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 If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)

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PostSubject: If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)   Tue May 09, 2017 8:32 pm

Naturally, the teen had gave into temptation to do one thing one time, and this is what he got for it! His stupidity got him into this and he deserved it really. On hands and knees and laying down to peer under the couches and chairs, Shaun knew he must look a sight. His house mates must surely think he lost his mind completely, but this was more important. Hazel green eyes swept over any places the bloody creature could be. If he didn't find it it was going to set fire to the Common Room and that was something he did not want to have to try and explain to their Head of House. Or to the other students.

Minute by minute as he didn't find it, Shaun grew more annoyed, irritated, and angry at himself. He was also extremely worried. He didn't know what the rules were concerning setting your dorm on fire whether it was on purpose or on accident. The boy hadn't meant to set it loose! It just happened that he'd read about it in his Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and well, he might seen one when he'd been in the staff room.

Then, the flash of something bright, warm, and deadly caught his attention out of the corner of his eye. The ashwinder was making it's way towards the boy's dorms. Jumping up and dusting himself off as he ran after it but was too late so see where it and went causing him to give a voice to vent a sound of frustration when he saw his quarry got away. Turning around he ran his hands through his hair making it stick up in a weird way due to the product in it. Which way did it go?
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PostSubject: Re: If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)   Tue May 09, 2017 9:26 pm

After dinner, Max had headed back out in to the grounds, to the Forest, to check on his Bowtruckles. One of the couples within the small group had just had babies, and newborn Bowtruckles were simply the cutest things alive. He'd bought some woodlice down for both the parents and the babies and made sure they were doing well. Though, the father had been a little aggressive, and Max had ended up with a light cut across his cheek before Buckle had interjected and given the father a good tongue lashing.

Max had insisted it was okay as he aided as much as he could. The light had begun to dim, though, and thus Max was forced to retreat back inside the confines of the castle. Winter would soon be upon them, and Max's free time would be reduced considerably - something that weighed heavy on him.

Having entered a relatively empty common room, Max wasn't overly phased. Checking for Prim, and finding her not to be there, he decided on heading up to bed. But, just as he was about to head up the stairs, one of the younger Gryffindors was turning, hand in his hair, and looking more than a little bit put out in that moment.

This was enough to let Max know that something was up, and the Prefect raised an eyebrow, even if he did have a friendly smile on his face. "What's up?" He asked the younger male, wondering if he could help ease the worry that seemed to have been eating at the other boy.
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PostSubject: Re: If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)   Wed May 10, 2017 6:00 am

Shaun paused at the sound of his prefect's voice and went through the pros and cons of what might happen if he didn't tell and if he did. Giving the other boy a shaky smile that showed all of his guilt and unease along with a tad remorse. "Well, you see..." Pausing, he took a breath to calm himself since it wouldn't do either of them any good if he couldn't get out what had happened. Maybe if he phrased it as if he just had the good fortune to stumble across the staff room unoccupied and unlocked. "I sort of, maybe, acquired an ashwinder from the staff room."

If he remembered correctly from what he'd read, the ashwinder only lived for about an hour, and it had been perhaps fifteen minutes? Possibly twenty. "I just wanted to see if I could maybe get it to live a bit longer if I put it in our fire up here?" Except that the minute he'd let it loose from the jar, it had escaped and now he had to find it before it laid its eggs. That would be very bad. He had tried to look for the ashy residue trail, but what with everything being concrete around here, it wasn't as easy as he had thought.

Shaun knew he'd messed up royally and hoped that the prefect would wait until after they found the creature before he decided to lay out the punishment. He had used his hands gesturing while he'd talked and now he ran his hand in a nervous habit through his hair a couple times. Shifting foot to foot he looked at the older boy pleadingly.
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PostSubject: Re: If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)   Sun May 14, 2017 8:45 am

"You..." Max's eyes went wide. He was a boy who loved Magical Creatures. He wanted to own every single type of Magical Creature there was one day, but an Ashwinder... He can't have heard that much right, surely? How could a younger student have gotten their hands on an Ashwinder before Max had? It was virtually impossible!

"You realise that they really can't live longer than that?" Max told the boy - it was something Max had researched a lot, not liking the idea of any animal dying, but especially one dying after having only lived for an hour in total. "But, if it's escaped... it's going to lay it's eggs... which... Oh Merlin's beard.

"Where did it go?" Max asked the boy, honestly more worried about the animal than the punishment for doing something so foolish. "We need to find it. If it lays it's eggs, the whole Tower will be set aflame. If not the castle. Where did you last see it?" Max insisted, the worry quite clear in his features.

"Also, do you know the Freezing Spell? The minute we see it, we need to freeze both the Ashwinder and the eggs, and pray to Merlin we can get them to the Headmaster before anything else happens." Max added, because he was quite aware his magic would not be strong enough to contain an Ashwinder egg indefinitely, and Professor Jameson would know precisely how to deal with this scenario.

