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 Shaun Slade

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PostSubject: Shaun Slade   Sun May 07, 2017 11:18 am

Full Name: Shaun Sebastien Slade
Date of birth: 27, September, 2007
Birthplace:Galway, Ireland
Current home: London borough of Brent, England
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Sexual Alignment:Undecided
Wand type: 10”, phoenix feather, pine

Hair colour and style: It was blond when he was born but gradually got darker as he got older until its the dark almost black look it has now. When he's out in the sun though you can see where he still has bits of brown and lighter color come out and always lightens in the summer. Occasionally he’ll cut his hair, but mostly where it is medium long and straight but at times will style it with product to give it the windswept look.
Eye colour: Hazel green
Height: 4’8 shorter than the average 13 or 14 year old. He’s hoping it is just from his Asian heritage and will start getting his growth spurts to reach at least a respectable 5’10 although he’s hoping for 6’.
Body type: Constant activities such as running and swimming has kept Shaun slim with wiry muscles.
Dress sense: Casual sometimes with some creative flair thrown in. For the most part he likes jeans, t-shirts, hoodies. He'll wear button ups but even when he has to 'dress up' he likes to keep at least the top button undone. Dress shoes are something he doesn't wear ever. Its tennis shoes and boots all the way!
Birthmarks: None
Tattoos: None
Scars: Typical childhood hood ones. Barely perceptible scratches here and there on his arms from thorn bushes when he went blackberry picking. He ended up falling into the bushes when trying to reach on tiptoes to pick some that were just out of his reach.
Piercings: None


  • Don Knotts - The man is funny! He was Maribeth's favorite actor and would watch his films with Shaun.
  • Charlie Chaplin - Shaun saw his movie The Kid, and was hooked on the man's movies ever since. As he grew older he appreciated more of the subtleties and not so subtle tones of Chaplin's work.
  • Historical Dramas - They're so much better than reading history which Shaun finds a bit dull. He loves the different takes on historical figures or periods of time told in a new way.
  • Old black and white movies - They're classics and a lot depended on the actors talent rather than special effects. To Shaun they're more imaginative and took more skill than newer films.
  • Jolt Cola (its liquid crack in a can) - Shaun discovered this drink on a family camping trip to the mountains. His parents were drinking it to stay awake, and he drank some when they were distracted. He was hooked ever since.
  • Candy (in all its chemical and sugary goodness) - He has a sweet tooth
  • Charms - Find the subject fascinating with everything you can accomplish with even the simplest spell.
  • Music (various kinds) - While in the womb his mother would play a variety of music. Growing up depending on what mood his mother was in the type of music changed.
  • The smell of brine and wood smoke - reminds him of trips to the beach with family. It particularly reminds him of his grandfather Ryan Lynch.
  • Jelly Babies – He was introduced to these by a friend when he first arrived in the UK and took an immediate liking to them. Tries to always keep a bag on him to munch on wherever he goes.
  • Comic books (Mainly Marvel unless it’s Batman)
  • Disney movies/cartoons (you’re never too old) - Shaun's favorite is Flight of the Navigator.
  • Sports - Shaun prefers to play sports such as soccer, street hockey, swimming, baseball, basketball, and racquetball.
  • Most vegetables - When he was young he didn't eat processed baby food. His parents had put regular food in the blender then poured it into ice cube trays to freeze. They would take out a block and heat it up when it was time to feed Shaun as a baby.
  • Puzzles - They're fun because there's a rush knowing that you solved it and had overcome it.
  • Learning - While he knows he's not Einstein or even Shakespeare, Shaun loves to learn and read.


