folded the first sheet and slipped it between her book, charming it with a quick tap of her wand when she was certain Christopher wasn't looking to disguise it further. Then, she sat back in her chair and waited.

[[OOC: This is a monster post. (It's over 1k words? Whut?) xD I'm kinda sorry but also not.]]
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PostSubject: Re: First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]   Mon May 08, 2017 4:15 pm

Christopher had smiled outwardly at the comment on friends, his mind was calling her some not so very nice names as she did so, but that was for him to know, and her not to find out. Instead, Christopher had simply done what he'd deemed to be polite in that moment in way of reply. "Well, perhaps next time you and your friends could come along and enjoy yourselves, you never know, you might just enjoy it more than you would realise.

"And, of course, all of us have come to university to study." Christopher added with a small, playful laugh that indicated he did not believe, for one single second, that Lilliana truly meant that. Merlin, not even Serafina would come out with something like that, would she? Christopher could only laugh in his head at the idea of Serafina being here for purely studying...

The comment of Pureblood women not getting drunk because it wasn't 'proper' was one that Christopher had to agree with with a small nod. "I suppose you're right on that one. Though... it doesn't stop most girls." He added, with a small smirk. Could someone really be that innocent at eighteen? Didn't Lilliana have an inkling of curiosity to the world that other people lived?

Christopher certainly did. Though, he had no interest in living in that world permanently, he was interested in finding out all about what others did. Even if only for one night. "However, just because it isn't proper for a lady, doesn't mean you can't. And, it also doesn't answer my question." Christopher added as an after thought, because he wasn't going to let the witch get away without answering the questions he posed, otherwise, this was not truly going to be an interesting conversation, was it?

Holding in an eye roll when the witch said he was 'so nice', Christopher turned his attention to his work. It took only a few moments for him to become engrossed, and completely tune out Lilliana's presence, even. Whatever she was doing, he paid little to no attention to. His answers came out easily, filling the paper with ease and then moving on to the next page. A light frown would touch his features intermittently as he worded something in his head, but otherwise, the Richardson heir worked without much else being given away.

His eyes flickered over to Lilliana only when he noted her sitting back in her chair - denoting she'd finished her side of the work. How long had passed, he didn't know, but Christopher's eyes moved back to his page and continued for a while longer. His work was in detail, easy enough to read, and answered each question that had been set. There was, of course, room for improvement on each, but Christopher had worked to the best of his ability on the assignment.

Finally, Christopher put the lid on his pen, and looked over the desk to Lilliana and gave her a small smile. "I think this should cover it. You completed yours?" He asked, motioning to the paper in a manner that asked without needing to speak if he could read what she'd done. He'd then be able to work through and see where they could improve, and make suggestions.
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PostSubject: Re: First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]   Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:39 pm

His statement about stuyding made her scoff inwardly. No, you didn't, she thought. You came here because you could, and because you do not seem to understand the value of education in a higher institute, you are taking it for granted, throwing away what others see as a privilage.

She paused in her thoughts to offer him a smile that would convey her beliving his words. Then, mentally, she went on. "“Race doesn't really exist for you because it has never been a barrier. Black folks don't have that choice.” She heard that quoted before, although she wasn't sure who originally said it. If you substitute the colour of skin with gender and education, you will see my point; the means of working hard to get education has never existed for you because it has never been a barrier. Females don't have that choice. Do you see now why I am indeed here to study and study alone, while you are here for means that are completely different?

She turned her attention to what he was saying next, not allowing herself to get caught up on the whole education thing. People with privilege hardly ever saw it as privilege, after all; it was just 'normal' for them.

She let a frown show, even if only for a second, before obviously and deliberately correcting it. "Didn't I?" she asked, confusion in her tone. "What do you mean? I did answer it. I said Pureblood women didn't. The last time I checked I was a Pureblood woman..." She let out an air-headed laugh to seal the deal. Hopefully, he would not push, not ask for an outright yes or no question, because there was no way to avoid those. And Lilliana didn't like outright lying; she avoided it at all costs. It was unethical to lie, after all.

Watching him as he continued to work, she let her eyes wander over to his page, carefully reading his answers; reading backwards was never an issue. She taught herself to do so from young, so she could read the textbooks her brother studied from without anyone realising. From what she could see, Christopher's answers were good, covering all it needed to.

She'd have to read them in full later on to ensure his working was also right, but that was the beauty when it came to working with Pureblood males -- their education usually meant they didn't fall short in this area. It might need a couple more sentences or rewording in order to fully capture the answer, but that wouldn't be too hard to manipulate later on. At the very least, she would be able to rely on him for holding up his part of work. If only she could be herself, too...

Lilliana quickly pushed that idea aside and allowed her eyes to glaze over, staring at a fixed point in the distance. She would seem distracted, but internally, her mind was elsewhere. A few minutes later, she heard Christopher talking, and made a show of blinking herself 'back', looking over to him.

At once, she slid her answers over to him, already beginning to dread his reply; they were not satisfactory answers in the least, and she hated seeming stupid. But, forcing a smile, she gestured to her answers. "I'm afraid they're not very good... The questions were harder than I anticipated." She paused. "May I see your answers, please?"
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PostSubject: Re: First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]   Sun Jun 25, 2017 9:27 am

Christopher settled for the answer. She was a Pureblood female, and Pureblood females simply did not do such things. It took a whole lot of control to not roll his eyes. They were at University. Away from their parents. They could have fun, and Lilliana had absolutely no interest in anything but studying. He could not comprehend her, in truth, but he decided to let it pass.

You couldn't, after all, make someone who wasn't interesting, interesting.

Taking the papers she'd done, Christopher's eyes began to scan the page, looking up only when the witch asked to see his own. Passing his work over, Christopher's eyes scanned over her answers that were answered only in a manner that would get them a pass. Christopher was not aiming to pass, he was aiming to come at the top of the class, even if his carefree attitude told people otherwise.

And he would, one way or another.

"No, they weren't easy." Christopher echoed, but only to soothe her worry. The fact that he could do this was because he'd done his studying well over the years. Taking up his pen, Christopher started to annotate the paper. He didn't ask, for he'd never had to ask to do things in his life. He did what he wanted, on the whole, and didn't ask for permission. The notes were of points that could be included by Lilliana at a later point, and would give them a really well graded paper.

It took Christopher some time to make the adjustments. Not long, but long enough for a silence to ensue around them. When he'd finished, he placed the lid back on the pen and read through it once more to check they'd included all the information they would need for this assignment.

Turning the paper and sliding it back across the desk so that Lilliana could see, Christopher leaned over to point to his amendments. "You missed a few points out, so I've added them in for you. This should make sure that we get good marks. If any of it doesn't make sense, I'm sure it's in a textbook somewhere. I'll leave you to collate the two pieces together, you know the spell to do that, right?" Christopher asked, because he didn't want to have to seek her out again. Not unless absolutely necessary.

"That was all we had to do for this assignment, if I'm not mistaken?" Christopher asked, his hand on his rucksack. He was ready to go, his body language was quite clear in that. Idle chit chat was not something he wanted with the witch before him, so he would head off before she converted him to a 'I came to University to study' kind of person.
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PostSubject: Re: First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]   

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First Impressions Are(n't) Everything [Christopher]
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