Everything else could wait.
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PostSubject: Re: If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)   Sun May 14, 2017 9:27 am

At the first word uttered from his prefect and in that tone, Shaun ducked his head a bit. And when the older boy told him what he'd already knew about Ashwinders not living past an hour, well, how did they really know that? Just because a book told them? A brief frown crossed his face. Okay, maybe that Newt guy knew his business and what he was talking about, but that was how new discoveries were made right? By pushing boundaries? Besides, if they were brought to life by magic, maybe more magic could prolong them. It kind of sucked that the magical world had a magical equivalent of a mayfly.

When it seemed the prefect had realized why Shaun had been panicking in the first place, and asked where it went, he pointed towards the boys dorms which was where he was headed before he'd stopped to talk to Shaun. "It went towards the boy's dorms. I don't know which floor..."

Paling at the thought of the whole tower let alone the castle going up in flames, Shaun felt his stomach twist in anxiety. Great, that was all he needed. To have shut the school down because his curiosity and stupidity got away from him. At the question if he knew the freezing spell, he tried to go through the charms they had been taught and nodded. It was a spell they'd learned last year. It had taken Shaun a bit to learn it since the wand movement was a bit jerky. He'd had to resort to mentally comparing it to trying to draw a mountain.

As Shaun headed for the dorms, he called back, "I'm sooooo going to be expelled, aren't I?"

That would go over as well as a lead balloon with his father. Sighing, he opened the first door, and got a few odd looks from the boys inside. "None of you have seen a grey snake with glowing eyes have you? No? Thanks." Shutting the door, Shaun was prepared to move to the next. Surely someone would have seen it enter the dorm if it was there. But the door had been shut, and looking at it, it didn't have any holes. Maybe he should be looking for a door that has enough room for a snake to slither through first.
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PostSubject: Re: If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)   Sun May 14, 2017 9:41 am

Max had listened to the explanation it had gone up to the boy's dorm and nodded his head. At least that made it simple - had it been the girl's dorms, they would not have had a hope in hell in trying to get up there. What with the stairs magically changing upon recognising a male trying to ascend the steps - Max had tried upon finding something new and wanting to tell Prim, only to fall right on his face and sliding back down to the bottom.

Both of them were quickly heading up the stairs, and at the question of getting expelled, Max shook his head. "No, it's fine. I'll talk to Professor Jameson about it. You will not believe some of the things I've done and gotten away with-" Max paused, realising he shouldn't have said that as a Prefect. "Though, of course, you shouldn't experiment with creatures you don't know fully. It can be quite catastrophic."

The second part of Max's explanation had come out in a tone that wasn't really Max. How could he tell someone not to experiment (in a non-harmful way) with creatures when he did exactly the same in his free time. No, it was hypocritical, but Max would admit that you needed to do so safely.

As Shaun looked through the first door, Max continued on, drawing his wand and looking for signs of the serpent like creature. The ashy trail had gone - or rather, was invisible against the stone. Max's feet hurried up to the fifth year's dorms, to find the door open.

Max moved in to the room, looking around before noting some ash on the rug. "In here!" He called out, following the trail to his own trunk and letting out a small laugh to himself. Of course, the creature would find it's way to his trunk which was laden with things for creatures of all sizes. The Ashwinder, though, was curled up in the middle of Max's bed, with a small nest of eggs in the middle.

"Okay... no sudden movements." Max insisted, looking to his fellow Gryffindor.

"Hey there, little one." Max cooed the Ashwinder softly, stepping forth and counting the eggs. "Is that all your eggs?" He added, though he knew the creature couldn't understand him in the slightest.

"On my signal," Max said, glancing to Shaun. "We'll both cast the spell, then help me gather the blankets, and get to the Headmaster's office, okay?" He explained readying his wand. "One... Two... Three!"
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PostSubject: Re: If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)   Sun May 14, 2017 10:05 am

Upon hearing he wasn't the only mischief maker and prone to trouble, Shaun felt relief and also wanted to flash a grin as his prefect at the near confession. To know that the older boy would be able to sympathize and relate to him, helped relieve him and calm some of his anxiety down. He knew he shouldn't have been experimenting on something he hadn't any inkling about, but where's the fun in that? Besides which, it was a spur of the moment decision. He'd seen the creature and had acted. It was one of his many flaws that drove his father to many lectures and many attempts to rein in some of his impulsiveness.

As Shaun looked through the first door, Max continued on, and when Shaun was about to head to the next door, he heard, "In here!" Running up towards the fifth year boy's door, Shaun drew his wand as he ran then entered to see where the prefect was then stared at the bed where the Ashwinder was; with a clutch of eggs. Oh wonderful. If they didn't act fast those eggs were going to set the bed on fire if it wasn't already...wait. Sniffing, he inwardly groaned. Yup, the bed would definitely have scorched bedding. Thankfully, it seemed that Hogwarts was known to have accidents happen to clothing, bedding, objects, whatever, and no student, that he knew of anyway, had had to pay money for replacements.