  • Watching sports - Shaun finds the activity of watching other people play rather boring. The only times he consented to watch a sport was when his dorm mates tried to persuade him that he didn't know what he was missing by skipping out on the quidditch matches.
  • Cockroaches -  He’s detested and hated them ever since the year he lived in Honolulu, Hawaii. First time he came across the bug when he got up in the middle of the night to pee and saw one that was 6” or more! And that happened twice! Not to mention at night when you walk on the sidewalk they cover the concrete entirely so you’re crunching them all the way to your door.
  • Bacon/Ham etc – He just doesn’t like the texture of it.
  • Boredom – does it really need explaining? Shaun can’t sit still and even when sitting in class some part of him is in motion be it a finger tapping or waggling his pen (which sometimes resulted in his pen flying across the room), or jiggling his leg.
  • flying/heights – Believes that if people were meant to fly they would have been born with wings. It also didn’t help that he was shoved off their house roof when he was six by neighbor boys because he refused to jump.
  • Hospitals - Never having liked them very much, he bordered on going into panic attacks if he has to stay too long a period in a hospital. This condition came about because of his mother getting sick and her prolonged stays until she passed away. Shaun is convinced people have a better chance of contracting a virus from a hospital then they would elsewhere.
  • canned chicken soup – After going camping and having to use a portable potty bucket, he can’t stand the smell. He adamantly states that the urine in the bucket smelled like rancid chicken soup.
  • Bullies - With his  mixed heritage and constantly being 'the new kid' wherever he went, he got his fair share of teasing and heckling. Shaun doesn't like how it feels and doesn't think people should pick on other people 'just because'.
  • geese – When he was at the park once as a toddler one bit him in the rear. That’s enough reason to dislike them. He also doesn’t like how they poo everywhere!
  • Asparagus - they're nasty! They smell and are slimy and he has yet found a way to make them palatable.
  • Narrow mindedness - just like people who bully, Shaun doesn't like people who won't keep an open mind or try to see more than one point.
  • the smell of cleaning chemicals/antiseptics - Follows up with the reason he dislikes and sort of fears hospitals. The smell of cleaning chemicals and antiseptics bring up memories.
  • letting his friends/family down - Them being disappointed with him hurts a lot more than anger. He doesn't like failing and that's what it feels like when he lets them down.
  • the mainstream - He thinks its overrated. While he will adjust and be who he needs to be, he doesn't completely go with the flow and lose himself.


  • Confidence - Because he move around he could be however he wanted without consequence more or less. Learned to be different and it helped fuel his confidence and strengthen who he is as his own person.
  • Hardworking – Shaun doesn’t shy away from anything that requires hard work in order to achieve his ends. It was due to hard work that he was able to be as good as he is with Charms and his other skills. He believes anything worth doing is doing it right. He’ll throw himself completely into his work.
  • Intelligent – While smart, he doesn’t flaunt it and actually comes off quite the opposite at times. He uses his intelligence to cause mayhem and invent new ways to use magic and always pushing the boundaries.
  • Imaginative – Shaun mainly uses this part of his talent in order to come up with new ways to cause havoc and chaos. He loves to be an equal opportunity pranker but never lets it cross over into maliciousness or any type of bullying.
  • Fair minded – Keeps an open mind of most things, never judging others by anything other than their words and actions. Treats people mainly the same unless they’ve found their way onto his list.
  • Stubborn - Admittedly it is also a weakness but Shaun uses it to his strength most of the times. With his determination and perseverance he has been able to do what most would think impossible. It has helped him overcome limitations by believing steadfast that there are none or that they don't apply to him. It’s helped him keep going when one would normally admit defeat.
  • Good natured – Most of the time Shaun is laid back and easy going not letting much affect him. He lets things roll off him like water off a duck’s back.


  • Reckless - doesn’t always think things through or their consequences. Along with his impulsiveness, it can causes Shaun to get into a lot of situations he wouldn't normally have gotten into.
  • Impulsive - Has very poor impulse control. When he has an urge he does it jumping in with both feet. His redeeming quality is he's not vindictive or sadistic so he never aims to harm unless he’s at his breaking point.
  • Rule breaker - Shaun's dad is very strict and orderly so he does his best to skirt the rules while still keeping within them. That way he can not be punished, or not as severely if he outright disobeyed.
  • Inconsiderate - Doesn't think about others generally when he does or says things. He won't lie to spare their feelings.
  • Spiders - He has a terrible case of arachnophobia. While he's always disliked spiders as a general rule, he never became terrified of them until he was in Okinawa and had seen how huge they get.

Positive traits:

  • Keeps his word - Shaun was taught by his father that you had to follow through be it with words or actions. A real man kept his promises and didn't make them if he was going to turn around and break them.
  • Decisive - Once he's made up his mind to do something, rarely does he change it. He had learned to make split second decisions.
  • Adaptable - He knows how to blend in and adjust to whatever is going on. Can take changing circumstances easier.