"Okay... no sudden movements." Max insisted and Shaun kept himself from nodding, eyes on the bed but glancing just moving his eyes, towards Max ever so often. He watched and wondered if the prefect would actually be able to talk to the ashwinder. Of course, his dad talked like that to the animals at his practice that way. Shaun didn't understand it until he found himself talking like that every now and then to Muse when the dog continually followed him and insisted going everywhere he did, including the restroom.

"I hope that's all of them," Shaun muttered. Or they would be in trouble. Seeing his prefect looking at him and told to cast on Max's signal, he nodded again. Now that they had found the creature and the danger level had gone down, a manic grin crossed his face. On the count of three, Shaun moved his wand in the pattern he had to memorize and called out, "ih-MOH-byoo-luhs!" and watched the blue light shoot out from his wand at the same time as Max's and moved to stow his wand and grab the blankets unable to stifle the laugh that had bubbled its way out.
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PostSubject: Re: If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)   Sun May 14, 2017 4:33 pm

As Max raised his wand and cast the Freezing Spell, he heard Shaun perform the Freezing Charm. Very close in name, but two completely different spells. However, as Max's froze the animals - not allowing fire to be emitted - Shaun's spell stopped the creature from moving.

The Prefect didn't even begin to think about it past this point, hurrying to bundle up the blankets that had been singed (Max had belatedly realised this when they moved the blankets and the smell wafted towards his nose a little more in that moment. That was not a good sign, but Max decided not to let it deter him.

Shaun's laugh made Max's lips twitch up before he too started laughing. "I'm so glad that wasn't so hard! Otherwise... well, Merlin knows. Let's get moving!" Max said, clambering over his four poster to avoid any awkward moves with the blanket and then leading Shaun back down.

"I can't believe you stole an Ashwinder from the Staff room, though! That's... well, it's crazy! Not even I would have done that... Okay, well, maybe that's not actually true... But I wouldn't have let it get away!" Max explained, still finding this much more funny than he probably should have in that moment. "Next time, don't do something like this on your own! You need back up!" Max added, only half joking with that point.
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PostSubject: Re: If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)   Wed May 17, 2017 8:57 pm

Eyes shining from amusement, excitement, and perhaps a bit of relief, Shaun was also happy that it hadn't been worse. He was still hoping that the Ashwinder hadn't left any nasty surprises in the dorm room. Gripping his end of the bedding, he hurried with Max towards wherever the headmaster kept his office. As of yet, Shaun hadn't done anything to incur a visit to the place. This had been grand, and he couldn't wait to write home about this, since he knew his father would be interested in the Ashwinder. Of course, he would leave out the bit of nearly setting the fifth year dorms on fire.

"Borrowed," Shaun corrected Max, since really he hadn't meant to steal it. "I had every intention of taking it back...eventually." Although he had to laugh at his fellow Gryffindor confessing that he would have done the same if their positions were reversed. And he had the decency to blush at the reminder of what had caused all this was because Shaun hadn't thought to figure out some way to keep the creature from bolting once free.

Shooting the prefect a mischievous grin he asked, "Does that mean you'll want to be in on my next caper then, your prefectness?"

That would be great! Adventures were great, but it was better when someone else was getting into trouble right along side you. It wasn't that Shaun went out looking for it really, he just seemed to stumble into these sorts of things. He really out to think things through more rather than give into his impulsiveness.

((ooc: Sorry, I assumed they were moving out of the dorms yes?))
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PostSubject: Re: If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)   Sun May 21, 2017 7:49 pm

"Yes, borrowed." Max accepted the correction with a sheepish grin. He hadn't meant it to sound like an accusation when he'd said it, but it had sounded like it. The correction, though, was accepted with good grace, and Max simply let out a chuckle at Shaun's honesty about giving it back. "If it doesn't die before we get it back, yes." He commented, not meaning to put a dampener on it, but they were dealing with an Ashwinder here.

"Aren't capers plants?" Max asked, trying to work it out in his head what he'd just been asked by the other Gryffindor. Max's mind was a little abstract, and the sentence made little to no sense to him, so he gave Shaun a weird look as he tried to work it out.

Getting through the door, Max started back down the stairs. "How do you even get to the Staff Room?" Max asked, curiosity peaking once more as he realised what Shaun had said to him. That sounded like quite the feat - not allowed, of course, and probably breaking a million and one rules, but Max was very interested in how you went about sneaking in to the Staff Room, unnoticed, and emerge with an Ashwinder!
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PostSubject: Re: If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)   

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If you play with fire...snakes, you'll get burned (open)
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