Negative traits:

  • Passive Aggressive – Can be a smart ass when it comes to trying to annoy teachers as much as they annoy him. Once when he was caught without his homework he was given lines to write. Not wanting to waste paper he wrote really tiny. His teacher told him to do it over with larger print. Shaun’s reply was he didn’t have enough paper since he wrote so large that he could only fit a short sentence if he wrote sideways.
  • Brutally Honest - While he is honest, sometimes he doesn't consider that he could have phrased something nicer or just kept it to himself. And he rather enjoys it at times when he's pointing things out to people he doesn't like.
  • Self Centered - Tends to forget others at times or to consider their feelings.

Due to regulations and restrictions concerning pregnant women on airplanes, Shaun was born in Galway, Ireland while his parents had been on vacation visiting his mother's family. It wasn't until a few months after Shaun began to crawl that the Slade family moved to Landsthul, Germany. His father, Benjamin, had already been stationed there and waited for his wife and son to join him. From there it was Singapore, Seoul, Hong Kong, Honolulu, no place for more than a two years maximum. Some of the places Shaun was too young to remember such as when his parents were briefly in the Philippines. A habit he got into thanks to his mother: taking photographs of people with him and a landmark in the background. Later when teachers or students asked him what he thought about always moving, Shaun's reply was a secret smile and a shrug. He'd learned that he could be anyway he wanted because it wasn't likely he'd ever see those people again.

Shaun grew up in a loving family despite his father being strict and always expecting his son to follow certain standards which he was grateful for later. It gave him boundaries and security when he began to test them and act out. He quickly learned it was better to not outright disobey seeing as his father was very creative in his punishments as was his mother. His father used to give him military exercises to do while his mother would have him either stand in a corner holding a coin to it with his nose, or he'd have to hold a broom out in front of him. Just like any child he did his chores and only found out later that other kids were paid when they did chores. He'd come home and asked his father about that since he was the only one home at the time, his mother was with some friends for a ladies night out. Benjamin had asked him why he should get paid for doing things he was expected to do. Did he think his mother got paid for doing her job of taking care of Shaun? If he wanted pocket money he'd have to earn it.

His mother got sick when Shaun was around seven years old or that was when it got really bad. He had known before something was wrong because his mother had a bed downstairs rather than upstairs with his father. But then when he was seven Maribeth was in the hospital more, slept more, and was told more by his father to leave his mother alone or help her out more. That had been the only summer that his father hadn't sent him to a summer camp or program which Benjamin thought built character and allowed Shaun to 'socialize'. While his father had the military to fall back on, Shaun had to grow up a bit more and show his father that he didn't need a nanny.They both had to learn how to cook if they didn't want to always eat take out or end up with partially burnt and raw food.

When he was about nine, his father got stationed to Okinawa, Japan. He had at first been excited because he had Japanese on both sides of his family, what he hadn't counted on was he would stick out from the other children because of his lighter features. Since he was the odd one out, things didn't go well for him. It was there that Shaun acquired a new fear: spiders. He'd never feared them before until he walked in and saw one that was as big as his head! Shaun had refused to be by himself in the house and always had his dad do a check to be sure there weren't any in the house and that he'd stuffed every hole he could think of so nothing could get in. At least none of his classmates or kids from the school had learned of his fear or otherwise, Shaun was sure it would have been unbearable.

A year later his father retired and they decided to move to the UK so they were closer to their remaining family. Having never really told his parents the weird things that sometimes happened, and his parents seeming to have brushed off odd events, it came as a surprise when they had received a letter in the mail about a magic school and how someone would be by to talk to them about it. Shaun and Benjamin learned that magic was real and that Shaun could attend this school. They had learned that there was a fun set up by the magic ministry that paid all the tuition for magic children to go to school. No one had said anything though about how dangerous magic could be. Shaun learned there was upsides as well as downsides to magic. It wasn't until he was at Hogwarts for his first year that he had found out that just the year before there had been a big article about a virus or something that was killing people with magic. Shaun didn't say anything to his father about it and made sure that he only received the magical newspapers when his father wasn't around so the man wouldn't find out. While he was afraid his father might pull him from the school, logically it was the only place to be.

   Name: “Maribeth” Mary Elizabeth Lynch
   Living or Deceased:Deceased
   Blood type or Species:Muggle, Human
   Occupation: Interpreter

   Name:Benjamin Nicholas Slade
   Living or Deceased: Living
   Blood type or Species:Muggle, Human
   Occupation: Veterinarian

   Living or Deceased:living
   Blood type or Species:dog, mutt (german shepherd, akita, chow, husky, wolf)

Ryan Lynch is an Irish American who was a student of foreign languages and having a little bit of difficulty with it. His tutor who would later become his wife was Emi Yoshikawa a Japanese American a very brilliant and studying to be a teacher. While he was a devout Catholic, Emi was more open minded and while they disagreed greatly on things, they had agreed that they would allow their children to choose for themselves what they wanted to follow. After graduating, Ryan became a language teacher while Emi taught history and geography. They only had one child which was Maribeth whom was named after Ryan's beloved aunt. She was a caring and bright child who wore her emotions on her sleeve. Growing up first bi-lingual then gradually learning more since her parents seemed to want to give her lessons over the breakfast or dinner table. She was student of the month once or twice during elementary school. Her average in middle school was a 3.72 and she had gone out for the track team. While not widely popular, she wasn't shunned and had a group of friends that she had fun with. The library was a delight for her though and spent a good time there and eventually during eighth grade was allowed to be the library assistant for one of her electives. Highs school saw her drop out of sports to focus more on her school work to where she was able to graduate a year early. With her parents permission she signed up for the Air force where she went through training as a nurse. After training though, they needed bodies on the flight line, so that's where she was sent and had to learn how to be an aircraft mechanic. Once that was done and she had enough time she was able to put in for a transfer which she did to go back to being a nurse.

Benjamin Slade is the son of an architect and a musician. While his father, Sebastian, is from German descent whose family had immigrated to America during the late 1800's, his mother, Kaede Sato had come to America to study music at Juilliard. Sebastian had broken the family mold by not going into the  military like his father, mother, uncles etc did. He preferred to build rather than tear down. It was through mutual friends that he and Kaede met. He'd wanted to be friends first but she'd told him that if they didn't date, she didn't think they ever would, so he asked her out for a date and the rest became history. They had one child, Benjamin who was not musically inclined like his mother at all. He was a rambunctious child always getting into mischief driving his parents to exhaustion. Kaede had suggested they enroll their son into a martial arts class where he ended up thriving and taking to the disciple. In high school Benjamin enrolled into the jrotc program where he found his calling. Upon graduating he signed up for the military where he became a fighter pilot for the Air Force.

The first time Benjamin and Maribeth had met they didn't like each other and it wasn't until a few bases later and both had matured a bit more that they decided the other wasn't that bad. They had gotten married by a justice of the peace, something both their parents had frowned on and hadn't liked the fact that they hadn't a more traditional wedding. They had decided to hold off on children because they both had wanted their careers, but when Maribeth got pregnant she decided that it was okay to leave the military. She had already served eleven years which she deemed was enough. They had agreed not to use corporal punishment on their children, but recalling his own childhood and how wild he sometimes was, Benjamin and Maribeth agreed to use other means to discipline their child. They spoiled their son and were proud of him and neither knew how to break the news that Maribeth was sick so let it lie until they could no longer cover it. When she was gone, Benjamin almost panicked since he had no idea how to be a single father. He tried his best and was sure that he'd done an okay job since his son wasn't out of control and they had learned to live without Maribeth.

Switching to veterinary to learn and treat the military dogs, Benjamin felt that would be safer and not leave his son an orphan. It was also a job he could transfer into the civilian world with as well. When he retired he moved them to the UK so they would be closer to the Lynches that had moved back to Ireland and Benjamin's father and mother who had moved to Japan. He hadn't expected after settling in there to be told that his son was a wizard nor that he would face 9 months out of the year alone while his son was off at the school. While his son was at school, he worked in his office and even had brought home a rescue dog that had attached itself to him, but had claimed Shaun. It would stick like glue to the boy when he was home.
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Shaun Slade
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